The Moral Justification Of Why South Sudanese At Large Should Not Accept Dictatorship Tendencies To Be Imposed On Them In Their Rightful Will!

By Panoum Kor Chagai,


Panoum Khor Chagai, Australia  WA-Perth(photo credit: Panoum)
Panoum Khor Chagai, Australia WA-Perth(photo credit: Panoum)

August 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It is by the grace of God that men achieve greatness with the ability to distinguish between evilness and goodness. It would be naive for this paper to include facts, fictions, and dramatic events without acknowledging the sources of the information incorporated on this opinion/statement therefore, at the end of the page, a list of sources that support claims, evidence etc. will be included.

South Sudan as the name state is the recent separatist in the world to form the Republic of South Sudan short for (RoSS) with overwhelming vote of 98.83%(6) said Yes for a new country. This succession led to the registration and recognition of political parties, social organisations, human rights advocates groups, among other perquisites necessary  to qualify and recognise any country as a democratic state. So how further has this new nation in its simplest qualification as a democratised state reached from the time of independence on July 9th 2011? (6). As the history prove, South Sudan gained its independent from Sudan living the Republic of Sudan an Arab dominated state with majority of inhabitants being Muslim and Sharia Law as the guiding law in the country imposed by Omar Hassen El Bashir from National Congress Party (NCP) to sail alone.

The history of South Sudan (1) is a shaky one a difficult task for anyone to understand since the dawn of liberation started by Anya Anya I and II (7) subsequently with the formation of Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) three decade ago despite all of the struggle, all the hardship, cracks and unimaginable situations and crisis, the country has managed to come up with determination to hold more than 63 ethnic tribes together with the largest historically known as the Dinka tribe (3) who are suited in Bahr El Ghazal region of the Nile Basin with the population of “4.5” million according to 2008 census normally a agripastoral tribes meaning relying on farming to produce food and other eatable plants follow by the Nuer tribe (4) the second largest ethnic tribe with the the exact population unknown yet but believe be in their millions as census was not conducted for unconfirmed reasons. The Nuer tribes are suited in the Nile Valley of Greater Upper Nile State and have links with the Ethiopian people of Gambella region since the history can tell us relying also on pastoral and having live stocks or cows as a mean of wealth and status.

Among the two notoriously known tribes in South Sudan come other minority tribes like the Shulluk in Upper Nile State, the Equatorians in Equatoria (5) with an estimate of multiple sub-clans tribals such as the Acholi, Azandi and Bari that had been contributing directly and indirectly forming the 63 plus tribes since history can tell us. South Sudan is a land lock nation meaning it is possible for it to be occupied by neighbouring citizens by for other purpose. In its simplest sense, I could only argue that South Sudan as a country, a nation, a state with democracy tendency will not fit a ruler/leader who wants to rule with an iron fist simply because of the vast majority of cultures, religion, spiritual beliefs and most importantly the outcry for fairness to all by all.

History have taught us some tough lesson since WW I&II including the Cold War and with the fall of Soviet Union in which most countries suffered tremendously both financially and with the cost of human lives. The reason why most develop countries especially the Western society prefer democracy over authoritarian rule, dictatorship or monarchy is simple as the whole world see it in the concurrent dramatic events that keep unfolding in Asia and Southeast Asia in particular. This is a perfect example for the people of South Sudan to learn from a concurrent issue especially an issue of concern that will have an immediate effect with serious consequences. The current government leadership in South Sudan is leaning towards dictatorship, as an example, most Asia and Southeast Asia countries are now ruled by military style or martial law and in desperate need of international relief because the whole continent is made up of 98% statistically proven dictatorship or monarchy rule except Japan which is a democratic state as per the study. We don’t want to be like some Asian countries and be poor. Look at Zimbabwe compare it to Australia results speak to themselves folks.

Salva Kirr as the president of the Republic of South Sudan must understand clearly the consequences of leading a country with an iron fist, in contrast if he choose dictatorship or authoritarian over democracy he must also understand few things:
•The country will disappear from the international observation,
•The likelihood of cutting off much needed investments in the country for development, and mostly to empower economy,
•The likelihood of more rebellion in the country within no given time,
•The likelihood of memberships redraws and sanctions being imposed on the government.

I want to conclude this personal opinion on what is unfolding home by reiterating the need to stop supporting someone with dictatorship tendency simply because it will not accommodate the vast majority of ethnic tribes in South Sudan. As human, we have dignity that no one can take away from one another. South Sudan was fought for by everyone for everyone so everyone can have piece of mind without being subjected to unwanted punishment. The entire ethnic tribes in South Sudan will never go away only the rulers/leaders will come and depart therefore, I believe everyone should never accept dictatorship in South Sudan for the purpose of unity, peace, justice and freedom.

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The author/contributor Panoum Kor Chagai is a concern South Sudan citizen, a critic of the current JUBA government living in AUSTRALIA – Perth – WA.
He can be reached via 32170844@murdoch.edu.au or panoumkor@yahoo.com

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