Who is James Kan among alleged rebel Defectors to government

By Lual Magok,


The former minister, James Khan Joak, who recently declared loyalty to Salva Kiir government(Photo: supplied)
The former minister, James Khan Joak, who recently declared loyalty to Salva Kiir government(Photo: supplied)

Sept 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is to provide the people of south Sudan with facts about the alleged defection of rebel members to government sides. We start with James Kan Jok.

Hon. James Khan Jock is disable with trauma from Ulang county, he was known for massive social and financial corruption while in South Sudan before the erupt of the ongoing crisis. He was first imprisoned for corruption charge in 1990s when he was employed as tax collector in Upper Nile State and he was send to six years imprisonment where he end up learning bible as part of reform by prison and when he was release he went to bible school and later on ordained as junior pastor in Khartoum .

Because he is always toward enriching himself for personal gain he abandoned pastoral services and joint UNMISS as translator and at the same time employed in ministry of education .When general election comment in 2010, his community gave the chance to his own family and he grape the candidacy after crying for help from his family based on his disability and his family took courage to endorse him to represent them in the State legislative assembly.

During James Kan term in the state legislative assembly is well known for social and financial corruption plus abuse of powers and creates lot of trouble in the state parliament much time and also an employee of Southern Militias allied to North Sudan led by Maj Gen Gabriel Tang with unconfirmed rank of Colonel.

In 2013 James Khan conceived one his relative who use to come to him house as uncle and Ulang community raise vote of no confident against James Khan for social corruption cases. James Khan in 2013 start lobby to become campaign focal person for Dr Riek Machar for Upper Nile State in 2015 election.

James Kan was bribed in 2013 by Stephen Dieu with others Mps to create instability in Upper Nile State and was appointed as chairperson of road maps established to destabilize the state which led into removal of Deputy Speaker and Speaker later on was removed with governor decree which was not constitutional.

James Kan was later on bribed by Simon Kun with money and ministerial position and abandoned the road map, his colleagues and start fighting the same road map which he was the chair.

James Kan rebel against the government on 24/12/2013 where many of his close friends were killed in Baliet by government troop and he was expecting to be appointed in senior position in the rebel movement.

When James Kan returns to Malakal on 26/12/2013 when rebel controlled the town he took 450,000SSP from the employee’s salary and he ran to Dolieb with this money. There is also allegation that James Kan ordered the killing of dinkas innocent while on his way to Ulang through Jonglei State.

James Kan when he arrived Nasir he bought shops which may cost nearly 300,000SSP with the stolen money and when he was in Addis Ababa was hiring expensive pension and always drinking and fucking Ethiopian street prostitutes till he finished up the money.

James Khan when he finish up all looted money he start making contacts with government and he ask for forgiveness from Simon Kun who accept him because he know trauma he was undergoing .

He is well known as corrupts who always need food , drink and prostitutes and all those need money and in the resistance movement he cannot any longer get all this as result he decided to joint government to get those from the corrupt money in Juba .

We are urging citizens of Upper Nile State specially the employees of Ministry of education to open court case against James khan for looting their December 2013 salary .

James kan was removed on treason for rebelling against government and stealing government properties

James Kan is known not be going to join the government but to look for opportunity to steal money for the second time and we urge all citizens of south Sudan to keep watch on James Khan .

The writer is concern south Sudanese and can be reach via lualmagok@yahoo.com

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