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Unity and Division Among the Oppressed South Sudanese

By South Sudan Kyilaya ,


Members of IDPs community protesting at the UN Protection site in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
Members of IDPs community protesting at the UN Protection site in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

Jan 3rd, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Ruling system in South Sudan discriminates people of South Sudan against the interest of people as well as interest of unity of people.

South Sudan is now being ruled by guns for interest of people with guns. People without guns become victims under all kinds of abuses in hands of people with guns. Most of the victims could not keep silence or neutral. They burst opposing the oppressing regime requesting their rights. Here in brief we have South Sudanese in opposition.

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South Sudanese in opposition is not from one tribe of South Sudan. It is from all tribes of South Sudan. Inside South Sudanese in opposition; there are organised oppositions, semi organised oppositions, oppositions not under organised entity and oppositions like planted by the oppressing regime of South Sudan to disintegrate union and progress of oppositions.

A believe and/or an intention that all oppositions should be under Riek Machar, Lam Akol, David de Chand or some others there is a dangerous idea.

We need to accept that we are multicultural society and on top of that, human being are of different ideologies and in constant need of freedom of thought and choice. We cannot be imposed in one idea.

We should focus and put effort on what will bring us together. We should not put effort to keep us fighting and stay divide and week, because our oppressor will use these kinds of weaknesses to keep suppressing us.

If happened you are assigned by your leadership in a position, do not abuse your position to reflect bad images. Consultation and sharing ideas have great advantages. For example; one person mentioned that Lam Akol got position as minister of agriculture in TGoNU without any effort and had no single right to be part of the power sharing of the TGoNU. The owner of this idea should go through discussion and should accept the truths. And here are some few points and truths: Riek Machar did not carry a gun since 1992, roles of former 11 detainees, Taban Deng vs Lam Akol, why Lam Akol and some others were not allowed to go to Ethiopia for peace talks, why Lam Akol quitted TGoNU, and are people fighting for positions or for their rights in their land? Just to mentioned a few. I believe, if Professor Lam Akol and Professor Riek Machar sit for talk, they will come out with a wonderful fruits to people of South Sudan.

It happened and keeps happen that a lot of people in positions of opposition write articles in which some paragraphs in their articles are resumes looking for job from the oppressor. They may get a job from the blood of their relatives but they will not easily get a way out.

It happened and keeps happen that some leaders in opposition are fighting other leaders in opposition to death, and keep dividing the suffering people to fight one another. My words to those leaders; please look at the suffering people, look at the people with skin attaching to the bones, look at the kids without schools for future hopes, look at the hopeless mothers and women and look at the hopeless parents that cannot support themselves and their little ones. Please drop-out your personal interests and go to reconciliation. Not reconciliation that keeps people oppressed and hopeless, but one that with full of hope for all.

I like to write short focusing on important points with enough space for others to write and also not to get readers lost track of the important points.

In conclusion: I would like to thanks all freedom fighters for their struggle for freedom of their people. Special thanks to peter the rock and some others there for not deepening division and killing among their surroundings. Thanks a lot to all freedom fighters (armies and politicians) for the commitment.

Together we stand, victory is certain, and to the end we go

The author is a Concerned South Sudanese Citizen. He can be reached at  south_sudan1@yahoo.com

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