Understanding Factors Destroyed Future Of South Sudan

By Philemon Daud Tom,

Members of Jieng Council of Elders form a new political party, the Republican party of South Sudan(Photo: file)
Members of Jieng Council of Elders form a new political party, the Republican party of South Sudan(Photo: file)

May 20, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudan is a diverse country with many ethnic groups, languages, cultural practices and beautiful diverse ways of life. We fought with courage, determination and paid an ultimate price to be a free people under promised land God has blessed with so many resources that should be used fairly to improve life standard of our people.

Unfortunately, Juba used tribal political behaviors to obstruct reforms, justice, peaceful coexistence, unity and national integration to serve only their political interest that posed a serious threat to the future of South Sudan. The spirit of nationalism is dead and the people of South Sudan deserted to tribal protectionism that cannot help the country heal and reconcile from the disaster of political turmoil.

Only way to reconcile the people of South Sudan is to call for political solution that massively reforms the entire government institution allow new faces to establish the spirit of national integrity and trust that create feelings of oneness; whereby our diversity can be recognized, respected and celebrated as a source of strength that binds the country together.

There are enough proves tribalism, nepotism, corruption and political extremism became a factor for political failure in South Sudan. It is hard to believe change might happen under current leadership; because it’s clear Jieng council of elders misguided Kiir administration and cultivated spirit of hatred, division, negative perception and exposed the people of South Sudan into political hatred that will not be easy to solve. We understand some of the factors made South Sudan a failed state contributed by the people of South Sudan.

The dilemma of political confusion and misguided policies of Kiir administration is a big threat to peace, justice, and accountability. We don’t know who is who running the political system of South Sudan. Most of the Kiir political appointees are people that praise him and denounce Dr. Riek Machar which is not a criterion and qualification. That’s why they do not care about the future of the country and failed to provide desperately needed services because they were appointed not to serve but to steal and destroy country prosperity.

Right after independent, we noticed emotional group influence become an emerging movement within South Sudanese society either to claim their right or fight for the interest of their respective tribes. I don’t blame our people here but the government of South Sudan failed policies. When the government failed to protect, provide services and distribute resources equally to all citizen, the people have a right to organize group movement to protect themselves from a dictatorial system.

Lack of leaders making leaders question the direction and future of South Sudan. History indicates how our leaders failed to raise generational leaders during the struggles and after we became a nation. Before and since 1983 to 2005 good numbers of wrong leaders were brought up and their intention is to claim struggle through corruption. Today we are facing the same phenomenon whereby Kiir administration busy investing in worst leaders ever that care only about tribal interest and it’s a worrying development. The future of South Sudan remains unknown when leaders continue to invest in leaders that handover tribalism to the next generation.

Corruption is a destroyer of development, human prosperity, integrity and the value of the nation. The presence of dysfunctional and poorly formulated policies in South Sudan created incentives to the individual that working day and night to destroy development through illegal bribing practices.  Corruption has a huge consequence that undermines government revenue and therefore its limit government’s ability to invest in the areas of innovation, human capital and social development of welfare.

Massive corruption and tribalism policies implemented by the government of South Sudan distorted the government decision-making process which discourages private and public sectors investments that contributed to misallocation of human resources and create a mood of the uncertainty of the direction country is heading.

We must believe that tribalism cannot make us a great nation. Our country deserves nationalist leaders who spend time investing in development, elevating the standard of living, reducing poverties and invest on young generational leaders. Wars, tribalism, and corruption shouldn’t be our identity and we must be discouraged.          `

Philemon Daud Tom is a concerned citizen, he will be reached through philemondaud84@gmail.com

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