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The Friends the South Sudanese People Do Not Need At This Critical Time Of Their Struggle Against Dinka Oppression.

By James Bitoro

A photography showing a man dubbed as "Wanjohi Wa Ciiko" and his friends(Photo: file)
A photography showing a man dubbed as “Wanjohi Wa Ciiko” and his friends(Photo: file)

August 4, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Mr.Weston Wanjohi, the Kenyan politician who claims to be a member of parliament (Mp) for Roysambu constituency is once again spreading lies and messages of hate in the war torn South Sudan. He is opposed to extra UNMISS troops coming to restore order and save civilian lives. It is alright for him to meddle in our affairs and, not o.k. for UN to come and assist us. What a hypocrite this man is!

Mr. Wanjohi is a Kiir propagandist, and has been advocating for the elimination of Dr. Riek Machar, the entire Nuer tribe and other tribes that are opposed to Dinka domination in South Sudan. He has also attacked Mr. Raila Odinga of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in a similar manner with strong language which has tribal connotation in it. Any political person who has views like that of Mr. Wanjohi must not be allowed to run for or hold any public office.

Mr Weston Wanjohi is loose cannon and should be watched very carefully. I hope the Kenyan Government and in particular the peaceful people of Roysambu should take note of this. Kenyan elections are due to be held next year and politicians like Wanjohi must not be allowed to divide the community along tribal lines.

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Mr. Weston Wanjohi has formed a group called the “the friends of South Sudan in East Africa” (FOSSEA). It is through this group that Mr. Wanjhoi is raising money to fund his election campaign by supporting the murderous tribal regime of Salvar Kiir. His support for the regime clearly indicates the heinous character of the man.

We the people of South Sudan do not want friends like him to interfere in our life and politics. We do not want tribalism in our beloved land.  Dr. Riek Machar wants to create a country where everybody regardless of race, tribe or religion is treated equally and fairly.

The author, James Bitoro, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at bitoroj@yahoo.com

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Staff Editor


Kutei August 5, 2016 at 12:29 am

Well explained Mr. James Bitoro, such money oriented people like Wanjohi do not qualify to be a friend of South Sudan. A friend is person who wishes you well, would love to see you prosper and all sort of good things unlike these self claimed man.

Whortti Bor Manza August 5, 2016 at 4:52 am

All the East African countries except Tanzania and Burundi view South Sudan as a foolish and insane child to be cheated and looted. This MP is a type of a person hired by the Dinkas to propagate on their behave.
This is purely resource and money affinity.


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