Opinion: The beginning of an end for the rogue regime in Juba

By Bany Teny

South Sudan President Salva Kiir (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

December 13th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – It was said that “what goes around comes around.” Indeed, that is the ultimate fate of Juba regime under unfortunate leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit now that Washington is taking serious measures against those whose positions seemed to take center stage as opposed to national interest when it comes to finding lasting peace for South Sudanese. Personally, I am aware that when you are used to danger including living through years of devastating wars, chances are that you won’t have remorse for the victims of your own makings.

While people are looking to their God or whatever you name it for help, the current regime is actively engaged in counter tactics in order to derail any possible compromise so that a transitional system of governance is established within 100 days’ time frame. Evident has it that the Juba had asked that the number of states be increased adding more dust to unsettled boundaries of the existing ones. All along we have seen and have known their mental mindset which has nothing to offer but to remain in power in expense of millions of people in dire situations either internally or as refugees in foreign lands.

The effect of this imposed war has immensely affected continually members of Nuer ethnic group for citizens from neighboring countries were made to belief that the Nuer are bad people when in fact the regime being worst as it gets is the one portraying this community as such. On Tuesday to Wednesday this week alone, five fresh minds and bodies were lost in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. Unspecified number of Nuer refugees there couldn’t believe whether Kenya is safe for them anymore now that police officers sided with the other party in that conflicts between the Nuer on one side and the Nubians on the other. That law enforcement agency should act proportionally and defuse tension in a way that protects the image of Kenya in the eyes of international community even if they were to naively convince that the Nuer ought to be humiliated for being Nuer.

With that being said, the regional body representing East Africa is partly responsible for it is just in love with Juba tunes right from the onset of this civil war. More than anything else, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) acts as if it is neutral when indeed, some member states directly participated in the war and at the same time, those member states doubled as mediators leaving the whole process in serious dilemma since then. In the same context, IGAD failed all along to point violations of both human and democratic rights where it is due. Instead, parties were collectively blamed which was a direct cover-ups so that their colleague in crimes would enjoy more times in the presidency. So far, I don’t know if there are Ugandans or Kenyans or any other for that matter under United Nations protection in their own countries with the exception of South Sudan. If it is unacceptable in those countries, it must be intolerable in Juba too. After all, we are East Africans no matter what ethnicities we come from.

Africa Union has since been very reluctant making its position clear beside a slip of a tongue that turn out to be true that Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, should be kept under house arrest. We know that this illegal restriction was biased and it was a tool that was used to aggravate the sufferings of the Nuer in particular, and South Sudanese who are yearning for reforms in general. If IGAD cannot put one of its houses in order, then AU must step in as big brother. The issue about the number of states and their boundaries shouldn’t be an obstacle since all International Organizations in South Sudan up to-date legally work using ten states as framework for their operations. Why would IGAD be allowed to wonder about every now and then when there is already a system that is in place and is acceptable by international actors? It doesn’t make any sense.

Too much of a white lie hadn’t bought you good time

Using state communication networks and resources, uninformed masses were brainwashed by Juba to believe lies even when they might be aware that lying can have many painful consequences. Over time, we learn that we can get away with some lies while we can’t get away with others as this is turning out for Juba. There is no doubt that too much time has been wasted so that the status quo remains intact. However, this won’t stop our masses to come out one day and say, we have enough of Mayardit leadership that include tribal militia or advisory groups. For sure, that time will come especially when true friends of South Sudanese are beginning to throw their weights in our political theater sending a message not through the ears but spinal cords this time around.

Ambassador Stephen Par Kuol of SPLM (IO) once challenged what he called ‘politikac” or ‘political lies” in one of many opinions he had written. Who would doubt this given the fact that South Sudan is down to her knees beside “the dictator in question” who “is bound to lose touch with the real world until the miserable end of his reign?” Our image as a people has been badly hurt by a few who are temporarily enjoying life in Juba using political lies though they themselves know that their actions threaten the cooperation needed to maintain a healthy society that we all want to see.

With some sleeping lions wakening up by the outcry of the forgotten victims, we are most likely to see to it that Mayardit and his inner circles will definitely see an end to their terms in office anytime soon. It is now time for new blood to actually turn this dark page of history for the greater good of the suffering masses from East to West and from North to South in this nameless country. The country is nameless because it just happens to be in the southern direction of Sudan. This too needs further deliberation from the next peoples’ government.

In conclusion, though there are clear indications that some world powers like that of United States of America for instance, saw to it that the status isn’t working anymore, we must couple that by throwing our weights behind our brothers and sisters who are calling for a realistic approach so that a comprehensive and inclusive solution to South Sudan conflict is found once and for all. It is only then that we will witness the beginning of the end for rogue regime in Juba sooner than later.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen. He is reachable via: bteny880@gmail.com

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