The Operations to End Dictatorship and Install Federalism in South Sudan:

By Deng Deng,


Maj.Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka plans major offensives in Unity state(photo:AFP)
Maj.Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka plans major offensives in Unity state(photo:AFP)

August 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to reliable sources, the SPLM/A-In Opposition is planning military operations/offensives combats to overthrown President Kiir if peace is not reached.  Our priority is to reach a peaceful political settlement and forming transitional government of National Unity, minus Kiir to end this war that was imposed on the South Sudanese people due to poor leadership of President Kiir Myayardiit. All the front-line commanders have been instructed by rebels chairman that, if the peace is not reached by Augus 28, South Sudan will go into full scale war and the following strategic areas will be in eminent threats of rebels attacks and the operations are divided as follow:

  • Bentiu and Warrap; under overall commands of Major Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka (AKA: Jundi Iraq); stationed 37,000 regular forces and 52,000 White Army, mobilized from Bentiu Nuer.
  • Northern Bhar-El- Gazel and Western Bhar-El- Gazel; under overall command of Major Gen. Dau Atourjong(AKA: King of Bees), stationed 15, 000 new well trained armies and former deserted SPLA forces from Upper Nile.
  • Ayod, Bor and Juba; under overall commands of Major Gen. Gatwech Dual (AKA:the living lion) with 32, 000 well trained armies and 62,000 White Army mobilized from Lou Nuer and Gawar Nuer.
  • Malakal and Renk; under overall commands of Major Gen. Gatwech Chan (AKA: Tanginye) with 15,000 regular forces and 32,000 White Army, mobilized from Pangak and Pigi counties
  • Nasir and Malakal; under overall commands of Major Gen. Gat-Hoth Gatkuoth(AKA: Cipuor) with 25,000 regular forces and 42,000 White Army, mobilized from Nasir and Ulang counties of Gajiok Kiir Nuer section,
  • Maluth(Paloch oilfield) and Maban counties; under overall commands of Brig. Gen. Peter Puok Kong(AKA: Nhian Nguan) with 23,000 well trained armies and 43, 000 White Army, mobilized from Gajaak Kiir Nuer section

Unless Kiir heeded to peaceful settlement, otherwise, South Sudan will be second Babylon by the end of this month or early September.

This message is directed to East African countries (IGAD) and it’s a warning sign! We want peace! We want all foreign troops; Ugandan forces and Sudanese rebels withdraw before August 28, 2014, otherwise we will be left with no option as withdrawal of foreign troops was one of the prerequisites demanded by us (rebels) when signing COH in January 23, 2014.

The demands such as withdrawal of foreign forces and reaching of political settlement by forming a transitional government of National Unity minus Kiir Mayardiit is not met, then, Addis Ababa peace talk will be coined as East Africa business of making two warring parties stay in hotels and we the zonal commanders and military governors on the ground will not and ever abide with Cessation of Hostilities (COH). This is the last call from SPLM/A military hierarchies.

Peace is our choice ‘A’  and our choice ‘B’ is militarily solutions because Kiir Mayardit and his fail leadership in Juba will not accept their failures in all aspects and accept the people call for change to install federalism which is 100% called by all South Sudanese citizens as their views are gathered in social media and other media outlets. Imagine, the SPLM Former Political Detainees have recently called for restructurings of state and installation of federalism as only lasting solution and have joined the bandwagon who called for Democratic Federal State (South Sudan). Federalism is the only solution that will provide basic services and take towns to villages, Dr. Riek Machar stated.

The author can be reached at dengdeng65@yahoo.com

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Lolingo Kuek August 19, 2014 at 3:44 am

That’s is not true”we as opposition didn’t plan any attack on the government,we are committed to the peaceful resolution to this crisis. that is unfortunate for the source to report this unplanned operations by the opposition. but we must defend our selves our position and also the citizens of south Sudan under our controled area not to be harm by thegovernment that is addicted sucking her own citizens blood.this must stop by any mean possible..peace for all..


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