Who are to blame on South Sudan Conflict?

By Lam Wuor,


Dr Riek Machar and General Kiir Mayardit (Nyamilepedia)
Dr Riek Machar and General Kiir Mayardit (Nyamilepedia)

Sept 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The conflict in south Sudan is really complicated; many people were killed and tortured. South Sudan had a very long history containing conflicts and war. In 1899 when whole country was under a rule of the British and Egyptian. Both countries ruled Sudan for 56 years until the year 1956, when Sudan gained Independence. The British essentially separated north and south Sudan. North Sudan was establishment to develop. Roads, hospitals, schools, houses and all a country needs to advance were given to the North. Now, the same political style is happening in South Sudan where some parties of the country   continued to live in good life and development is still going on while great Upper Nile which is dominated by the Nuer remain empty people forced into exile in neighbors countries.

Weakness of IGAD

The IGAD is ineffective and desired to impose into power by force to rule the same victims and also IGAD are bribed manipulate and tricky policy but this will not happen as long as President Kiir still in power. IGAD should find reestablished and agreeable resolution if their target is to resolve the clash in South Sudan.President Yoweri who is also the commander in chief of UPDF fighting alongside with Slav kiir and also the influential figures in IGAD cannot act for solution rather than Salva kiir is favor. As I transcribe, the international community is very reluctant on south Sudan crisis, while the IGAD hosting peace in Ethiopia capital, Addis Ababa failed to end the conflict.

IGAD should not forget that there is no short exit to ending the encounter problem in South Sudan before tackling the root causes of problems .In contrast, seems like no more than a brutal chapter of human self-destruction in South Sudan, This conflict of south Sudan requiring a genuine international community involvement such as EU and others neutral countries that must reveal the truth.

Truly speaking, Salva Kiir and others African leaders must not forget that the Nuer are not people that could be rule by force this will not happen .Starting point, Kiir has refused to reform SPLM into Democratic Party, the dictatorship was emerge, tendency and use of by dissolving the NLC and also sacking party secretary general without political bureau.

Thirdly, ordering army forces (Tiger Battalions) to murdered one ethnic group the Nuer, tortured people, women and kids throwing all the dead bodies in the wells and also burned them in the houses using the mercenaries such as UPDF, JEM and SPLAN. The country is divided by ethnicity that was the time for the government of south Sudan to persuade the Nuer tribe to become enemies with juba regime, at last the peace talk failed and I believe the conflict in south Sudan continued and also the human devastation began in juba.

Why? American foreign policy toward South Sudan is dangerous, For instance, John Kerry is too bias, double and standard in supporting   President Kiir is an elected President who cannot be removed from office before his term is over when he ( kiir) killed 20,000 people why Ukraine president and Iraqi prime minister ? The Obama administration has blamed al-Maliki and his Shiite-dominated regime for generating much of the sectional contention that has absorbed his country, as smaller Sunnis have manipulated and isolated

This tells the world that US foreigner policy bases on oil interest toward their advantages. In reality, yet US government does not care about humanitarian crisis which is looming in south Sudanese. Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet within ongoing anti-government protests that caused life of 200 people only, “President Viktor Yanukovych has stated that I offered an amnesty to protesters, but only if they clear barricades and stopped attacking government buildings”

How to achieve lasting peace in south Sudan

  • Civil society must discuss the root causes of the conflict
  • Reform all organs of south Sudan government.
  • Reconciliation among people of south Sudan
  • Implementation of federalism, I think Federal government is good because that’s what happened in country history is bad but federal system should keep the nation united and under control. Federalism gives everyone certain advantages of combinations of national and regional interests. It watches checks and balances between the federal government on one hand and many other regional governments on the other. Another good thing about Federalism is that each state can be independent since each state can take into account their diversity in making decisions about how they provide services. For example, distribution of resources where state can retain 40% of their revenue of natural resources
  • Compensation for those who lost their properties

However, south Sudan is rich of natural resources yet the nation’s oil resources does not benefiting the vast majority of South Sudanese remain dependent on existence agriculture for their income. Right now, people of three regions Unable to plant or to harvest, exiled people in remote areas are seeing their offspring weaken. At the very similar time, though, international community are assisting refugees for food still the suffering will not go away, for example, children are out of school, no basic healthcare available in refugees camps . Right now, the food crisis taking place in the country that is more likely to causes a famine, possibly, hundreds of thousands of human lives and untold human suffering especially in three regions, such as Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity State. The displaced persons were estimated to 1.6 million in South Sudanese by the party-political and ethnic hellhole that has wavering the world’s newest country apart in December last year, this is culpatory evident that kiir had killed a dozen of people from one ethnic community. The Nuer tribe struggling to stay alive and the main reason that lead into conflict and war was an attempt to reform SPLM party into Democratic that was called by different tribes in south Sudan.

The author is the concern citizen of south Sudan). He can be reached @ lamjok7@gmail.com

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