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The Masked Root Causes of The Crisis in South Sudan:

By Dr. Justin Deng Deng, BPHARM.

SPLA soldiers drive in a truck in Juba
SPLA soldiers drive in a truck in Juba during the December 2013 conflict, 10 of thousands of Nuer ethnic group were killed(Photo: file)

Oct 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — When you ask what causes the current deadly conflict in South Sudan, you will encounter so many different answers based on political affiliations and regions.

This conflicting accounts were disseminated by politicians to gain or increase their political weights.

In greater Uppernile region,where the SPLM-IO misled the majority of people, you will simply hear “Salva Kir killed Nuer”. That is why we are fighting.

“Nuer is fighting with Dinka”, is what you hear in Equatoria region. Government supporters say that what happened in Juba was “a failed coup attempt, masterminded by Dr. Riek”.

All those answers mentioned above are the results of the masked real root causes, if any of them happened.

The causes of this bloody conflict are crystal clear to all politically oriented South Sudanese and the world; unless someone somewhere is politically blind!

The people worldwide were fully aware of the intense political situation and some analysts already predicted the TIME-BOMB-BLAST.

The political rivalry in sudan people liberation movement/army (SPLM/A), which goes back to early days of its inception, carries our blood in its hands.

Dr. Riek Machar, who joined the movement in late 1985 and spent ONLY 5 years of true liberation in SPLM/A, is a CURSE to this nation!! While he (Riek) officially accepts and shoulders the 1991 Bor massacre, which marks the first bloodshed amongst ourselves, the responsibility of the current bloodbath lays squarely on Taban Deng, Dr. Riek himself and arrogant Nuer commanders.

Dr. Riek, whose main goal was to contradict every government plan & project inorder to portray his boss Salva Kir as a total failure, was running a parallel government. Any government project under his office was done according to his own will–not the interest of the people.

As a result of his opposing actions within the same system, Riek paid dearly by losing his exacutive Vice President position.

He was sacked by his boss; the chairman of SPLM and the president of the republic—citing the party’s code of conducts that punishes any misbehaving member.

Dr. Machar, who then remained as a member of parliament and deputy chairman of SPLM, tried very hard to impeach the president and oust him out of party chairmanship. A tit for tat scenario!!

He (Machar) started mobilizing the MPs and his old friends in crimes.

He called for a press conference on 8th December 2013 to to insult the government he served for 8 good years, trying to put all what they (SPLM) did together on one man.

Corruption, tribalism, nepotism, impunity, weak institutions, weak foreign policy…….and so force, all on Mr. President!! What a mess?!

Can one man makes a list of 75 corrupt officials? May be it is true in Riek’s philosophy.

But I nail MY head!! Dr. Machar is one of the said 75 corrupt government officials.

Disrespect of Dr. Riek to party’s leadership and government, his belief in Ngundeng’s prophecies , and his belief in his rag phD—seeing himself as the only capable leader in South Sudan, constitutes the main root cause of this conflict.

Taban Deng was also busy with the ‘Nuer ONLY’ mobilization, telling them that we must support Riek at any cost. He started telling them that “we are the source of

Power & wealth in this country, so we must rule by any means”. We are 70% in the army. These negative compaign ignited and raised the moral of Nuer soldiers and community at large. This visionless mobilization of one tribe against the nation was yet another root cause.

It was on a bright morning of 13th December 2013, when the long awaited 3rd SPLM convention kicked off in Juba to amend the basic documents of the said party.

The amendment of basic documents led to revival of dormant & rival factions of SPLM, with each fragment trying to amend the basic documents the way that fits its desires & ambitions.

The factions that emerged from what was perceived as a single united party (SPLM) are: SPLM-IO (Nasir faction), SPLM Garang boys, SPLM mainstream and so many other undergrounds. Each group was trying to put forward a number of presidential candidates.Other groups of SPLM were seemingly defeated by the ideas SPLM mainstream in the first day of convention.

Dr. Riek, who was visibly agitated by the defeat, was completely unhappy with the way his main rival, the president,was gaining the political ground.

He boycotted the meeting the next day, 14th December 2013, for the reasons best known to him. The political amtmosphere was so intense in capital city Juba on that day. It didn’t need a Germany spectacles to view the print of a danger on everyone’s face. It was a countdown of the hours of black day.

A day that brought us down from the mountain’s top—-back to 1900s era.

Things were unfolding negatively giving only a chance of shedding blood.

To make things worse, the enemies of peace started spreading lies, rumors and propaganda.

Dr. Riek is going to be arrested………, they have brought in a huge army…….., they are disarming Nuer soldiers………etcetera, causing the panic in the public.

All those who were doing this were from Machar’s camp. They thought they were motivating their sons in the army to be alert——-a kind of a good job.

It was a big regret days later. And this is a grand root among the other root causes of this bloody conflict.

On hearing those rumors, Nuer commanders called Dr. Riek, who was conducting a secret meeting with his cohorts,to confirm the rumors.

Taban Deng told Dr. Machar “your commanders are angry with the way you are treated; they want to fight”. Machar his response was let them “GO….AHEAD” With that directive from above, Nuer soldiers started shooting anything Dinka in a military barrack (Gaida) clearing it in less than 30 minutes. All those Dinka soldiers were killed innocently unarmed because they were not aware of a black kitchen cooks.

Taban Deng then assumed the role of a high commander. He informed his boss of the presence of 7000 strong Nuer soldiers in Juba; capable of doing the job in two hours only.

On the dawn of 15th December 2013, the government soldiers under the overall command of 1st. LT. General James Hoth,former chief of staffs,started to control the situation in Juba ONLY to learn that the warlord Peter Gatdet captured Bor town and killed all Dinka—-civilians and soldiers alike, starting by killing his deputy in command. And the hell opened loose!!

I call it a coup!! Not mutiny, because it was well coordinated and directed by big politicians.

Had it not been the impunity of western countries on their puppets, They would have called a spade a spade and hold Dr. Machar responsible for this Abyss as he named it from very beginning.

As I have elaborated these hidden realities and facts today, I hope my readers worldwide would better understand the true root causes of this man made conflict in South Sudan.

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James Turbil October 11, 2015 at 7:27 am

Dr. Justin Deng Deng, all your analysis are not fairly put in the true content of its purposed brother. Lying is a true genius of any Dinka who born back than and now. My bad for Dinkas minority who tell the truth because they know dear the ways Dinka elders and the president handling the country is not right. But because they were Dinka they followed. The war is a destruction of Dinka to rule under confusion because they said they were born to rule. Riek doesn’t make a coup to the Salva Kiir, Taban Deng Gai didn’t event mobilized Nuer to fight any Dinka. If you talk about Corruption, they whole world knows who did the corruption in the land. for the first time in history of Southern Sudan, Fewer Dinkas tell the truth and the first person got killed because he said the way the government is doing is not right because others are watching us. When they war breakout, Nyadeng Maboir said it all that Dr. Riek did not make a coup at all. She also said killing Nuer was not a good ideas from the president to mobilized all our clans to killed Nuer and bring in Uganda troops to fight your brother was a shamed on president and she say that. You can lied as much as you could but the history is there.

GatNor October 11, 2015 at 1:42 pm

What kind of a bias garbage is this Deng? OMG its so distorting to the facts.

Considering all the evidences of the attrocities this quote below alone automatically renders your own article as piece of crap not even worth continue reading.

” All those answers mentioned above are the results of the masked real root causes, if any of them happened.”

You also failed to articulate the root causes as claimed by the tittle of your article. I simply realised this heading is decieving and false advertisement.

Badini October 11, 2015 at 7:38 pm

The AU report is out. Deng, you should have read that first before writing this garbage. You are surely blinded by your tribalism support for this evil regime.


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