Opinion: How Veronica Athian Lawrence Became a Phenomenal Woman

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By Brown Akoon Yel Dut, Rummarial,

Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence Lual Lual Akuei (Source: supplied by author)
Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence Lual Lual Akuei (Source: supplied by author)

May 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Generally and precisely speaking, the fundamental rudimentary truth that can be gained from reading this article is to understand the struggle of one or some of our phenomenal women in South Sudan. The narratives in this article are based on the highest degree embellished on how our very own ambassador, Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence Lual Lual Akuei, known by her nickname as Golden Woman, had overcome all odds to become a legendary phenomenal woman in South Sudan.

A phenomenal woman is described as an intelligence, purposeful, stormily and the one who is impelled by her intellectual and mental capacity.

A golden woman becomes phenomenal when she achieves her independence and purpose in life. She is persuasive yet washy, she struggles with her own identity from time to time, but she empathises that is all portion of the game. She is true to her vox and to herself. She is resourceful and reliable. She is brutal at times, forcing her way into the world’s reality.

Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence is known for being a phenomenal woman because she has surrounded herself with other phenomenal women who have also left or are working to leave footprints in lives of others. She has mindsets and attitude that conceptualises in her capabilities. She does not necessarily conform to norms and standards but rather builds character according to what she feels is decent.

However, our golden woman, Amb.Veronica Athian, for her being phenomenal woman, is considered to the highest degree as a notable role model because of her abilities and trust bestowed in her by other phenomenal women. She seeks to delimite a woman not based on her physical gracility or social meridian but rather on attributes of a woman. She recognizes the prerequisite of not conforming to expectations and give chances to others to agree or respectively disagrees with her worldviews. By bringing these features together, golden Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence has abilities to touch the hearts of numerous women and that expands her overall influences across the nation.

Amb. Veronika Athian believes that it is not the outer delicacy of a person but the inner gracility that makes every person to moderately inspire others to be special. She pedestal firm even on the toughest days, she still coerce herself to be kind mother to everyone. She obscure her sensitiveness to the point where she start seeing miserable people in front of others. But once she furnishes egotism erstwhile, she realizes that her heart is filling with the strength to assert with what is occurrence. And soon she bob up with modes to bend a fault circumstance into the right one. She might take her time but she will come to footings with what she is going through and let naughty drag her down for long. She may mute about her excruciating but she won’t keep paseo with the wounds. She thrive on the hope that comes from within.

There are times when she devotes herself completely, and though she may feel like her entire world is falling apart she may never show the world her weaknesses. The public that interact with her may agree that she is a bubble of happiness and energy. She might riant and grinning away but inside there is fright and anxiety pinching her heart. But she choose not to quit and never give her weaknesses the power to command her. While others may opine she is thriving and going through life effortlessly, only she knows the real battles that are going on inside her. She drives that sensitive of dissatisfaction or heartbroken heart to the back of her mind because she forgets that it’s okay to let others acknowledge what she is going through.

Amb.Veronica Athian has immense up ache to exhort the people in her vicinity. When her confreres need someone to lend a hearing auricle, she is often the first person they turn to. No matter what she is going through, she put a grin on their faces. When they are going through tough times, she soaks up the afflict and become the pillar of strength for them to lean on. While compassionateness is one of her superlative qualities. She hold around big warm heart. She concerns about the inevitability of others and only often has graciously oblate them. People find it well-fixed to link with her because not only do her make them comfy but she also shows up at their front door in a heartbeat when they need her. She also have her priorities in place. She knows that unless she love herself. So she make sure to attend to her needs and that fills her up with a soaking strength and positivity to keep her moving.

Overall, She holds the weight of others, sometimes disregarding her very own. If anything she does mind is putting up her needs to go an extra miles to look after someone else needs. Because of her deep sense of empathy and all the ups and downs she has been enduring, she can imagine exactly what others are going through. So her heart instantly goes out to help and therefore she can do anything to assist others. The kind of troubles she had overcame, give her an instant technical-know-how in any trouble she stumbles up, and with her assistance, people find strength to look forward to another brighter day. Erstwhile she dismisses her own struggles to partake the anguish of others, to yell and scream with others, and to combat their battles with them. She has the abilities to whisper brutal but healing honest truth that nobody else would into the ears of those who needs it with kindness and bravery to reassure and reprogram them.

This article is based on insights from my sources. The views expressed herein are mine. They don’t reflect the views of Kuel Yiath. “A tongue is a good weapon”. The writer is Keda-Keda Ken Malek Yiäth Yenakan! Ken Kuel Ayii yenakan. C/o Brown Akoon Yel Dut, living in Rummarial, South Sudan. He can be reached brownakoon26@gmail.com.

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