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The New Sudan Call Has Ended And The New Southern Sudan Call is on The Way

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

The former colonial districts that are current proposed to be states ...
The former colonial districts that are current proposed to be states ..

August 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — With you or without you South Sudan would be liberated and freed from injustice, oppression and marginalization. Please don’t beat your chest as if you were the only one who liberated the homeland and the motherland from those others. Without you South Sudan would be liberated and freed from any kind of inhumanity, you are beating your chest for nothing. It’s true that you had contributed in that long and tedious struggle, but you’re not the first and you will not be the last because liberation doesn’t end the struggle, freedom doesn’t mean we are liberated, not yet we still need to go further, we are still at the bank of the river Nile.

The true liberation and freedom are not yet achieved and prevailed in the South Sudan due to mass suffering and killing of the innocent people for no good reason. Those southerners who died, they did not deserve to die that way and for that personal reason and interest. South Sudan is not a property of any person neither Mr. X can claim so, nor Mr. Y can do likewise. Right, you contributed in its liberation and freedom, but this doesn’t mean that it’s your property, you just a steward if you don’t know or a caretaker. South Sudan belongs to all of us and the coming generations who have the right more than us even.

Honestly speaking, there are wrong ideologies hovering and being instill into the minds and hearts of the innocence citizen by the wicked leaders and politicians as a result, things fall apart in the South Sudan administration and building. Who is to be blame Mr. X or Mr. Y, I think both are to be blamed for failing to understand the nature of the politics and people of South Sudan, especially those who started the movement and those who are now enjoying it. There is something which you cannot escape the history of South Sudan, if Mr. X does his duty and responsibility outstandingly, it is recorded and if Mr. Y does the opposite, it is recorded, too.

As I can see, the problem of South Sudan intensified because of these two figures plus others who are working underground. They both contributed positively to the liberation and freedom of our nation, likewise they threw in negatively to the suffering of our people solely. They were comrades, friends and liberators who in turn turned into rivals and enemies, but leadership, determination matters if they shift their minds and hearts into true direction, harmony and peace will prevail again.

They just requested to abandon their personal interest and narrow scope of leadership and politics, they will bring change and make a difference in South Sudan that we have been dreaming.As said by many artists a place where the lion and deer can live together, the snake and man can share one room, where a dog and cat can drink from the same pot, where fish and crocodile can swim in the area. We need to build trust, respect, humanity and positive diversity instead.

The problem of South Sudan is crucial and unbelievable and it reflects the nature and concept of the people of South Sudan. Failing to address the core issues and build a state are related to the wicked and weaken understanding of Southern Sudanese in general and leaders and politicians in particular.

Multicultural, religion, ethnicity, ideology and perspective are turned into crimes instead of strength and beauty. Our old leaders and politicians must be pushed out from the political, social and economic arena due to their grotesque stand, otherwise transformation and change will not take occur at all, because their aims and intentions are only sucking and milking the blood of the innocence South Sudanese. They will never and ever bring genuine tranquility, harmony and peace to us whatsoever, unless we engage ourselves fully in this business of the new state which is dying before it reaches the age of P1. Now that its KG1 and KG2 is fluctuated the how can she attains P1.

When people feel that their rights and freedom are not secured, they have the right to rise up and call for their natural and acquired rights and freedom. So legitimate uprising is one of the means where people can use to claim for their legal and divine rights. Mostly from the governments which always oppress, practice injustice and kill them for no good reasons. If people don’t know their rights, then they have to suffer until they realize and understand them, so uprising is not a crime but legal right to be practiced by the people concern…

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AGUMUT August 23, 2015 at 6:48 am

Well written article,Good good but remember Heart break because of what our leaders have done. Heart break because of SPLM.Heart because of their bad behaviour. Heart because of their FRENZIES.


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