Who will bring peace to South Sudan?

By Yoal Manyang, Juba.


Yoal Manyang ...
Yoal Manyang …

August 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan has been fighting itself alone since the last year December 15 2013, which still continues until today, the conflict which torn apart differences communities within the country and created a rebellion within the South Sudan army which start from presidential guard tiger division, the fight which was said to be dispute within unit has turned to the ethnic targeting in Juba and many others part of the country which has resulted to the loss of many civilian because of their ethnicity specially the Nuer tribe, was the more disadvantages group because the soldiers who was fighting in the tiger division many of them were Nuer.

As civil war continues in the country both political and military leaders has fail to bring to an end to the current crisis and fail to reach the peaceful settlement to the conflict, the question which still on the mind of the South Sudanese ordinary citizen is ”who will bring peace to this country”, the writer simple answer is that only we the South Sudanese people can bring peace to our country not expecting peace to be brought by the others which was not the cause of the conflict, some people are asking some others how can we come together, join hand together for peace in this country and reconcile their differences and allow justice prevail in this country and guarantee the future of the coming generation not to face the same situation like we are now.

When we go back to the world history many countries have gone through all these difficult situation as we are now and they were able to come out of the situation like we are now, I would like to ask all south Sudanese people and leaders who are more thinking for the present not for the future, “why are we not getting the solution for our crisis, are we not qualify enough to bring to an end to the crisis we start ourselves?, many African countries have gone through civil wars, also many European countries also have gone through this tough catastrophe and Americas is the best example of the civil war that took them four years and at last they found a solution to it and the leader who brought to an end this civil war was Abraham Lincoln which American don’t forget up to date, why not we finding solution to our calamity, why no South Sudanese leader who can sacrifice himself to bring peace and end this civil war.

In this country we have many people who are qualify to even solve not only the South Sudan problem, but also the world issues not just this family dispute between two friends eating in one plate and share their thing together.

Lastly my calls to the leaders and the people of South Sudan is that killing our own brothers and sisters will not bring any success, just only failure every time, can you remember the time of struggle and the recent stand that we have make during the Panthou war between we and Sudan we have success because we have stand together that why we defeat them, please try to talk to your heart and think of peace, stop this killing and make your choice to be peace, can you listen to the calls of your brothers, Sisters, sons and daughters who are calling for peace to come to this country. Peace is the only chance that can make us build better South Sudan and that hold every tribe with their different styles of living and all diversity, please I am writing this from the bottom of my heart.

The author can be reached at yoal@live.com

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