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A Letter to President: Your Loyal Forces and National Security Are Committing More Atrocities – Violating Human Rights!

To: President of the Republic,
Office of the President,
Juba – South Sudan

By Tito Anthony,

Centre for Peace & Justice,


Your Excellency,

July 8th, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Based on our field fact finding mission on human rights we found  South Sudan Nation Security Service, Military Intelligence and other organize forces has been violating human rights since the day the conflict erupted in Juba up to date. Army [SPLA] and Security forces are committing inhuman with less accountability or justice take place and we want to bring your attention to the following issues that we came across in our fact finding mission:-

  • South Sudan ruling party and government is one, which has no respect for the human rights of its people, and there are presently no means of establishing and protecting human rights. There is no rule of law, and no independent judiciary to enforce it. A climate of impunity has prevailed, allowing crimes against humanity to be perpetrated since December, 2013. These crimes are still occurring today.
  • Constitution and laws has not been implemented since the eruption of conflict in December, 2013 in effect, there is no legal guarantee of democracy.
  • There is no freedom of expression, no freedom of association, no political freedom.
  • The higher education system is not properly taken care of. The Government Universities are on and off since the conflict started due to lectures strike because their allowance and monthly salaries are not paid due to economic crisis, and recent there alarm raised by University of Juba to close it door due to funding to sustain it operation and functioning.
  • Arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance are widespread, with hundred imprisoned in NSS detention facilities nationwide. Shipping containers where people suffocate in Leer County, underground facilities in Juba [Southern Military Barrack], and even holes dug in the ground can serve as prison cells for Military Intelligence [MI] in Bentiu. Several detainees have lost their lives after their health condition become worse due to detention facilities environment, having been held underground for an extended period.
  • Torture is rife in NSS detention facilities, with many dying following mistreatment.
  • A very large but unrecorded number of South Sudanese have been murdered, with no one held responsible and all this happen in name of unknown gunmen, no one prosecuted, convicted or punished for these capital crimes. These gross human rights violations and abuses are committed on the streets of Juba and other major cities in the country, and not forgetting behind the walls of detention facilities by both NSS and Military Intelligence nationwide.
  • National Service was officially were used by senior official as tool for human rights violation after the National Security Act pass to law.
  • Owing to this all-pervasive repression, thousands of South Sudanese are fleeing the country each month, making South Sudan one of the countries which generate the greatest number of refugees worldwide, despite its small size which approximately 10 million.
  • To travel outside South Sudan, citizens subjected to investigation by NSS and Immigration Officers on why they are leaving the country, which is sometime lead to travel denied; there is a superiority policy for some Dinka element in your government because the call your regime as Dinka government; many have committed tragic and degradation of other fellow citizens with name our government because the our sons are the one fighting.
  • South Sudanese make up a very large proportion of Africans refugee who has resided in Uganda approximately 1.2 million. Many have die in their way to Uganda in hand of South Sudanese forces and allies militia groups [Mathaing Anyoor, Gelweng, Dut Ku Bany]. Some has been tortured, raped and their money taken by Army and allies militia forces.

Recommendation to the President:-

  1. Accept the revitalization of the signed August peace agreement.
  2. Take appropriate action to ensure Army, National Security and other organize forces not to commit human rights violation
  3. Consider formation of investigation committee against Generals, Officers, NCOs and private soldiers those responsible for crimes against humanity with involvement of civil society, International rights bodies, UNMISS human rights division and refer them to the International Criminal Court [ICC] for the crimes committed against humanity identified by the Committee and free and fair trial.
  4. Apologize to public [South Sudanese Citizens] for they are disappointed and lost trust in your government under your leadership as it was mentioned early by Information Minister Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth.

With the utmost respect, may we request that you ensure that these matters are fully considered by your offices, and may we ask that you take the lead and guide to take action on our recommendations, as outlined above?

Yours respectfully,

Tito Anthony

Centre for Peace & Justice


Can be reach via  tito.zechariahkom@gmail.com  

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