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The Route of South Sudan Peace Implementation Remains Rocky,

BY Gatgong Koang Thany,

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May 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Just not so long ago, to many it was unthinkable, virtually impossible that the soldiers that were until recently killing each other with utmost cruelty from opposite frontlines, Politicians that could barely see eye to eye could come as one, sit smiling to each other at same round-table and even occasionally share light moments or even a meal from the same plate, yet to others, it was a long time coming reality, because they had witnessed it over and over again, they had either experienced it themselves or saw it happened throughout the World around them, though we must painfully admit that in this particular case, trust remain absolutely elusive for now, should the intentions translates to their true purpose, the cautious, yet beautiful reality we are witnessing today would simply confirm the above saying ‘’ wherever there is a start, there is also an end, and wherever there exist a will, everything is possible.

South Sudan's First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, second Vice President Wani Igga and other cabinet ministers during the first briefing meeting for the TGNU Cabinet(Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudan’s First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, second Vice President Wani Igga and other cabinet ministers during the first briefing meeting for the TGNU Cabinet(Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

However as we jubilantly celebrates the rebirth of peace in our crippling Nation, as citizens we should do so with measured caution, simply because the infant look ill and don’t seem to take steady steps, but we must pray that it does acquire the strength and will it requires to eventually take off, that it last and save the Country from this absurd abys. Credit must be given where its due, and it’s true the parties to the agreement with support from their helpful partners did made some remarkable strides toward implementing the August agreement, unfortunately as they continue to walk forward, the road seem to get rockier and rockier and walking forward gets almost virtually impossible.

With pressure mounting from within and without on the parties to implement the deal in the later and spirit, the more the pressure and pushing the more adamant and inconsistent they becomes, frankly speaking, it is as if, suddenly in the middle of the road, the SPLMs factions realized that they have gotten into a mine field, where with each step they would take, they would have to tightly held their breath and close their eyes incase an explosion goes-off-suddenly ‘ ‘ easy say then done so they said’ despite having consciously appended their respective signatures on the ARCISS Document to signal their approval of each and every clause therein, now implementing the same, become a very tricky and almost undoable affair, as a results the SPLMs factions with JMEC now turned mere spectator stopped-mid-way from the beginning holding the nation and its tired Citizens hostages.

In their desperate efforts to avoid confronting each other, the factions have now resorted to what I would correctly called, selective-technique, (partial implementation), more or less, so far, the main parties to the agreement are intentionally, tactically and wittingly skipping the implementation of the so called ‘grey areas, contentious or sensitive issues, the question everyone asking therefore is; for how long will this partial implementation technique work?

In short all I am trying to say is that, unless the parties to the agreement especially, the SPLMs faction, they are all SPLMs anyway, it does matter what their color or name is, they are all one and the same greedy and destructive entity, their partners, JMEC, IGAD TRIOKA name it are lying to us, they should start the actual implementation processes now, it never too late to do the right things, the Citizens still hopes to see a systematic, chronological and sincere implementation taking place as follows;

  1. Demilitarization of Juba City, the agreement clearly states the type of forces and numbers needed in Juba during the transitional period, the opposite is true as I write this very piece, Juba is intentionally remilitarized, filled with weapons of all kinds and shapes, with guns said to be in constant distributions like biscuits to specific groups of people with evil intention to wreck even more havoc once the clock-tick, this is not a secret, everybody know this, the whole world know it as well yet it remain quite why ?, what is the function of JMEC, CTSAM and their big ‘Sister’ the UNMISS, I wonder if indeed the so called Joint Command Council (JCC) even exist.
  2. Formation of Joint operation Units, this should have started even before the Arrival of the First vice President, and the formation of the so called TGONU, because the forces should then jointly guard the new government and its installations, ensure security and serve as trust building units , the formation of joint Police to secure the insecure Juba City should happen as first step to earn citizens’ confident especially the IDPs across the country comprise mainly of victims and Survivors of Government forces and their allied Militias.
  3. Full-Formation of Transitional Government of National Unity, we awaits the true formation of real TGONU, from top down, with all arms instituted as provided for in the Addis Ababa agreement, the common Citizens doesn’t care what color or what lines the Politicians drawn to abstract peace implementation, redline, blue-line, green-line whatever-lines, all we care about is complete implementation of the Accord in later and spirit, what was established was never the executive arm of the TGONU we expected, because it wasn’t complete, where are the directorates, Independent Commissions, but most importantly what about the states level?, that loose, partial and hollow structure with no authority or legitimacy to work wasn’t enough, the TGONU we hoped to see is what makes up of transitional parliament as entailed in the ARCISS which would then passed the handle constitutional making processes, freshly and equitability instituted competent Judiciary to replace the current bizarre, deformed and incompetent order of Chan Reec Madut and his clique, I mean to say, the 28 states order should be reversed for it is contrary to the ARCISS Accord. Once such processes are undertake and the government of the people is formed, peace will start growing in the people’s heart voluntarily, and then other vital processes and institutions necessary for reforms, accountability, reconciliation and nation building should start along, repatriation, compensation and rehabilitation should be prioritized. It is vital to note the formation of Hybrid court and local legal, including traditional justice mechanisms to put to account criminals responsible for our current predicament, especially the perpetrators of those inhumane atrocities.

The author can be reached at @ g.gonk15@gmail.com for more comments.

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