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Gen Muhoozi addresses UPDF soldiers at Juba Air Force base in South Sudan on Wednesday.(photo: supplied)
Gen Muhoozi addresses UPDF soldiers at Juba Air Force base in South Sudan on Wednesday.(photo: supplied)

Nov 25, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — In a Confirmed report as previously stated UPDF reentered in South Sudan. Their locations are now identified. The 20 truckloads are divided into three groups. Two groups are stationed on Juba Nimule Road of which the first one in Southern Bari and the second, south of Kit in a place called Nyolo before reaching Moli. The third is stationed between Abara (Near Magwi) and Owinykibul.

As it was reported earlier in the week, South Sudan and Uganda held a high level Meeting in Nimule in Which South Sudan had asked for the UPDF return. After conclusion of the meeting a Major General and several others lost their lives in an ambush in Mt. Gordon, north of Nimule on Nimule Juba Road.

From a very reliable report, the last two years of Civil war has exhausted the numbers and morals of SPLA-Juba, with exceptions of the indoctrinated young boys from Bahr el Ghazal. In additions to Juba having tough times getting new recruits, huge uniformed men had defected at the onset of the crises thus Kiir is left shorthanded, his fighting force coming mainly from his home state.

Given Juba still believes in military options but shorthanded with men force, Kiir decided to return the UPDF back to south Sudan in violations of the peace deal.

From credible sources within the government of Kiir, this return of UPDF is mainly to serve as a secondary or a backup force. They are to primarily protect the Juba Nimule Road. However given a third one is placed strategically on Pageri Magwi Road, It is very clear, this is also intended to take role in direct combats.

However in the first plan, as the UPDF manned the road, this gives the few and stretched thin SPLA-Juba to carry the intended operations both in Eastern Equatoria and western Equatoria.

 We have also learned Juba, has therefore taken a large number of Forces to Owingkibul, Opari, Pageri and Moli. The objective of such deployment is for all the forces to move out towards each other and simultaneously with the hope of sandwiching the SPLA-IO Eastern Equatoria Division and eradicating them. This is in keeping with a plan hatched by Paul Malong, who convinced Kiir that the South Sudan crises can only end in favors of the Jieng if the solution comes militarily.

The above plan has already started in Western Equatoria the last 12 hours, in which Mundri was the first target.

As it can be remembered, after the fall of Ezo a week ago, the WES governor requested Re-enforcement from Juba. A large force arrived and assembled the last few days, the phone lines where disabled by Juba and the arrow boys were attacked in a surprised move resulting into casualties sustained by the arrow boys including the death of a brigadier general whose name has not been disclosed. The battle is still on going.

In Eastern Equatoria front, the onset of the campaign is imminent and urgent for Juba due to two major strategic reasons. This is because of the Juba Nimule road, which is a lifeline for Kiir since it connects him with his mentor Musseveni who also is the beneficiary of this road as the Ugandan economy has benefitted from Trade with Juba and Juba relying on Uganda for all of its vital food supplies.

The second and most important reason for the Jieng Generals in Juba is that there are more than 100,000 heads of cows in the Ma’di corridor. This is where the relatives of these generals and their cows are hiding, thus they will protect it even if it means throwing the country into a full scale war and disrupting the peace deal and killing thousands of co-nationals to the point of ethnic cleansings.

 We have learned Kiir has pledged to the JCE, he will wipe off the presence of SPLA-IO and all hostile forces from the Equatorian regions before the transitional government begins, this is more important for his 28 states to succeed as he anticipates the Equatorians will resist the planned implementations.

 The Euqatorians are to prepare themselves for massive deaths and possible genocides as the JCE execute the second phase of their dark agendas for South Sudan and this has started n Western Equatorian and the Magwi County very imminent with the help of Uganda.

The author, Justin Kwaje, can be reached at:j.kwaje@aol.com
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Ter Gatwech Chiok November 26, 2015 at 5:33 am

Inviting UPDF back to South Sudan is inviting more war which the citizens tired of.

opiombira Kiirendeazele November 26, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Ter G. Chiok,
Kiir and Malongin particular do not care the death of South Sudanese, why because they do not care about the lives of South Sudanese in the first place. They only care about our lands and we are road block to what they want. They want our lands death or alive they want it. If we are dead it is better for them because that way they get our lands and if alive they would rather have us as slaves.

I wish their children start to die in this war then they will know what the rest of us are going through. Curse be on these two and The Jieng Council of Devils

Ter Gatwech Chiok November 27, 2015 at 2:33 am

Thank you for your reply, what I think is that all should recognize one another because country South Sudan is for all not Kiir and Mason.

wedjuba November 26, 2015 at 12:02 pm

Fact is, IGAD, AU show same typical chronic weaknesses in containing or punishing war mongers like Kiir and his evil JCE.These institutions generally lack Power and Authority to bring order to sub-Saharan Africa.

African leaders always expect USA, EU or elsewho to come solve their problems.This is sickening, risky and dangerous for the future of Africa. It promotes dependency, laziness and dictatorship.This kind of mentality comforts many African leaders to stay in power for as long as they want. Leaders glued to power as if a country is some kind of a possession, a kitchen or any other property you take for granted. This must change, if Africa is to effectively solve it’s own problems.

African leaders should stop inflamming, conflicts. Example here is Museveni and his soldiers. His permanent siding with Kiir and the gang JCE contradicts our traditional African ways of solving problems. Naturally the third party remains neutral and refrains from taking part in active violence on neither side.Museveni should have invested more in mediating peace, than jumping into war.

After RWANDA and DARFUR, we yet witness propensity to ethnic cleansing, mass killings, etc in South Sudan.

United Nations must therefore triple or quadruple it’s forces in the country, take charge and effectively combat threats to ensure safety for innocent civilians.

IGAD and AU must face the challenge and demonstrate strength, upperhand and wisdom to solve the conflict in South Sudan.The sooner they succeed, the better, b’cos then everybody will value their work and they will earn credibility, in confronting future challenges.

They must invest in throwing Dinkas out of Power, b’cos these are the most incompetent, tribalistic and corrupt group of people in our country. If they don’t the mighty Opposition will crush them,… just a matter of time!!!

Tolio November 26, 2015 at 12:21 pm

Ugandan troops had already withdrawn from South Sudan.

The government troops who have moved to Pangeri are not there to fight rebels.They are there in compliance with the need for demilitarization of Juba.

The case of genocide is ruled out by the inquiry’s commission.

The roads from South Sudan to Uganda are important to business communities. Any attempt to make it a conflict ground will harm not only our own civilians but also foreign nationals. It is a good idea to leave this public roads alone.

Cows should not be kept in Equotoria for long but cattle traders have rights to pass there to uganda as long as cows are not grazing on the farms of local people but aught to do so on uncultivated lands during times of rest on journeys.

There is no need for equatorians to have phobias for commercial cows that are not there permanently. They don’t eat anyone.

Dinkas do farming like any other tribes but they don’t graze their cattle on their farms,except after harvesting is done and farming season is over.

Cows are pure. They only eat grass,shrubs and drink water. They are good sources of cash,consumable diary products,manure, fertilizer,and leather that benefit everyone including none cattle keeping communities like people from Equatoria.

Once there is no war and livestock industry is developed,cattle will not be an issue. Foreign investors will find other ways of doing this business. The Dinkas used those same roads which pass through Equatoria to connect them to Uganda from their hometowns even although Khartoum forces were in many Equatorian states, ambushing them on those roads.

opiombira Kiirendeazele November 26, 2015 at 10:40 pm

Tolio, Who are you fooling? What does this naked cattlemen know about international trade=ing of cows other than stealing cows? What nonsense!

Tolio November 27, 2015 at 12:28 pm


Not the naked men,but rather simi-naked men.Anway the point is,they are not the ones who will find the international markets to sell their cows but ministry of trade and commerce.

The cows look like they don’t benefit anyone other than their owners. Wrong,they are taxpayers and the revenue which the government generates from the sales of their herd of cattle is spent on every state’s developmental programs and services, including your own.

Once the live stock industry is established, it will create many employment opportunities for South Sudanese job seekers regardless of their tribal backgrounds.

Meat,milk and leather factories can provide people with jobs in the future.

Major business retailers in the country could open many store outlets in every state,selling diary products and other agricultural products to consumers and at the same time pay money to those who are working for them,doing things such as selling,promotion,accounting,deliveries, and much more.


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