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New Military Governor Of Western Equatoria Declares a Full Scale War Against His Tribesmen

By Roberts Swaka | YAMBIO, WES.

Gen. Patrick Raphael Zamoi, the appointed military governor of Western Equatoria sits in his new office. Under his leadership, Western Equatoria has experienced some of the worst fighting within the capital Yambio.(Photo: supplied/Radio Miraya)
Gen. Patrick Raphael Zamoi, the appointed military governor of Western Equatoria sits in his new office. Under his leadership, Western Equatoria has experienced some of the worst fighting within the capital Yambio.(Photo: supplied/Radio Miraya)

Jan 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Having learned from the life-threatening torture of the former Governor, who is still in prison in Juba, the newly appointed governor of Western Equatoria is taking no chances. Gen. Patrick Raphael Zamoi has declared a full scale war against his tribesman in Western Equatoria.

Seen as a do or die, General. Patrick Zamoi whose appointment was based on his military credentials as the right man to complete the task – using Azande to fight Azande- has sworn that he must clean Western Equatoria of Azande Youth known as Arrow Boys.

The blind puppet and money hungry caretaker governor of Western Equatoria State, Gen. Patrick Rahael Zamoi, an appointee of the constitutionally criminal president of south Sudan, has declared an elimination campaign against his own people.

Gen. Zamoi, who once was a true son of the land and favored by the people until he got blindsided by the desires for power and money to the extend he is now an agent of death against his own Kin to the benefit of Kiir and his kinships.

His own people, the Azendes are dying by the hundred daily, in the bushes and refuged in the neighboring countries and Zamoi has declared official war to wipe out any youth suspected or affiliated to the arrow boys, Essentially a war against himself in which he shall never win no matter how many lives of his people he takes, he shall at the end be the absolute looser, for these are his own blood and he and his children shall never be forgiven as long as even a single Zande survives, and shall, his onslought. Zamoi has become a Cannibalist.

Governor Zamoi declared an open war to clear the resistant youth in the western Equatoria State, the same that took arms against the government after the tribal regime in Juba failed persistently to address the demand of the people of Western Equatoria State and Equatoria at large.

In a truly democratic world you can’t respond by use of bullet, when people are calling for the protections of their livelihood and more and balance representation, equal allotting of power and resources. But unfortunately in country like South Sudan such voices that call for reform are answered by the use of military to crush them.

Kiir and his kin always view the Equatorian youth as a threat, whereas Youth from his state are viewed as backbone and future leaders of the nation. And their voices are given triple attention.  While those calling for balance of power in Equatoria are answered with bullets and labeled as bandits, their calls for justice and rule of laws are ignored; this is what has given breeding ground for the youth in WES to revolt.

SSLN received an alarming report from WES, that Governor Zamoi’s declared this morning, Monday January 26th, military mobilization to crush and wipeout the youth, which came just less than 12 hours after commander Futiyo, of Arrow Boy faction under the leadership of Lt general Charles cautioned the youth to be on maximum high alert because the arrow Boys security uncovered a plot by the tribal regime in Juba to wipe out the Youth Populations through Governor Zamoi.

During a live talks show on local FM (Anisa FM 9200HMz) based in Yombio, Governor Zamoi says his government and SPLA Headquarters in Juba have agreed and developed a plan to clear off any persons suspected of being a rebel in his state. He also said there is no peace to be negotiated with the home breed armed youth group of Arrow Boys.

There shall be no negotiations but to wipe them off he said. A chilling echo of words from Kiir when he declated the resistants movements, a division of SPLA-IO, in Western Equatoria states as rats which he shall hunt and wipe out in violations of the peace deal, is it any wonder then his appointed puppet shall pursue his masters plans?

During the live Radio transmission, governor Zamoi calls upon the commissioners of Yambio, Tombura, Maridi and Mundri to work hand in hand with the community and report anybody suspicious to his office and to the head of the notorious NSS security in Western Equatoria State. He further warns the commissioners of dire consequences if they “failed to report any movement of the armed youth in your counties. ” he warned. This must not be considered a vein threats given how many officials have died so far in Western Equatoria, making it the number one state with most deaths of Equatorian officials.

He went on to say, any father or mother or relatives found harboring or hosting youths who are members of the armed youth, even if such is their own son, without reporting them to security would pay the price with their dear lives.  He said the security have his direct orders to arrest and detain any suspect without investigation, he now fully authorized the police and military and members of NSS to execute the order and burn down the houses of those hosting the armed youth, and their properties be destroyed or seized by the security.

The order to burnt or demolish houses of those suspected to have link to the rebels, came after the three commissioners have taken oath this Monday in the presence of governor Zamoi, while two of the commissioners were sworn in their absence.

The swearing in oath was in anticipation to prepare and motivate the commissioners to implement the new orders issued by Governor Patrick Zamoi, on Anisa FM 92.00MHz.

One who gave only his first name as Ambira Expressed his displeasures “It is now clear, the reason, why Kiir deposed the peoples governor, Joseph Bakosoro, languishing in the notorious NSS prison, so that he can carry his terror plan with the money hungry, a traitor against his people, Mr. Raphael Zamoi. Whom history shall judge harshly and his Children shall have no resting place in Western Equatoria Just as the lives of other people Children he has taken and has threatened to wipe out.”

A very distraught and angry father of young boys expressed, “I am very afraid for my sons lives”. He condemn Zamoi for his campaign against his Children and said “Wherever in Dinkaland he, Zamoi, end up being buried, His birthplace in Azandeland shall have an empty grave, a tombstone with inscriptions“ Judah Patrick Raphael Zamoi, the betrayer and killer of the Azande people, May his soul rest in eternal hell”

You can contact the correspondents of this reports in Yambio at gabriel.daniel@aol.com.

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Editorial Team.


sambalsambala January 28, 2016 at 4:34 am

Patrick, patrict Zomoi, Be extra careful, this may reign negative for your whole clan in Azande land. Your love for money has turn you to Juda Isachariot. Find other ways of dealing with this issue rather than the war you are propagating. The same people who hired you to kill your own people will later turn against you and you will have no where to go. Remember leaders come, leaders go but tribes, clans and families are there to stay. Be extra careful I repeat my brother otherwise you and your children will regret for life and your ancestors could not easily trace the source of their misfortune in time to come. Thank you Zomoi.

Kaluma Madigo January 28, 2016 at 12:07 pm

Zamoi and his types are dangerous and deadly, History has shown that you can not prevent people from freedom You can Kill but you can not kill all. Actually the behaviors of this criminal tribal government is very evident in the Madi Corridor, they take some local power players to be used against their own people, once they use you and have no more use for you, they kill you off. Yes Zamoi will be a looser and once he is all used up and no more use for the Jiengs they will dispose him!!

Wedjuba January 28, 2016 at 2:35 pm

Zamoi is a fucking idiot! A worthless dog and puppet just like Lobong of Eastern Equatoria, declaring war against his own tribe, are you out of your fucking mind? Ya Jama what happened to these Equatorians? Where is your pride, you greedy Jieng slaves?.

Zamoi is thinking short just like his masters the primitive Jiengs. He has forgotten the long warrior history of the Azande people, Zamoi will kill but will never terminate the spirit of TURRE’ the SPIDER. The SPIDER will come around, teach you and your family a lesson. You are playing with FIRE!.

Get out of my face!!!.

Abu gruun January 28, 2016 at 5:46 pm

You right my brother,but let do not forget there are too many people who betrayed their people just like governor wesren equatoria there are alot of nuer who betray their people and they are drinking their brothers blood right now for the love of money. Do not worry we will get them and we will not forgive even children if they dies.

golden hills January 29, 2016 at 1:51 am

I wondey why is all this happening it should be a curse me remember you bangasu you left us in pre hell

GatNor January 29, 2016 at 3:41 pm

“Judah Patrick Raphael Zamoi, the betrayer and killer of the Azande people, May his soul rest in eternal hell”

And so it was written.


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