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The Illusion Unity, War and Peace in South Sudan!

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

South Sudanese painters decorating a wall in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: via UN/AfricaRenewal)
South Sudanese painters decorating a wall in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: via UN/AfricaRenewal)

July 26, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Unity is strength word being used world widely where crises erupt and where the tension is rising, is not being used when there is not disagreement, conflict and war. People talk of unity when they experience hardship, tribulation, and tribalism, nepotism and grouping. He I would like to say no war, no unity, no conflict, no unity, no disagreement, no unity, no tribalism, unity is not mentioned at all. People talk of unity when they feel that they are losing portions, they are not represented, they are not considered and vice verse. What’s unity, then? Is it grouping or gathering? Is its agreement or disagreement? Is it giving portions or losing portions? Is it tribalism or common interest? As for me, it neither this nor that, but its outreach and it has to surpass our understanding and thinking all together. See how God created us i.e. our bodies that’s unity in the simple sense.

Each and every part has its own function and role to play and contribute to the same body, if one stops carrying out its task, the whole body feels shortcomings until it gets used, then it may normalizes and bears the fault findings. So until we reach to that understanding, concept and beliefs, then wen can attain and achieve genuine unity in South Sudan, but it’s not an easy task, and it’s a long journey and the roads have never been cleaned and smooth at all, we have to undergo tribulations, hardship, catastrophes and other impossibilities.

Unity is a gift, until we discover that then we can work for it, love it, get out of it other understandings, unity also means charity, love, justice, service, hope, brotherhood and sisterhood. If you don’t like and love, unity, then you are not my brother and my sister and will never be my brother and sister for the rest of your life. As a result, you have sentenced yourself with desolation and doom socially, economically, politically and even militarily. In this case unity doesn’t know you and will never like to know you whatsoever, since you have decided to disconnect yourself by your own free will. Oh, no! What shall we do?

Peace cannot come to South Sudan, do you know why?  Peacemakers are those of you who really have the insights toward urgent peace to our people so as to stop more killing, more death, more mascaras, more hated, more social crimes against the innocent South Sudanese. So in order for them to attain that aim, they had to speak out, they had to point out government negative schemes, they had to mobilize and had to desert the government and joint the opposition and front.

War mongers instead are those of you who deliberately and intentionally have negative insights toward the continuation of war just for their self interest and material gain. The more the war continues the more they acquire names, the more the war continues, the more they gather huge portion, the more the war prolongs, the more they attain corruption, the more the war lengthens, the more they become rich and richer at the expense of the innocent people, the more the war delays the more harvest what they did not cultivate. Oh, no we need peace and they need war, what shall we do? Or what shall they do if we win?

Therefore, peace and war are two crucial and fundamental issues that ought to be address and look into from different corners regarding leadership and politics in South Sudan, because the two aspects are not constructively perceived by the southerners both the elites and the… Is this saying applicable to us: “When two elephants fight the grass suffers”. Who are the two elephants in South Sudan? Or what do they symbolize to? Who is the grass in your opinion that suffers for no good reason? Will it continues to suffer like that or we’d better put an end to her/his/its suffering? So wake up, stand up and take the lead, open your mouth say a word and write your ideas and thoughts they may be heard and may bring good tidings to you and your people for the sake of your community and country at large.

Is this true Reunification or planning for Genocide?

Reunification doesn’t mean unity you can reunified today or tomorrow, but bear in mind this has nothing to do with the unity we are opting for and it will not erase your past crime, your  iniquities and genocide that you had committed on the people of south Sudan. However, that stigma will remain there for ages and history will record it on your account and record. Led them come in though coming in is easy, but will that spirit be the same or what?

They’re only ten (10), but influential, only ten (10), but awesome leaders, only ten (10), but potential men, only ten (10), but characterized Southern Sudanese, only ten (10), but determined people and leaders, only ten (10), but respectful and respected by the most members, only ten (10), but they know how to express themselves well, only ten (10), but centered focus regarding crucial issues. Will your reunification brings something new into our lives, what is it? Peace, love, hope, unity, understanding, agreement or what exactly? If you don’t divide the powers, wealth and the rest equally, fairly and unanimously, I tell you there will be peace, love, unity, understanding, harmony and nation building in South Sudan. Enough cheating people, enough deceiving south Sudanese, enough killing them and enough enslaving yourself, your countrymen and your brothers and sister just because of the power and the wealth which are not yours of course.

The author can be reached at jembijembi@hotmail.com

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