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Unity is a Key to Realizing Peace and Stability

South Sudanese stakeholders attending a high level meeting on South Sudan in New York, September, 2015(Photo: file)
South Sudanese stakeholders attending a high level meeting on South Sudan in New York, September, 2015(Photo: file)
Oct 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Conflict and violent have stalked the people of South Sudan for centuries. The pursuit for peace is therefore not just the ab sense of war. In pursuing peace that is just and sustainable, it is paramount that the root causes of the war are addressed so as to create a society where everyone feels a sense of belonging.
First and foremost, I covet to express thanks and extol those few brilliant minded South Sudanese people who still think  positively at this intricate, very tough and challenging moment  where abrasion inside the people are not yet heal and people still hauling pain, crying and shedding tears every days in every corner of the country.
Through all these, personally I still have hope that South Sudan is our beloved motherland and we all together should work hand in hand to make it a better situate to subsist for us and the generation to come. South Sudan is blessed and moneyed in natural resources, but no wits or brain to utilize the wealth of the world’s riches youngest nation because the extraordinary sound minded individuals who have a vision and wisdom are not permitted to exercise what they hunted about the future of our nation simply due to jealousy, ravenous, abhorrence and tribalism.
In spite of all the resources that we contain ,if we fail to exploit and think maturely, the wealth may effortlessly curved a curse and our country will always be a mourning or funeral home  through out. Moreover, for that reason we need very serious collective efforts from every person at every corner in South Sudan to join our leaders in working towards restoring peace and stability in the country. Hence, I suggest to my researchers Nuer to response to this call before every one or community regardless of heavy pain you might be holding ,but with the fact that it is known to  every South Sudanese citizens and the whole world that you are the community deeply affected in this crisis for what had happened on 15 Dec 2013, the Juba massacred  that bring the country to all out war after when the victims responds to fight against the slayer regime to ensure that the bloods embittered by the innocents people turned freedom.
Its also apparent after the massacred in juba against ethnic Nuer resulted in to some other people from others tribes were victimize alongside or along the way. But the fact remain that the hearts or faces of unity, reconciliation and forgiveness will start from Nuer because they are the ones with deepest wound inside them and that is why I optional them to be the solitary to open and show the eyes of unity to their fellows South Sudanese. The future of South Sudan is at the hand of the youths nobody else.
For a very long time the country has been in chaos due to bad political ideology that base on ethnicity while young people only accept being used cheaply by leaders who  have no love for the nation and people. Youth ended up killing themselves, dying for no very good reasons. Now youth are the ones dying every time every day at every corners in South Sudan and will continue to die if they do not wanted to see and invest in the better politics. My political analysis’  that ,for our country to breath and be a better place for tomorrow we have to leave aside tribalism, hatred, jealousy ,corruption,ethnic domination,dictatorship,chauvinism and replace them with patriotism, unity, responsibility, accountability and fairness, honesty, trust, and by putting the nation’s interest first before personal or tribe interest’s.
On my researches before and after this crisis I revealed that our politicians made a mistake and that mistake was blocking, ignoring, not considering the visions which I have discovered to be out of the brain of a brilliant and talented South Sudanese by the names “Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon”.
Thus, I decided to share it with you due to the worse presidential order of creating 28 federal states in South Sudan. I am not objecting the popular demand of South Sudanese to have more federal states ,but it has confirmed to me based on my facts finding about who is there amongst our current political elites who will make South Sudan a better place to live.
The recent establishment of 28 states by president Kiir deep-rooted Dr. Riek proposed 21 federal states which he presented after the independent of South Sudan to the people however, a proposal was rejected. It has proved beyond reasonable doubt that Dr. Riek Machar Teny is the only man there to make South Sudan a better place to peacefully subsist.
Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon and South Sudan
For the last decade during south Sudan civil war, he Dr. Riek Machar produced some of the best ideas that enhance goodness for the people of south Sudan though his ideas are always blocks. He did the following
The vision of self-determination which gave birth to South Sudan today came out of him. It was this idea that caused SPLM division in 1991. Dr. Riek Machar has been regenerating the idea for south Sudanese to be self-independent but Dr. John Garang strongly opposed and threw it into the river Nile calling him traitor. That means disaster, and it is this truth that saw us to be a country today. Now, south Sudan can be a different nation in term of development, economic growth and strong political well being.
The only person who opposed the current national constitution when he saw the nation’s supreme law has given the powers to the Head of State which many believed today to be the immediate cause of the crisis in the country. Dr. Riek Machar questioned the way SPLM which he deputized being legalized as a personal property of President Salva Kiir. A man who questioned the order of the day, asked for reforms in broad day light. He championed for reforms in the country. He is a hero.
He was the one who saw the need for a reform with in the ruling SPLM Party after when the country gained her independent and was later supported by others SPLM top leaders. Out this altruism character he was under plot to be kills by the same people he try hard to reforms.
He was well known before the crisis for being the only person fighting against corruptions, nepotism, statism and a lot. South Sudan after signing of the CPA was at zero stage but he managed to support Kiir and put the country to the image out of nothing, and finally he was the one who proposed that South Sudan should adopt federal system of governance. However, it was rejected and not supported by the Government. Up to this point I believed some logical analyses have now understood what the author’s driving point.
Leaving behind our various cultural complications that we  are this and that, this person is from here or there, that we are better and superiors then those, that we are stronger and braver  than those, we need to erased out the chronic, the cultural and mental complexity that exist within us. We have to substitute them with the question of who is or are capable, responsible, and qualify to be up there for us. In conclusion, as we on track, please let us honored all together our country visionary leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny. We are proud of you Dr. Riek Machar. My beloved country men and women I solicit all of you to respect and honor him because of what he always foresee inline with country and people’s interest.
I urge all the patriotic South Sudanese people despite your tribe or political differences to joint me in this initiative aimed to end the long suffering of our people to support peace, harmony, unity and love and this goals can and will easily be realized after we figured out what is wrong and replaced with what is right.  Allowing the man to exercise what God has gave him with will to prove to us what is at the other side then blocking of the ideas that always follows, but after bloodshed. Why are we not trying a person’s ideas in the first place when we know what he is advocating for is good?
Always, why at last people came to his idea? What is wrong to try him if we like and supports his visions? These are some of the problems that I have seen were wrongs and should not be repeated. Dr Riek Machar is a citizen of South Sudan like any other person who has right to contest and be a leader like any one. Let us all work hand in hand to make sure he gives us what is in his mind for the country one and for all.
Hiding truth always brings messes because the justice will obviously want to appear even if it is burred underground. through out my research and analysis I found it that if it was not due to Dr Machar’s for this country, somebody else leading the rebellion against Kiir’s regime, South Sudan would have been buried or destroyed to nothing.
I really respect him for his high patriotism that allowed him not to sell out the country’s sovereignty to the foreign countries while his very own and only brothers are being brutally damaged with cluster bomb and others banned chemicals weapons and he still believed in the country first. Today, if Kiir is convinced and he created 28 states then Dr. Riek Machar became the champions  and the founder of federalism so let him take the lead and show us how it’s going to work because it came out his mind.
No matter how young or old you are, which tribe you come from whether you are a man or a women, the fact is that the nation’s future depend on the youth of today. There is a big task for South Sudanese youth to accomplish a head.
Let struggle hard all of us to make sure Democracy,justice,freedom equality religious tolerance,social cohesion,peace ,prosperity , harmony and inclusiveness prevailed in our country.South Sudan blessed with plenty of resources and it will accommodate us.
Unity must be the only way for us to achieves peace and stability in the young nation.
Hon. Keach Nguoth Tiem
Secretary for Information,Documentation and Orientation.
Sobat State.

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Goweng Torbaar October 13, 2015 at 10:20 pm

Very Amazing Dr. Machar is using MAC Book Air computer while illiterate Wani Igga is using his pen. How can 19th Century Man (Wani Igga) fight 2015 Man (Dr.Riak). I hope those Dinka will observe the different!!!!!!!!!

Gat Manduong October 15, 2015 at 12:04 am

that is the different between potential political PHD holder and a weak politician comedy man. Equatorias never been satisfied and proud of Wani as their politician representative in the Country


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