Why I am Opposed to IGAD and US’s Unjust Role in Addis Ababa Peace Talks!

By Gatkuoth Lok.


IGAD country leaders at a press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington DC after deliberating on peace initiatives in South Sudan.(Photo: file)
IGAD country leaders at a press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington DC after deliberating on peace initiatives in South Sudan.(Photo: file)

Feb 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Look, a reminiscence for a while; what happened in South Sudan, on 15.12.2013 was not a failed coup attempt, but succinctly an assassination attempt against Dr. Riek Machar Teny by his former colleague, President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Why that assassination against a colleague, and the would-have-been-innocent-aspirant of 2015 presidential election? Kiir is the right person to answer this question properly.

For my part, and in nature, this failed assassination attempt was intended to herald a paradigmatic susceptibility to life presidency. This was what exactly happened in the mentioned date and presently is the undoubted true version worldwide, realized correct in the end, opposed to Kiir’s fabricated failed coup attempt.

Another undeniable truth is that Kiir himself mass-massacred over 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians as a presuppossion to his kiiroproject implementation paving his way to institutionalization of life presidency in the Republic.

In the mind of simple president Salva Kiir, it was his conviction that he had to crackdown his political opponents and whosoever he deemed sympathizing with them. Thus came to act the assassination plan and mass-massacring of the civilians in Juba.

One has to ask a rational question, whether or not the aforementioned Kiir’s eventual institutionalization of his stay in power for life must have been the right kernel as of why he directed both assassination attempt and genocide against Machar and Nuer people respectively. Well, You should figure out more reasons on your own.

In all Kiir’s sinister actions, against the State, Machar and Nuer Nation, methinks that IGAD and US stand accused of having taken Kiir’s side in the war coming into being and its perpetuation.

It follows that president Kiir is a project of both IGAD and US. Let us prove this by conscientiously having a critical look into the succeeding part of the discourse.

To begin with, allow me to ask the following questions. Is IGAD neutral? To give a simple answer to this question, I answer no it is not, for it is dancing to the tune of Kiir’s government. How do we attest our thesis? We attest our thesis when we objectively know the fact that in war against Machar’s pro-democracy forces, IGAD always sides with Kiir’s government. When and How then? The good example is Uganda, which sent her troops and arrived in Juba on 13.12.2013, and were part and parcel of Kiir’s 15.12.2013 failed assassination attempt.

The coming of Ugandan troops to South Sudan territory in time and transportation of Kiir’s 15,000 Dutku Beny , his special army, proved it beyond any reasonable doubt that Kiir in fact premeditated the 15.12.2013 failed assassination attempt and the aforesaid genocide. This truth of fact shall drag Mayardit to ICC.

Have a look: proving this right further, Uganda is one of the member states composing the so-called IGAD claiming to mediate peace talks in Addis Ababa. And before peace began, Museveni of Uganda spoke on behalf of IGAD leaders (realized in the peace talks table all being favorable to Kiir) that in 4 day time he would either terribly defeat and kill Machar or coerce him to acquiesce cooptation under Kiir’s regime. Oh, one has to ask this question; does IGAD’s new proposal, on 1.2.2015 reflect part of Museveni’s paraphrased declaration? Yes, it does.

And that is why it must be held true that IGAD has been fighting South Sudan rebels alongside Kiir’s genocidal forces all of whom became co-operators and executers in carrying out genocide against Nuer people at the watch of Ban Ki Boon, the UN secretary general. Since he knows very well that IGAD is never neutral and yet watching us smiling still to let continue the IGAD-Kiir’s Kiiroproject of genocide on Nuer people. Is UN chief duties functional dependent on US likings? Ki Moon is the right person to give his rational and empirical answer to this query.

In a more clear way, IGAD currently has been siding with Kiir at Addis Ababa’s peace talks table. This cannot be refuted in anyway by any thinker unless a tabula rasa minded human person told to talk without reasoning out, so to say.

Let us shed more light on this claim. The irrefutable substantiation is when IGAD designed an agreement last year favorable to Kiir giving him more 3 years in Office to rule the very people he annihilated and again this year, on 1.2.2015, the very IGAD brought forth the same agreement in a typical-compelling proposal too favorable to Kiir, surrendering to him the same years in Office and reducing Dr. Machar to what we do not understand to date and which we will not accept for good, since it is a matter of life and death.

This is unquestionable support for Kiir’s stay in power for life ( IGAD’s leaders common good). Thanks to Dr. Machar for he did reject them all, for they have never been negotiated, hence unfair to South Sudanese.

This cements our thesis that IGAD is siding and working for the illegitimate president Kiir and as such has qualified herself not neutral.

Assuming that the given examples are sufficient e, we can sum up that IGAD has been sending troops in Ugandan military uniforms to South Sudan in order to fight the rebels alongside Kiir’s militias as well as sending mediation team to Addis Ababa to work very hard in favour of Kiir’s regime.

It implies that IGAD exerts a lot of energy, spends enormous times and lots of dollars, in protection of president Kiir’s stay in power for life. This is the crux or bottom line. Therefore; IGAD is a staunch ally to Salva Kiir in war against Machar, being political or military. It works to achieve dictatorship and life presidency in our Republic. Therefore; it must get changed.

America is never an exception in South Sudan ongoing genocide, so to speak. The truth of fact on this allegation is that Uganda and Egypt are historic and historical allies to US in Africa working in the dictate of US. These allies are practically fighting Machar’s prodemocracy forces in Kiir’s name to accomplish what I labeled as kiiroproject-the annihilation of other 63 ethnic groups in South Sudan except president Kiir’s Dinka tribe, being supported by US. This is undeniable fact, which is substantiated by John Kerry’s appalling statement, that US stands by Salva Kiir’s genocidal government for it was elected one, I reworded. The question is, is this government still a legitimate government to US even when it mass-massacred over 20,000 Nuer civilians? Why did US support, the ousting of then Ukraine president ( ..as wisely questioned by my leader Dr. Machar in one of his encounters with IGAD’s countries leaders) who only Killed 200 Ukrainian civilians? Is US still harboring the racist cynical attitude of characterizing black people as black things? Are Nuer of South Sudan less than human beings and do not deserve equal rights and equal dignity and treatment though enshrined in the international law? Do they deserve annihilation even if it is not allowed under humanitarian law in the 21st century? All those questions should be answered by Obama’s administration and the UN chief Ban Ki Moon even though UN is growing more and more weak and near to being characterized a toothless old dog.

In addition to the aforementioned arguments, US’s enslaving and genocidal policies caused them to concede to Kiir’s kiiroproject implementation and as a result made them not to condemn the ongoing genocide presently totaling to over 20,000 civilians. Rather US is properly seen busy supporting Uganda and Egypt to prolong fighting her proxy war against the democratic movement, (SPLM or SPLA) and to carry on victimizing the peaceful ethnic group, Nuer.

The same reason of allying Kiir’s regime made US too, to say nothing about the use of banned cluster bombs by Kiir & Museveni themselves, on the White Army and Nuer civilians, so to speak. These realities compel us dear readers, to draw a solid syllogism that America under Obama’s administration is the driving force behind kiiroproject actualization for its hidden agenda, seeing this genocide as necessary evil, politically speaking.

Having read the proceeding arguments, we must logically conclude that America is Kiir’s ally.

It also tracks that Kiir is a project of IGAD and America.

American admirers as me may wonder why this democratic model and IGAD are working in such a seemingly malicious way. Well, first and foremost of all, it has to be crystal clear that IGAD is a machine used by IGAD dictators to protect themselves, from any democrats’ potential overriding-success in democratic elections. And so, it is well known a club of dictators then. Kiir is a young dictator who deserves protection like the old dictators and like any other dictators in the region, by the club.

This posed a vexed question why should US be an ally to genocidal dictators? The answer is always in the depth of the following saying that even rooted in American pragmatism, written; ‘America always supports a dictatorial regime, which serves her interest than to support a democratic regime that does not serve her interest’.

For dictatorial examples; you have Uganda and Saudi Arabia and the counterexamples be your food for thought.

America’s interest is what seems to have been fulfilled in South Sudan crisis, leave alone her good allies namely Uganda and Egypt had got their lion portions.

It follows that IGAD, US plus their project, Salva Kiir are all liable for the genocide committed on Nuer peoples.

As I have anticipated early, supposing the so-called model of democracy, US had not directed Uganda and Egypt to partake in kiiroproject implementation; the status quo surely, would have not existed in our Republic. And if the rest of IGAD leaders, excluding Museveni and Kiir and US combined, had also urged Uganda in good faith, giving her a time limit to withdraw her troops from South Sudan, Uganda would have done so and the other foreign troops would have followed the same example, and the ongoing war would have stopped. But the opposite is true as I alluded to somewhere above.

This leads us to say that America’s proved proxy war in South Sudan, which caused her inaction in condemning the current genocide against Nuer people and use of the banned cluster bombs and also Suzan Rice’s unfair arguments to cooperate with genocidal Kiir’s government; all these qualified her (US) part and parcel of Kiir’s life presidency institutionalization in the making. Therefore; America has already chosen at will to be our problem. Albert not expected to do so.

This badly lands us to deduce that America’s stance in the crisis is a grave contradiction to American’s ideals, be them democracy, justice and respect for human rights. For, they cannot be and not be at the same time under the same aspect. This is illogical under the principle of none contradiction, metaphysically speaking.

That implies that America cannot both be democrat and dictator at the same time under the same respect. It is really funny to be such.

Granted that the UN too, is the world body, which is able to stop the crisis, had it opted to do so in order to remain just for all, particularly to South Sudanese and more fashionably to Nuer peoples, it would have prevented the continuation of the genocide, ongoing at its watch. Alas the UN has shown no interest for a long period of time.

To sum up our argumentation with persuasions, we have come to know that what Kiir called failed coup attempt was never true rather than in essence a failed assassination attempt. It is concretized as a truth of fact and reason, logically speaking.

We have proved IGAD plus US, collaborators in Kiir’s life presidency in the making. Not only that the triadic coconspirators, namely US, IGAD and their culprit-project-Kiir are all liable for the premeditated meta-genocide committed against our Nuer Nation. And UN is blameworthy on the same crisis for having chosen to remain a bystander allowing the protraction of human tragedy.

Then, there is no peace to come to our country as long as IGAD remains the mediator. It is almost impossible if not impossible to sign an American-IGAD-Kiir imposed deal cementing the killer Kiir president for life and allowing him to continue with Nuer cleansing.

Never should we accept this nonsensical and absurd deal of coopting us all under the same monster Kiir.

I refuse to believe the persuasion from IGAD and US that Kiir is an angelic mass-murderer as he got consecrated by his grace Paulino Lokudu Loru, the archbishop of the archdiocese of Juba and Deng Bol, the bizarre episcopal principal, both beatifying Kiir Mayardit, the best killer of Nuer people from God, erroneously thought by the two bishops. And that he will continue cleansing Nuer people slowly till Dinka remain alone in the Republic.

Look, “Better be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied, or better be Socrates dissatisfied than a pig satisfied”. ( J. S. Mill ).

In sincerity, we prefer to coexist peacefully than to miserably exist finishing Nuer people and eventually turning to other ethnic groups to cleanse and finish as the Kiir’s kiiroproject is concerned for the institutionalization of what Al Jah Paul called dinkocracy, Prof. David de Chand characterized kiirocracy and Prof. Taban Lo’long named benyocracy.

This discourse embodies and suggests the change of IGAD from remaining a mediation team in South Sudan peace talks.

It also exposed IGAD and US as the vital impetus behind Kiir’s actions in South Sudan crisis amounting to a meta-genocide of the Nuer people, and labeling UN a blameworthy reluctant giant of conflict moderation.

America has to remain the model of democracy and not contradicting herself, a dictator at the same time as long as we mean to search for true peace.

I remain humble and patriotic, inviting all your criticisms, queries, embellishments and even deductions.

Gatkuoth Lok, is an independent thinker and political analyst as well as one of the critical SPLM-IO members. He can be reached via lokgatwech@yahoo.com

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Goikuach February 10, 2015 at 5:12 pm

Even a highly educated Nuer like yourself failed to understand why IGAD and America are not on your side but rather opt to support Kiir. First of all, the rebels are not innocent. They have massacred civilians on a mass scale just like the government forces.

Secondly Riek Machar history of violence and gross human rights abuses is well documented. Which country in East Africa is not aware of Riek ‘ s massacre of Dinka in the 1990s? Which country is not familiar with his collaboration with Bashir ‘ s NIF? It was the same IGAD that tried hard to reconcile him John Garang to no avail before he signed KPA

Finally IGAD will be mad to endorse a rebel that is demanding leadership of the country top post at a gun point. No doubt is doing its best to see that peace comes to our young nation but they will be crazy to force a violent rebel leadership on to the fledgling state.

When these factors are put together, then your likes will assume that IGAD is supporting Kiir but in reality they are trying their best to see peace return to South Sudan

Gatkuoth Lok February 10, 2015 at 9:31 pm

Dear countryman Goikuach, I personally respect your opinion in commenting the way u chose, though seems to be coming from a memorizer.
First, u’ll not find it anywhere that our movement killed innocent civilians from our beautiful tribe Dinka, or beautiful other tribes in this Republic, never ever. The movement SPLA or SPLA IO, is the movement of the people by the people and for the people: reflecting the definition of our political ideology-democracy. As such u must know u r now speaking knowingly or unknowingly, the language of those of u who want to hijack the leadership from us the right people who r now paying high price of democracy- over 20,000 already killed in cold blood from our people by Kiir himself.
Second, u mentioned 1990s as something bad n evil on Dr Machar, but it was or is the salvation event that caused the turning point from Garang de Mabior’s unity of Sudan leaving the vision now to malik Agar n Yaser Arman in the North Sudan. And we wholeheartedly embraced Machar’s Independence of South Sudan which we all, including u made it a success on 9.7.2011. It follows that u people described Dr. Machar erroneously bad, for no logical reason. Many people were victimized by the 1990s war yes, but lesser evil.
Third, u r phrasing IGAD n US as working for peace coming to existence, but to u they r working for peace that favors u guys but not genuine one that brings us all together.
I am still beging to reason rationally brushing aside yr passion so to say.


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