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By Nicholas Osobi,

South Sudan's incumbent President, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayar, points at his opponents in a battle to consolidate power (Photo: file)
South Sudan’s incumbent President, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayar, points at his opponents in a battle to consolidate power (Photo: file)

Feb 15, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s embattled president, Salva Kiir Mayardit has opened a new front line, this time, with social media users whom he accuses of inciting commotion in the communities and attacking his personality.

During a meeting attended by one of our snoops, Kiir expressed his frustrations with people who are using social media to expose his government, and he threatens to deal with such individuals swiftly.

“We have a list of keyboard warriors who stir up the internet by causing unnecessary commotion in the community and I must say they will dance to their own music soon”, said the furious Kiir.

Later, he softened his tone to give an impression that he still has room for positive criticism, saying his major concerns are those who divulge into his personal life without mentioning what should and shouldn’t be talked about.

“I don’t have any problem if you criticize the government because that’s how nations are shaped but throwing insults at me and my family is just unacceptable.”

Self-proclaimed lawyer, Makuei Lueth also backed up his master Kiir on this and warned the so-called keyboard warriors of consequences if they don’t refrain from such practices.

The most common insults being hurled at the president among other things include; his HIV status, alcohol consumption habit, his children’s only occupation being “the son or daughter of the president” as printed on their passports, and his endless lists of concubines.

It is believed, talking about them on social media gives him anxiety and affects his self-esteem significantly. However, his warning is most likely to remain a mere noise because all people want is leadership spill, and not an armed drunkard issuing threats about social media which he too doesn’t even know how to use.

Some accused him of not having tweeter account whilst his counterparts, the like of Tanzania’s Magufuli, Kenya’s Uhuru etc, can keep the world in the loop at any time through tweeting. They are not happy to have a president who only appears on SSTV to issues decrees and promotes his village mates to the rank of general in the army. The masses want to see him (Kiir) resign and leave the people to choose the leader they want, the leader who mixes unknown words “inu” with English.

Kiir’s stern warning is not a new thing. His NSS team have always been spying on social media users and tapping of phone calls. Dr. Riek Machar’s former spokesperson was one of those to be tracked down and deported from a foreign land unlawfully over his social media post.

Such jungle law however cannot impede us from exercising our rights to freedom of expression. We are going to obtain the list of the alleged keyboard warriors from our agents in his NSS team and publish it for the world to see. Watch this space!

Nicholas Osobi is a Revolutionary Columnist, he can be reached at icholas.osobi@columnist.com

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