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By Sally Nyalony Gatwang,

A group of Ana Taban youth group campaigning for peace(Photo: AnaTaban)
A group of Ana Taban youth group campaigning for peace(Photo: AnaTaban)

Feb 28th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —— The young people in the Republic of South Sudan are crying for peace to come back, they also need permanent peace and stability. Youth are the one suffering and affected by this current conflict in the coutry. Our youth had been affected by the lack of jobs,war and many more, the rates of unemployment for young people in South Sudan is increasing everyday many of our youth are jobless.

It is quiet and peaceful that, every individual is concentrating and focusing on how to develop South Sudan in a different ways and a better place for it’s citizens to leave on.  In this case competition iss very high, in all different disciplines. In the education sector all schools and students are competing for the quality education, in addition to the medical and health facilities needs improvement in the country. The economic of the country’s in a big mess . Hopefully the all organise forces army and the police are playing their role in the security sectors and strengthen their activities to insure the country is peaceful at all levels.  The country is now peaceful; students in schools, doctor in the hospitals proving the needed medications. The streets are so peaceful. Several are doing their usual terrific jobs. The state is harmonic and holistic for every individual benefit no unknown gunmen like the previous years.

The increases death rate of the youth in South Sudan as none acquires fast hand medication since diseases are over spreading due to the conjunction in their stands. In the night unnecessary attacks occur one is murdered due to the vengeful nature of the people. Innocent young people are murdered each night as with folded hands they sit and all this injustices being done onto the youth the need for the future of the young nation. For this reason many are vengeful.  Sanitation extremely poor; no toilets, no rubbish pit in such places our generation is being brought up. Segregation is the order of the day, refugees is what they are referred to. The only person they are left to turn onto is none other than the God who brought them onto this beautiful country, day and night youth keep crying for peace hoping one day one time God could hear to their own cry. In this scenario youth are searching for peace, as individual youth groups may participate in the peace talks. singly with un answered prayers they are left wondering about the Republic of South Sudan. Few youth that are considered to be lucky and taken to acquire education in a peaceful and comfortable places are better than the one who are studying within the country. All the time youth are crying out to the creator to make a way for young  one to live in peace. As a youth I need these country to be a safer place for young people.

Actually in those years, out of the blue a gun shot can be heard randomly all over the city. as it was expected to be fired from the center of Juba during Christmas and new year festival, by the efforts of organised force no gunshot was heard.  in the nearest future the security shall be improved by the helps of the current Minister of Interior and the Director for National Security. In December15  2017 several gun shots were heard us many were left in disguise and disillusionment as to where they had to run to for shelter since the area was becoming insecure for their stay. Many families  members lift their of to refugeesl, people whoo stayed near the city where the incident occurred now are traumatized emotionally, physically by what they saw by their eyes, in which they are in need cof serious cancelling and treatments. The fasmilies of the victims and one of their sons was killed on the war need reconciliations with the one who committed crimes to them. While for the many families who missed their loved ones are not yet found until today. This senseless violence leaves our children alone and as an orphan, at a young age. They youth and kid due to fear, got a gun and killing by others groups,  joined the fighting and war due to the need for revenge. Without knowing the source of the fight, the young people and children  joined as they was homeless motherless, no food to eat, no medication and in a country of insecurity as the results of child soldiers in South Sudan.  Not only did the children and young one join but also the some villages with the same agony of revenge, due to the loss of their loved ones. But whom they were revenging against is what they didn’t know. By the time they reach to the source or the centre where the fight broke out, most had lost their lives due to hunger, thirst, moving long distances on foot through the thorns with the war like determination, they could hardly see the other die. They got brain washed and joined groups they had little knowledge about. As they left their families suffering, it was only the male youth but with time the female joined in. young and healthy they join and got themselves into their own graves.

Therefore, as the unbelievable deadly fighting continued in some parts of the country, little children, pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, and the innocent youth became the target victims of the war. Male youth often castrated in the violence, according to their leaders this was to give them more time to focus in the war rather than planning to start a families .  So many became widows as many became; orphans, street kids, innocent kids exposed to the life of great horror. And many saw their worst thinking, girls being raped, women being raped by their children. Individual as to see and  live Just in order to save one’s own life from death. Always and daily family break ups where the rich or the general, government  officials took their children abroad for safety and others purposes as the innocent poor surfer the consequences of a war they have no knowledge about. Peacefully their children stay and continue with education, their girls, boys and women are maximumly safe with excellent security, good medication, and justice. Harshly is how they now rule the innocent souls with constant loss of loved ones, with lack of freedom of speech in South Sudan.

Meanwhile, the youth go to the streets and try their lucks, move into POCs camps in such for safety where still they are still murdered by unknown people. In the neighboring countries they traveled to where they are forced to adopt different cultures. The way of dressing definitely changes, drug abuse becomes the order of the day. Alcohol becomes their life, clubs is where they called leisure with beer and called it the dot com era. Rubbish areas is where they stayed since they have no one to clean and this are lose generation. Prisons cells is all they know of because they are always arrested either for crimes like stealing to earn a leaving, drug abuse, rape to satisfy their sexual needs, since they would hardly be allowed to marry girls from decent homes. Prostitutions is what today our girls jobs for the to sustain their daily needs. Bars are where they sleep, selling out their bodies to the  rich men. Most  of our young girls die because of the diseases they contacted through sexual intercourse from different men they meet everyday. Most of this young gilrs became a single parents at very young ages. Thus one has to struggle together to feed the child, hospital bills and takes full responsibilities of his or her child. The disappointing part there is nowhere to start, many of this girls end up selling alcohol for them to sustain living standards.  In some countries where it is illegal to sell alcohol most of them end up in prisons like what is happening now in Khartoum Sudan, such act risking the life of our youth. Once if it happens you are caught of making or selling alcohol he or she is arrested and put into the jail than send to the prison can also be brutally beaten by the police. “Leaving the little kids in horror and fear, at the time the ones that are in the world wish they were out and the ones out wish they were in.”

For our students who are studying in Muslim countries, the people of the country are so harsh and hostile when it comes to sheltering foreigners. They want the people to adopt to their Islamic culture and behavior as their norms and culture where they don’t respect the rights of any foreigner who visit their country,for example like Sudan.  The most of our youth are being inhibited by the present western world gangsters whose main aim is to grumble and robe others people’s properties. All this happen at the watch of our government and its policies without any help as the youth cry day and night. The students suffer from language barrier, where all high institutes are speaking and teaching in one languages. Due to the fact that nobody cares they end up dropping out of the school and join the streets life. All their toughs are cover, where freedom of speech never existed where the theme becameevery man for himself and God for us all.

The author is a concerned youth of South Sudan, students at the university pursuing a bachelor of law, went to St. Peters high school for any comments you can reach me via nyalonygatwangriak@gmail.com

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Stephen Dak March 1, 2018 at 7:43 am

Dear ones, that is a good sign you are promoting. Only the evil one would not like this for some beneficiaries interest. It wants all of you to get involve to spread the peace mission, and preach it to the people who are not willing to accept it. However, South Sudan issue is peculiar because it does not happen like others conflict in the world that happened without base. It has a caused and finished. With all the sincerity, I believe without any reserve that it will come to an end, in due time and it wouldn’t happened through human effort though that is commendable, and good way to achieve it. The Lord will use these guys call UN and IGAD, to carry on his purpose that HE wants to be achieved. I repeatedly say this from the very beginning, UN peacekeepers will not leave South Sudan until they achieve the objective, which will very much look like Ancient Egyptian, King who were refusing ISRAELITE to leave. So will that situation be a symbol. Why should I even compare this situation with one of Egypt, yes the analyses in my understanding is similar to that of a Pharaoh. International force are not here to take over anyone country but to rescue anyone society who are in danger. So do South Sudan fall in that categories. People might support or reject whose is in or out but only God will bring the ultimate judgment to any killer who reject or accept this title. And be changed for good.


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