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The Wrath of Political Opportunists in Twic Mayardit

By Esir Bol,


Jan 20,2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Firstly, I would like to congratulate president of the Republic of South Sudan for taking this bold decision to create 28 federal system of governance in South Sudan. The formation of additional 18 states has absolutely confirmed the SPLM’S vision of taking development to the people. Secondly, I would like to start this article by congratulating all the interim governors which were appointed by president of South Sudan H.E. General Salve Kiir Mayardit. In the connection, I would also like congratulate Bona Panek Biar for his appointment as interim governor for newly created Twic state.

It is indeed a great step forward for South Sudanese and Twic Mayardit in particular, to manage their affairs once and for all. However, this move is not going to emancipate South Sudanese citizens from political crisis within their regions. There is going to be political, economic and security instability within newly created states. We have witness the uprising in Eastern-Equatoria, Shilluk (chollo kingdom) and greater Pibor Administrative areas. These uprising happened as result of annexation of other tribes land or claiming the land which was annexed centuries before. Also, we should be mindful that there is a dispute in Aweil East State regarding relocation of capital city/ head-quarter.

Moreover, Dear Brothers and sisters allow me to express my concerns regarding newly created Twic State which was passed through parliament among other 28 state in the Republic of South Sudan by President Kiir Mayardit. Be cautions dear readers, the current political/ power struggle between Majak Aler and his cohort against Amol community and Twic Mayardit in general is yet to be review. The complexity of relocation of Twic Head-quarter lies with those Twic Mayardit Juba money elites, not president Kiir Mayardit. But before I go into details, let look at Twic Mayardit history and her people before becoming Twic state or last go back a few centuries when our parent and grandparent used to called them Twic Bol Chol. Twic Bol Chol aka Twic Mayardit is inhabited by six payam which are the following; Tualie, Panyok, Aweng, Ajak kuac, Wunrock and Akoc Payam. Providing that, Turalie has always been endorsed as a Twic head-quarter, meeting location and so forth. due to it centrality and it is located near rivers which make it easy to access water etc. However, in 2005-06 Twic Mayardit was incorporated to Warrap state, at the same time there was a debate between Twic Mayardit and Rek intellectuals regarding capital city of Warrap state. With respect to, two places were proposed Turalie and Kuajok… Majority of Warrap intellectuals endorsed Turalie as the head-quarter; however they then SPLM leaders like Justin Yach and General Dim Deng rejected Turalie and endorsed Kuajok to be head-quarter/capital of Warrap State due to security reasons. However, Turalie was still regarded as Twic Mayardit Head-Quarter.

Thus, let me provide you with Twic Mayardit geography, Twic Mayardit is inhabited by members of a section of Dinka (REK) known as Twic Dinka. Twic Mayardit shares a boarder with Aweil East, North Bahr El Ghazal state, Gogrial, Warrap and Abyei to the North which is inhabited by Dinka Ngok. In addition, Twic Mayardit shares boarder with Abiemnom and Mayom counties of the Unity State, which is inhabited by Dinka Ngok Ruweng and Nuer tribe. Ok! Enough with geography and let me get down to the business.

Turalie is located in Amol payam which is the home town of late paramount-chief Bol Chol (TWIC Bol Chol), also the former NBA legend late Manut Bol and Late Dr Justin Yach Arop. On the other hand, Mayen Abun is [Boma] located in north of Wunrock Payam. Wunrock is the home town of the late general Kerubino Kuyanyi Bol.

Dearest friends, we all know Twic Mayardit people have had contributed politically, economically and spiritually during our struggle for liberty with the Sudan. As for matter of fact, they contributed enormously to the liberations of our people from Khartoum. For instance, the NBA legendary basketball player Manut Bol and many others have advocated aboard and contributed financially. Similarly, Dr Justin Yac Arop was a seasoned politician well versed in Northern Sudan issues and skilled negotiator. He always participated in all major SPLM and Sudan government negotiations. Dr Justin was the first to represented SPLM in West Germany, West Africa and East Africa. Dr Justin fostered excellent relations between the movement and the Kenyan government. We must give credit to where it is due! Twic Mayardit sons and daughters have contributed greatly in South Sudan!

Coming back to my main point! The current issues that is engulfing Twic state is the relocation of the head-quarter from Turelie to Mayen Abun. The relocation of the current head-quarter caught majority by surprise especially the business people within the region and those who live in Turalie. Thus, the motive of relocation of capital city/ head-quarter is still unknown to residents of Turalie and Twic Mayardit general. Some intellectuals like Bona Malual said “the relocation of head-quarter has never been in the agenda of Twic Mayardit demands”. However, He further added “If Twic citizens want to change current head-quarter from Turalie to Mayen than there has to be consensus among six payams”. Furthermore, Bona panek Biar who was known as Dr Justin Yac ‘BOY’ now turned ‘political opportunist’ was appointed by his cousin Kiir Mayardit who is the President of South Sudan. His appointment as interim governor did not surprise people in Twic area but his association with Majak Aler the ‘enemy of peace’ is becoming a problem to Twic citizens.

Majak Aler is Twic Mayardit senior political figure who spent most of his time in Khartoum as a member of National Congress Party [NCP], also, Majak Aler is known to be a political opponent to late Dr Justin Yac, Bona Malual and late John Mangok etc. However, his contribution to Twic or South Sudan is not known, apart from current relocation of Twic head-quarter from Turalie to his home Town Mayen Abun.

Furthermore, Majak Aler made himself a leader of Twic central in Jieeng council elders and appointed a few opportunists to represent other sections of Twic Mayardit counties. For instance, he appointed Mayom Kuoc Malek from the so-called Twic West and Kuany Mayom Deng from the so-called Twic East. In particular, Mayom Kuoc Malek and Kuany Mayom Deng are notoriously known opportunist in Twic Mayardit communities. Moreover, Majak is known as sectarian political figure and tribal hard-handed man within the Jieeng Council of Elders [JCE]. Majak Aler’s and Juba JCE ill propaganda gave them strong stack in President Kiir Mayardit regime. Moreover, Majak Aler’s Brother was a pointed by President Kiir as close adviser and directors due to his hateful propaganda towards other tribes. As consequence, of Majak Aler and his brother holding strong positions in Kiir Mayardit government, this notion has increased corrupts incentive among others political opportunists within Twic state to be manoeuvred and abused indirectly. Those political opportunists and army General like Ater Akuc and the current interim governor of Twic state are the victim of their own greed.

Finally, Twic people need to participate in democratic means as they always have done but went NCP members turn SPLM start to bribe military generals and political elites to use SPLA to intimidate one section of the community and denied them their human right is unacceptable in South Sudan.

The author of this article, Esir Bol Bol, can be reached at newsouthersudanparty@outlook.com

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GatNor January 20, 2016 at 10:18 pm

Look at this lying Jang, lying that he will give the readers background and history of their cieth like tuek. No historical dates and no historic references cited of when this so called Jaang land was annexed from or to whom nor by who. Garbage that’s what this is. Pissed off the white Army some more with your 28 illusionary states and you will loose more than tuek at your expenses.

Beek January 21, 2016 at 1:47 am

It seems you are simply jealous.

Kiir Riak Bai January 21, 2016 at 12:15 am

Brother Bol Bol, I have seen your crying of what is going on in “Twic Mayardit”. You have seen the consequences of the so-called 28 states within Dinka communities as well as Dinka with other communities. You have even mention the tribals leaders within your “Twice mayardit” state. Do you think there is a future and the important of 28 states? 28 states was used to suppresses and block the successful of agreement by the Dinka Council Of Elders against our brothers in opposition side, but it has became a Dinka vs Dinka, which will take more lives than the war between the Government and rebels. These leaders were already rejected by God because of their wicked behavior in south Sudan. Angotic wet angotic wet aken kon duok duoke go dhieu wet angotic! angotic na le yic duok ka ngot ke ba ting ka ce ke bene ping ne yic.


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