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Remembering the victims of the December 2013, the Nuer Genocide

By Hon. Reath Muoch Tang,

South Sudanese children march in commemoration of Dec 15th massacres that ignited a civil war in South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudanese children march in commemoration of Dec 15th massacres that ignited a civil war in South Sudan(Photo: file)

Dec 15, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Nuer people all over the world, in collaboration with all the people of South Sudan, friends in the region and the world at large are today remembering the victims of the December 2013, Nuer’s Genocide. This day marks one of the darkest days in the history of the Nuer nation and South Sudan at large. As the result of this dark day, hundreds of thousands ran to seek protection in the United Nation Camps in 2013 and are today still sheltering in those Camps across the Country, as peace still hangs in the balance. Thanks to the United Nation for that act of opening its door in 2013, it was only through this that we have today some survivors. 

In December 2013, in Juba, Nuer woman, children and elderly people were butchered helplessly and killed indiscriminately by the South Sudan armed forces under the direct supervision of the President of the Republic of South Sudan as it was documented in the African Union Report; a Genocidal rape has also been committed by the same forces as it was again documented in so many reports including the recent one from Notre Dame University by Clemence Pinaud. We remember this day not to revenge but to remind ourselves and the world that this day must not repeat itself and we say never will it happen again, not only to the Nuer people or the people of South Sudan but to the entire human race. It was a bad day, a horrific day and it must not happen again to any group of people. 

It’s our collective responsibility to prevent such inhuman acts not to repeat itself again in our lifetime. It’s our mandate as the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan to work for the real change and a change that will bring real peace, honest reconciliation and national healing. We can do this now among ourselves as friends, neighbors and as communities both back home and also in diaspora as well. 

We will seek justice not revenge. This day will never be forgotten but it’s already forgiven. In human terms, we said forgiveness is not an act of absolution without repentance but in God Kingdom in which we all are citizens we forgive our enemies, pray for those who hurt us and try to harm us. 

The author, Reath Muoch Tang, is a Former Member of the National Legislative Assembly, Republic of South Sudan. He can be reached through email at reathtang@gmail.com,

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