Machar Assured South Sudanese In Nairobi Of His Coming To Juba, Showed Readiness For FVP Post To Implement ARCISS With President Kiir

 By Kuet Toaloari,

Dr. Machar addressing south Sudanese in Nairobi Kenya at KICC on March 26,  2016 (Photo/supplied).
Dr. Machar addressing south Sudanese in Nairobi Kenya at KICC on March 26, 2016 (Photo/supplied).

March 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan First Vice President designate, chairman and commander-in-chief of SPLM/SPLA-IO forces met with South Sudanese citizens in Nairobi, Kenya on March 26, 2016. The majority of attendances that roughly constitutes 90% are South Sudanese students in Nairobi where the conference took place. This event at Kenyatta international conference center (KICC) started at exactly 10.00am and finished at 5pm.

South Sudanese in Nairobi turned up in huge numbers to attend the briefing. One could not fail to see from the far how Machar, Alfred Ladu Gore and colleagues were confident, excited and optimistic about the compromise peace agreement as they elaborate and reaffirm their commitment to the agreement. The public opinion tells that every South Sudanese wanted Dr.Machar to go back to Juba and form Transitional Government of National Unity(TGONU) as clearly stated in the agreement immediately after the signing of the compromise peace agreement in August last year. In accordance with the Christian adage ‘as man proposes God disposes’; when South Sudanese were yearning for peace God has his own plan on the other hand. I hope 2016 is the right time for God to bring peace to the war-torn South Sudan.

Machar for the first time showed willingness and commitment to show up in Juba. This time the chairman had lowered his paranoia and expressed his readiness to take risk and follow his advance team in Juba to implement the agreement. The two disparaging leaders Machar and his counterpart President Kiir have been trading accusation of delaying tactics on Peace implementation. The SPLM-IO chairman focused on strategies on how to achieve long-lasting peace in the country. His main objectives are to ensure that the same crisis that engulfed the nation will not be allowed to repeat itself in the near future. Mr. Chairman seems to look like a leopard attacking a gazelle in the thorny bush in his peace strategies. Many issues were discussed in the meeting in terms of questions, views and analysis on the future expectation of obstacles towards peace implementation.

To my perspective, SPLM-IO leadership unveiled the position of his Movement on peace agreement. They revealed the plan in line with the compromise peace agreement and readiness to work very closely with SPLM-IG under the leadership of salva Kiir mayardit.They focalized on peace agreement if development, unity and prosperity are to be realized and achieved in the country.

Machar being the chairman of SPLM-IO stressed natural resources as one of the factor causing disunity in the war-torn country of south Sudan. He put much emphasis on the sharing of the national cake in relation to equity in national resource distribution, further stating, “No one is to be tolerated to have the lion share in the national resources” In this episode, could national resource be the pervasive force behind the demises of thousands of beautiful South Sudanese?


Infrastructure should be one of the top priority. Mr. Chairman talked on roads network in the country. He described South Sudan as a lazy monkey. He scaled the young nation like a monkey who could enter his hand to get some nuts out of pot but couldn’t make it because of folding it with huge nuts. “How can someone needy in Renk access food in Torit?” asked Machar. The only way is to interconnect all our states in a ball-shaped for easy accessibility in all aspects of needs of our citizens.

We are the inhabitants of the original Sudan. The current name of South Sudan made us more inferior to the Sudanese in the north. The chairman never stated it very clearly. He is giving it as a debate simply because he thinks citizen’s consultation had been a facilitator to his leadership as a sign of democracy. I think the chairman has this idea in mind and would definitely materialize at some point in future should he make it to the top seat in the country. Machar says it’s up to the South Sudanese to change the name of our country sometime in future, but offers a few suggestions of the name as The Democratic Republic of Sudan (DRS), People Republic of Sudan (PRS) and United People Republic of Sudan (UPRS).


The unilaterally created 28 states will not be an encumbrance towards peace implementation. Yes this is a total violation of peace agreement signed in Addis Ababa. The creation of more states does not exist in the agreement and therefore baseless. The recent agreement signed in August 2015 is very clear and precise. The SPLM-IO leadership must go to Juba and rescue the country from collapse in the hand of the oligarchy organization of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). South Sudanese suffered the most and had enough blood shed. “We cannot afford to permit our beloved country South Sudan to fall down while watching, we are coming to Juba and restore our country back and I think that is the way forward,” declared Machar.

The conference was made interactive by the SPLM-IO leadership. This make it more interesting because every south Sudanese was given an opportunity to express their thoughts and the door is widely open for grievances and interrogations. One question seems to be so technical to Dr.Machar who is suffering from dementia. One of the attendees requested Machar and his friend Kiir Mayardiit to resign and gives chance to the young people of south Sudan who are the victims of this senseless war. To my dismayed, the chairman had shown reluctance to accept the request and turned it down immediately.

Looking at the kinesics and paralanguage critically, the chairman is not ready for the questions instead give certain prerequisites to be fulfilled for whoever is willing and determine to lead. Well, one of the simplest preconditions is to be over 60 years of age. Is the condition of that age constitutional? Is it incorporated in the transitional constitution of south Sudan before the crisis began? But to my analysis the chairman becomes anxious and had hidden agendas on the issue but trying to answer the questions based on the nature of the question in its simplest form. This brings me to a conclusion that the man is truly a great thinker and strategic.

The writer is a concerned citizen of South Sudan living in Nairobi Kenya, student at St. Paul University, he can be reached through Kuettoaloari@gmail.com.

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Beek March 28, 2016 at 3:55 pm

A Hacking guy is going back again,I never heard of him never. GOD GOD he is going back.

Bol Gatjang March 28, 2016 at 4:48 pm

Please let’s focus on the security issue of South Sudanese as first priority all others else are nothing. South Sudan government needs to restore laws and order by suppressed those unknown gunmen in South Sudan. Where do they get their gun and order to kill innocent I people?

chol y March 28, 2016 at 4:51 pm

That idiot called Riek Machar must die. South Sudan will better place without him.

JOHN YOAL CHUOL March 30, 2016 at 5:15 am

primitives like chol y and beek are still provoking the situation while they never gone through south sudan story,how south sudan fought for sudan,what was the motive?and who was the rightful person to claims for self independent these things have to be learn first before races,Now economic in south sudan grows worsening daily and these two heartless men still trying to spoil our peace co-existent,my advice is even if we all kills no benefits and how many people being killed in south sudan-juba and now we compromised for the sack of the rest who are still living instead of supporting noncent war,last with out DR RIEK,no peace no unity and no south sudan take it very clear to me and who aver planed to kill him/DR MACHAR let him know that there will be no what so call south sudan as a country for live,what happened from SAMUEL GAI TUT will not be tolerant again by NUER community.we forgive but we will not forget


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