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By Yien Lam,


Vote for Mayardit(Photo credits: highlighted)
Vote for Mayardit(Photo credits: highlighted)

Jan 26, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I believe this is a public misleading because there is no reason for any sound minded individual to believe that a genuine elections will be held in south Sudan this time. It is without a doubt in the minds of many if not most people in our country. People of south Sudan will never be freed under kiir’s leadership ever.This proposed elections are being manufactured purposely by the regime to sidetrack the ongoing peace process that is being negotiated in Addis Ababa. This is a known fact that cannot be negated by anyone rather than the decayed regime adherents. It is a naked truth. This is so by the following reasons:

First and foremost, what is an election? According to dictionary, “an election is selection of a person or persons for office by vote. If this is its definition, who is going to vote on these elections while people of south Sudan are taking refuge in camps?  Be judicious on this if your rationality is not being impaired by the regime bloody money. Believe it or not, the regime created this to quell and beguile uprising in the areas that it seems to be saved. There is nothing tangible about this as it has been mendaciously reported on the media by the regime supporters. This is a simple tactic in order to inveigle the public. It has been designed knowingly to bluff the people of south Sudan. But I believe south Sudanese are smarter that this deceptive regime.

By any sense, this is a laughable if not impossible to do such an elections. It is just a smear tactic as usual. There is nothing as such that would happen in our country at this time until this regime is being ousted out of power. This government does not believe in power of voters than the power that it got on the expense of South Sudan independence in 2010.If south Sudanese were freed from the North at the time, kiir would have not gotten the leadership that he has today because he does not fit to be the leader of the country than being the rustic dweller in the Gogrial.

In this regard, I believe people of South Sudan who have been mentally, physically and spiritually abused by this regime will not buy into this delusive elections of this kind. They must stick on whatever they believe because this regime will never change its divisive tactic on the people of south Sudan.  Never! The only way for the South Sudanese to free themselves is to expel it from the illegal power that it severely abused on the people of this great nation. This will only be the absolute solution in my view for us to one again live in a peaceful society. This regime has done so much damage to the well-being of south Sudanese to live in harmony.

Secondly, census is the crucial part of an elections everywhere in the world if it happens to have any. I believe many of you will agree with me on this point unless one has unknown dementia. As we all know, there is no census in the country that would determine the representatives in states as well as the nation’s parliament. If there is no census, how are an elections going to be held in the crisis as what we are now witnessing in our country? This plan is ridiculous if not silly in nature because south Sudan population is being scattered into its neighbor’s countries.

According to Sudan tribune, around 1.9 million are being dissipated to the neighboring countries as we speak. Namely, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and UNMISS camps within south Sudan. These individuals are eligible voters. But will not vote if elections are being held today due to this crises. Talking elections while the people that supposed to elect their leaders are being dispersed around their neighbors as such shows the world that kiir and his minions careless for the lives of south Sudanese than their leadership in which they did not know come from the people. As the matter of fact, the regime needs not to bluff South Sudanese again. I certainly believe everybody in the world should have learned this kind of trick in order not to hinder the peace process. Focusing on the petty elections than being serious about peace is a mind boggling. One cannot talk elections while his very country is being engulfed by self-imposing war. This is an absurdity if not insanity. I don’t even know what is going on in the minds of the regime encircle at this point.

Third, the above mentions facts are not only the reason for the regime to announce an elections. Everybody knows in south Sudan that elections will not have a room at this time to be done. It is a pure fact. But what the regime means by the elections is different in which it has a full knowledge of the term limit. This is what worry the regime the most. It knows very well that on July the 9th 2015 will be the end of  kiir’s term in office as untraceable constitution has been saying. So, now the regime is erroneously trying to believe in its principle in which many people if not most may regard as the game. Because the dateline is approaching, the regime is now frustrating and trying everything as possible to squeeze in the elections in this circumstance. It is not an elections rather than reinstation of the regime’s leadership to reclaim its specious legitimacy. This is pure and simple. It does not need eyeglasses. There is nothing call election in this sense as we all know that our country is bleeding severely.specious

Forth, I would like to add what I have been seeing as the passing budget for an election to be held as planned. Is that true? To me, it is not. It is the same tactic that the regime has been doing since the bringing of this crisis. If there is a budget as it has been the case lately on media, why should the government has budget for an elections than having it for building the country’s infrastructures? This is bogus in my view. The elections that the regime supporters are talking about is an empty promise. This media elections are tactics to restore kiir in power. It is simple as such because there is no point at this time to have successful elections in the middle of the civil war unless one is irrational. Budget cannot be passed because of an elections. Budget is always being passed for the purpose of building the country infrastructure. This is its significance. This budget is a pure propaganda by the regimes. What a world!

Believe it for a certain though, these elections are intended to distract people’s minds. Not only that, it is too a none factual in my understanding of this regime. It will rather be a show off for the regime to talk elections at this critical time. Singing a song of an elections that it does not lineup with its meaning is ludicrous.

By the way, who is running with kiir in South Sudan now? People! This is a joke. There will never be an elections in south Sudan while kiir still as president. It would be silly for anyone to think as such. Kiir must go first. When he is gone, south Sudanese will be freed to do whatever they want as the citizens. Now, they are being kept hostage in the country they love. Therefore, don’t let yourself be enticed in an empty promise of elections. It is not as you may have thought rather than dictatorial regime reinstatement.

Fifth, not only those mentioned above, security is a key in elections. Giving the magnitude of the situation we are facing today, how an election would be held in south Sudan while the security is deteriorating as we speak day by day between the regime and the freedom fighters? Do you think it will be possible for the elections to be held? If so, what would make you believe that in your mind? Do you think the greater Upper Nile will be deserted by kiir’s elections? This would be difficult for a nationalist to answer those because people of Greater upper Nile matter to the elections of south Sudan. Imagine if you are the ones that being asked directely with that questions, what would you say to yourself giving the fact that the whole region will not participate on the election? Should this imposed elections relate to what kiir and his encircle whisper months ago to keep the war in Upper Nile?

Finally, as we all know, there should be no elections in south Sudan without having census, budget and most of all security. Doing it without the above mentioned will otherwise be considered as the reinstation of the dictatorial regime in the fear of term ending.

The author is a concerned maverick south Sudanese that can be reached at lam981@hotmail.com

The views expressed in ‘opinion’ articles published by Nyamilepedia are solely those of the writer. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the author, not the publisher.

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Goweng Torbaar January 26, 2015 at 11:48 pm

Many Thanks brother Yien, This people will not listen to what we are telling them. Look he refer dr. Riek as a beaten dog and refer him as A Nya-Nya two. Our brother here are food lovers. Long ago Abdhala Deng Nhial Joint Khartoum and Hijacked Movement of Nya-Nya one which advocate for South Sudanese independent for Unity of Sudan. Again dr. John came and Hijacks A Nya-Nya two which activate the move for independence for Vision of New Sudan. All these foundation for SPLA cause ethnic fighting beginning in 1983. they always fight those who are looking for reform. My blame to those who were looking for reform was they should not allow those leader ship hungry people to lead. Look the first thing they wait is leader ship, they don’t care about other people. Last time dr. John agree in 1987 agreement to follow South Sudanese voice but down play it later.


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