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A plea To All South Sudanese Officials To Work For The Federal Democratic Republic Of South Sudan, Not For Salva Kiir.

By Jul Khor. Article N0 2,


REVISED, Updated at 16:50 July 17th, 2014(Pacific Time)

South Sudan parliament ...
The trouble South Sudan parliament as law maker joins the rebels(Photo: file)

July 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear government officials; the current and the next generations are calling upon you to join hands with Dr. Riek Machar and all the federal democrats in order to rescue, restore and preserve our country and her resources from the destructive regime of Salva Kiir and Yoweri Museveni.

Be mindful that South Sudanese will never exchange a dictator from Khartoum with another from Uganda or from within South Sudan. You better realise it as time lasts. It is very unfortunate that most of you are being used and made to think that Chinese guns can silence the popular call for freedom.

To emphasis, it unfortunate to remind you that if dictator Salva Kiir and Yoweri Museveni are strong enough to resist this popular call, then another 4 millions is willing to sacrifice their blood for true freedom and equality. Chinese guns will never be the solution because the same China has delivered the same machines guns and warplanes to Khartoum to resist our independent a few years ago, but the popular call was invisible. It is still invisible and will always be.

Do yourself and your grandchildren a big favor; Support what is right instead of a temporary employment or conforming to please others.

You have been told that you were elected or appointment but that is a just a myth. The Gelweny were not elected. The Mwonytwel brothers or Yau Yau were not elected but Taban Deng Gai, Dr. Richard K. Mulla, Eng. Chol, Hussein Mar, and the list goes on and on were all elected. What would make you more elected than another elected MP, who is suffering in the UNMISS compound or in the bush, today? This reasoning is only true to irrational beings and desperate opportunists, however, the nation would still value you if you choose the right path, freedom and equality for all. It is said, in every market, there is mad. Choose wisely!

If you are a Nuer or another minor tribe from Greater Upper Nile, more than 10 percent of the population that elected you is now erased and more will be killed or die from hunger and curable diseases because you legitimize the bad guys and dictators who hunt them, alienate their land, prevent UN food distribution, burn their homes,  displace them, rape, or brutally kill them . Others are displaced to the neighboring countries, of which most of them may not return by the next election. Who then will elect you if South Sudan becomes a democratic state?

You have been told that you are defending a constitution. This too is a myth. How can you defense a booklet whose rightful owners, who authored it, to remind you John Luk Joak, Dr. Richard Mulla, Dong Luak, and the list goes on, now want it discarded and rewrite a new one. What constitution exactly are you defending? Is it the same constitution that was thrown into dustbin by Salva Kiir in the same year it was passed?

If South Sudan had a constitution Kuol Manyang and Malong Awan could still be governors of their people, right now. Taban Deng Gai and Chol Mayai could still be governors of Unity and Lake state, respectively. What constitutions are you selling to us? If you knew the constitution of your country, you should have know that the constitution has less than 200 decrees but dictator Salva Kiir has  issued more than 4007 decrees. Did he extract some decrees form a Quaram? Perhaps, South Sudan is ruled with Sheria laws but not the transitional constitution that we all know.

Some of you are well educated and experienced cadres, why do you allow yourself to be puppets of your inferior, an illiterate tribal chief? Do you enjoy it when he mixes “inus” and his mother tongue on national and international media? Do you think that this is the country you sacrificed your lives to liberate for? You re living in shame and embarrassment but your are still proud to think that you re defending a constitution. Perhaps, you have realized this but doubt if you would be forgiven by the freedom fighters. Be assured, you will be; Riek forgives and forgets.

As elected leaders, you must respect the citizen of this country, their diversity and their common dreams even if it fits you against your own desires. But for the sake of simplicity, and perhaps due to lack of political principles, you do not have to acknowledge Dr. Riek Machar and his team. You do not have to be under his leadership, although you once were, but you must avoid taking Salva Kiir’s suicidal boat. It will disappear like the Malaysian plane, without trace. Do yourself a favor while time lasts!

We plea because the future of this country you are belittling still need you and your contribution. However, your sweat will never be remembered if you continue to ride with a government that recruit tribal militias and hire mercenaries to kill its citizens yet crumble to hold on power. Better dictators like Gadaffi and Hilter relied on able national armies, not militias. This is the act of Al shaabab, Boko Haram and al qaeda. The current regime is too desperate to be a government!

Without forgetting, this country was born out of rebellion and if demanding democracy, freedom, justice and equality qualifies one a rebel, then we must all be proud of ourselves. Many soft brains are engulfed by this one term. Lack of self esteem has coerced majority of them into silence or supporting the bad apples to be recognized as not rebels. But if our independent does not justify the goodness of rebellion, then Libya and Congo, where government were replaced with rebels, would suffice to convince you.

This is to conclude by saying that the freedom fighters are not rebels. Riek Machar Teny is not a rebel. Peter Adwok Nyaba is not a rebel. Dr. Wani Tombe is not a rebel but Salva Kiir is a a heartless, incompetence and brutal dictator.

Jul khor is a South Sudanese citizen living in Juba, he can be reached through this email address khorjul@yahoo.co.uk

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