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Appeal for the removal of Mr. Victor Atem Atem,  the governor of Gogrial state 




Aug 31, 2019(Nyamilepedia) —  Gogrial State Intellectuals  organisation would like to herald in theirs extreme thanks and appreciations to the leadership of HE. GEN Salva Kiir Mayardit for his kind leadership to engaging other  opposition armed groups to ink sustainable and lasting peace to the people of South Sudan through the signing of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. The Revitalized Peace Agreement which you have signed last year has restored the lost hope among the frustrated South Sudanese who were affected by this senseless war which was imposed on you. We the citizens of Gogrial state do also commend your endless efforts and struggle towards peace and harmony, good governance and delivery of services thought some autocratic leaders in person of Gogrial State governor are working hard to fail you, the youths of this great nation will still rally behind your charismatic leadership. 

Your Excellency, 

The civil society and  youth of Gogrial State would like to bring into your attention some of the atrocities committed by the governor of Gogrial state since his assumption of the office in 2018 upto date. Corruption, extravagance, extra judicial killings, malpractice, intimidation, and arbitration are the daily behaviours of the governor in the office. As we write this note, many youths are in the prison without charges, hundreds of youths are escaping  Gogrial State to Juba on daily basis fearing their dear lives. It is worth noted that Gogrial State is not the safest place for youths and politicians to live due to Atem Atem harsh attitude towards citizens. 


Your Excellency, 

Governor of Gogrial State, Victor Atem Atem....
Governor of Gogrial State, Victor Atem Atem….

Victor Atem Atem has installed the trick of looting and selling the assets of the State which civil population could have benefited from it. He unilaterally introduced household taxation in the state without the knowledge of State legislative assembly which has caused some stalemate in the state organs. The unilateral taxation also created discontentious situations between the government of Victor Atem Atem and civilians in the state this resulted to arbitration of many chiefs in four communities of Gogrial State namely Aguok, Apuk, Kuac and Awan for having questioned the legality of taxation without the knowledge legislative assembly. 

On the other hand, the governor has also habitually addicted in selling developmental assets for instance, the selling of 15 hand pumps on the month of June by the governor is an evidence of corruption in Gogrial state government. Government of Gogrial State under the patronage of Victor Atem Atem has also involved in cattle rustling, the security adviser in the office of governor Mr.Adhil Mabuoc has stolen 10 cows of Mr. Wek Deng Athian and sold them out in Mayen Rual market few months ago claiming that these cows were confiscated from criminals. The wonder is that, why do he sell the confiscated cows instead of returning them to the owners?


Your Excellency, 

In related developments, Governor Atem Atem has invested in creating youths unemployment in the State, his involvement into termination of NGOs employees’ contracts for instance Unlawful dismissal of Mou Mawel in World Vision  International and Chan Deng Adim the head of RRC in Gogrial state just to mention few. 

The government of Gogrial State has also contributed to the progress of illiteracy in the state. The governor and his deputy are engaging in defiling  and copulation of under age school girls. In the month of June the governor defiled and copulated 16 years old student of Comprehensive secondary school in Kuajok. Recently, few days ago the deputy governor of Gogrial State has again rapped a 15 years old girl of the same secondary school, as we write  this letter, the young girl is still in her hideout in the UNMISS site in Aweil state because she ran away after this rapist decided to marry her. 

In the separate incident, the governor also arrested and jailed a businesswoman namely Akech Manut Akoon whom he owed her two drums of diesel and when that innocent woman asked governor to refund her money, he immediately responded with emotion and get the woman arrested together with her brother who questioned the legality of governor action to borrowed someone’s property and jailed her.  

The extra judicial killings of Gogrial State citizens is another matter which  is developing malcontent between State governments and the civilians for instance the killing of 20 people in Apuk, 16 people in Aguok and 3 people in Kuac in cold blood is an evidence of human rights violation  in the State. Kidnapping and torturing of some youths and activists are of no talks. Not to be confused, the victims which are mentioned above are different from criminals who were executed during disarmament process. These people were actually executed on the basis that they’re Atem Atem’s government political antagonists. 


Your Excellency, 

The governor of Gogrial State has established what he claims to be county border court that fine both accused and and complainer with what is more than ransom, i.e.. more than SSP100,000 per each  An example is Mayuot Athuai whom aforesaid court fined with SSP120,000 in Abuok north county in former Gogrial east. Executive Chief Mathiangdit Ameliny was also jailed in Kuac south county because he questioned the legality of the said  heavyweight fine. 

On the other hand, the governor has also established the illegal chambers of torture in Gogrial state, the illegal detention centres includes Ajogo and Pan-acier in former Gogrial East county in which 15 youths perished because of long agony; While Kaat military prison is another chamber of torture registered in former Gogrial west county in which more  than five people were reported to be have tortured to death by governor militants. All the above mentioned policies were introduced by Atem Atem without the consent of the military commander who is in charge operations in the area.


Your Excellency,

The governor of Gogrial State have introduced worse ever system of governance in Gogrial State, he has adopted the bribery system in running daily activities of the government, for example any candidate aspiring for the government ministerial posts must to pay an amount of SSP 1, 000, 000, two bulls and one heifer so that he is appointed to public institution. This system has totally neglected the Intellectuals of Gogrial and formed the government out of illiterate who knew nothing about public administration. 

On other occasion, the governor of Gogrial State has taken over the powers of high court in the State and he arbitrarily acts alone , so far, he squaded the inmates without charges or trial recently after the State of Emergency was lifted. additionally, more than 30 people who were waiting  for trial were illegally executed by governor without the knowledge of the court in the state simply because these people were Victor Atem antagonists.

The governor has also dispersed the youths in the State, he didn’t know the limitation of his powers and other social organisation in the State. He disobeyed the youths in the State by relieving and dislodged the the legitimate elected youth chairman in the State and threatened to dissolve the union. His direct interference in youths affairs is violations of youths right as well as their constitutional obligations to the freedom of association. 

Your Excellency,

We have written number of petitions pertaining the removal of governor of Gogrial state, therefore we are reiterating our appeal to remove him because he is burden to the people of Gogrial state and replace him with any other patriotic citizen of Gogrial state. 




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