Why don’t we try a homegrown solution this time?

By Duom Peter

South Sudan warring leaders, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir Mayardit helped to pray by the Faith Based Group during the Peace Talks in Addis Ababa. Although a peace deal was eventually signed, it has not been implemented(Photo: file)
South Sudan warring leaders, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir Mayardit helped to pray by the Faith Based Group during the Peace Talks in Addis Ababa. Although a peace deal was eventually signed, it has not been implemented(Photo: file)

Mar 27th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Our politicians seem to be cleaning the outside of saucepan instead of inside burnt bottom. There is no magic in bringing desirable change to the country as asylum seekers and world history can attest to that.

Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian lawyer in South Africa returned to India in 1915 and established a resistance movement against their colonial masters (British). While in the country, he was arrested several times for inciting Indians to rise up against British rule. Gandhi did not stop until he led India to independence in 1947.
Laureate Nelson Mandela managed to change South Africa by mobilizing the citizens to rise up against the oppressors while in the country. He never escaped to neighbouring countries to seek asylum, mobilize masses, or even call foreign powers for help while outside the country. During his years in jail, Mandela fought for civil rights in the country. The result of his struggle with support from the grassroot people is what has transformed South Africa to date.

Many opposition leaders around the globe believe that it is only through internal uprising one can bring about meaningful political change.
The G10 members were arrested and charged of treason, but because of pressure from International Community, IO leader Dr. Riek, and fear of internal uprising, they were released. Paul Malong was recently released from house arrest and allowed to travel to Nairobi for medical treatment.
Why don’t you come home and risk your life like Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. Why do you fear to come to South Sudan and face Salva Kiir man to man? Take challenge, opportunity lies in the dust (South Sudan). There is no freedom without sacrifices or humiliations. In search of freedom, a good leader can be jailed, tortured, sentenced to death, or even killed and all these lead to freedom. As long our activists and opposition leaders continue to chant for peace in hotels in Nairobi, Kampala, New York, and Addis Ababa, nothing would materialize and Junubin will continue to suffer.

We have tried to negotiate peace in Nairobi, Dar el Salam, Kampala, and Addis Ababa, but all of them failed. Even the ongoing IGAD High Level Revitalization Forum in Addis Ababa will still fail because we don’t want to own the peace process as Junubin. We are on track to become the first county to have 4 Vice Presidents, and 4 Assistant to Vice Presidents according to the newly proposed modality. It’s very sad that South Sudan is a testing ground for every prototype.
We base modalities of peace on foreign interest like IGAD, Troika, US, and AU, which would not change the current situation in the country. The international community is trying to relax because South Sudanese leaders both in the Government and in opposition are power hungry. If I were International Community, I would freeze all their accounts. After some months, they would come to their senses since their families will be forced to leave those beautiful houses they are renting with stolen money in foreign countries. Fortunately most of South Sudanese leaders (IG and oppositions), if not all, keep their money in foreign banks and if their accounts are frozen, they will feel Juba heat.

In conclusion, it’s better for South Sudanese opposition leaders, and activists who are based in foreign lands to learn from countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa. The above mentioned countries were not changed by oppositions and activists who were based abroad, but it was internal protest spearheaded by leaders. I believe IGAD, AU, Troika, and US will not take hold of your hands and bring you to Juba to succeed President Kiir. Presence of all the political leaders in the country would help them dialogue and bring about homegrown political reforms that are in the interest of all the South Sudanese people. South Sudan’s civil war will not be ended by IGAD peace deal, but by South Sudanese themselves. Despite all these messes, I still believe that we have bright future ahead of us.

God bless South Sudan.

The author lives in Changsha, China and can be reached via duomchol87gmail.com  


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