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Opinion: Education is crucial for South Sudan’s national development

By Beek Mabior

Beek Mabior (Photo courtesy of the author)

July 30, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Education is a backbone for national development in South Sudan. And I’d like to take this consequential opportunity to explicate and showcase the significance of education as a key for national development in South Sudan. We all know that there is no society that can develop fully and civilize without an education as a tool for national development and prosperity on this planet. Education is an opener that unlocks huge opportunities for success and civilization in any country that aspires to develop and overcome the immense challenges of nation-building.

Societies need education in order to accelerate and develop technology, science, arts and industrialization that will shape social, economic and political fields of the nation. Education is a key for state’s progress. Education is one of the significant factors of national development. No nation can accomplish sustainable economic development without substantial investment in Human capital. Education enriches people to understand themselves and the universe. Education improves the quality of lives and leads to broad social, economic and political benefits to individuals and society.

Education raises people’s productivity and creativity and promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances. In addition to that, it plays a very essential part in securing economic and social progress and improving income distribution. Furthermore, education is a powerful agent of change and its improves health, livelihoods and contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth. Moreover, education is also crucial to the success of everyone on earth. It is a human right to everyone and it play a key role in human, social and economic development.

However, despite great progress in the last few years, there are still millions of children across South Sudan who are still denied their right to education. Lack of access to quality education is one of the most certain paths of transmitting poverty from generation to generation in a country. Additionally, there is no nation on earth that can accomplish sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Education raises citizens’ productivity, creativity and promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances.

The literacy in the country is a fundamental requirement for participating meaningfully in a society. In additional to that, the government of South Sudan need to invest heavily in the educational sector and ensure that all children are encourage continuously to attend schools. It is a golden future investment and the country can benefit so much in the years to come. The government policies should focus on empowering the children and poor families through education. If the government help they children and poor families across South Sudan by enabling them to acquire education; then they’ll be in a powerful position to get skills and knowledge that will enable them to take charge of their own lives, fight poverty and become economically stronger hence better living conditions and stronger economy for the nation.

Moreover, those who acquire an education can have huge incomes, more opportunities in their lives, and tend to be healthier and happier. Communities can profit as well. Countries with massive rates of education completion have lowest crime, better health and civil involvement. Education can lead to poverty reduction, and healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, according to research; people with better education tend to live longer and have healthier lifestyles. People with higher education have a one-third risk of heart disease. Degree holders are also less likely to smoke and more likely to get regular exercise. An individual greatest benefit from getting an education is the opportunity to grow as an individual, experiment with what you are passionate about, and find yourself. You will be exposed to a diverse set of people and ideas which expand the mind. If you are educated; you can have connectivity across the borders, socializing and networking. The new world of digital education is assisting those who get an education to connect across the universe with people from different cultures. intellectuals can collaborate together across borders, increasing cultural and worldliness of the individuals.

Those with an education can have more on their plate and succeed through it. They know how to manage their time and talents and be productive. After graduation, intellectuals can carry that productive energy into the workforce. People with an education can think and think well. They are taught to ask questions, reflect, analyze and to discover new opportunities to expand upon. Education stretches the mind, exposes intellectuals to new topics and pushes them to do better.

Additionally, education helps people to become better citizens, education shows the importance of voting, education helps in getting jobs, education helps single mothers, education helps to reduce poverty, education equalizes inequality, education helps economic growth, education reduces gender based violence and education reduces maternal death rates. So we need our government and esteem development partners, humanitarian organizations and our foreign allies to channel their attention, resources, faculties and energies on education improvement in South Sudan. We need enough budget to be allocate to two ministries of education in South Sudan. Education is a future investment for they generations and the entire nation.

Finally, I’ve decided a long time ago since childhood that nothing will prevent me in pursuing my dreams and goals in life. And it is only God and death that’ll limit how far I’ll go in life. I’ve decided since childhood to become a scientist, industrialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a writer. And I’m pursuing my dreams and goals every day. I’ve decided decisively that no matter how long it takes, I’ll work hard and achieve my two PhDs during my lifetime on earth in both Chemical Engineering and Political Science.

they can take ten to twenty years but that is not an issue. I’ve the almighty God, willpower and hard-work on my side and I’m pretty hopeful for golden triumph as long as I’m alive. I’m still an energetic young man. And I don’t fear failures, critics and hardships because behind every great dreams and goals, there are challenges to overcome before you achieve success. A dream that is easy to achieve without setbacks is not magnificent enough and marketable in the end. I’ll work hard to establish industries, schools and real estates in the future and those riches will be for the South Sudan’s generations because after I pass on, I’ll not take them to heaven with me. They’ll be my earthly legacy but they’ll be for South Sudanese people.  I’ll not be Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote but I’ll try to follow their footsteps economically and industrially.  I’ll be a great scientist and entrepreneur and will put South Sudan on the world’s map scientifically and entrepreneurially. Education, entrepreneurship and success are precious and our citizenry should embrace them fully in South Sudan.

The author is a concerned citizen of South Sudan. He can be reached via: betterarticle165@gmail.com

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