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The Abrogation of the Illegitimate TNLA of the Republic of South Sudan is a positive step

By Gattiek Wichar,

Parliament in a session - Nov 18, 2015 (Photo credit: Joakino Francis for the Eye Radio)
Parliament in a session – Nov 18, 2015 (Photo credit: Joakino Francis)

May 08, 2021 – The dissolution of the long time defacto transitional national legislative assembly and council of the state is a positive step ever done towards achieving the genuine and sustainable peace in South Sudan, however, its abolishment should have already happened since last year if signatories to the peace agreement were serious to implementing peace in text and spirit. It has been a year, one month and 19 days since the formation of the executives of the Revitalized Transitional government of the National Unity (R_TGoNU) of the Republic of South Sudan , however, the intransigence of the peace partners and other stake holders to the revitalized peace agreement frustrated all efforts to implement the agreement in due time since there is no political will among them to expedite the implementation process.

The implementation process stuck only in chapter one since the formation of the Transitional cabinets when in fact the agreement has more than seven chapters. It is crystal clear now that the delay in peace implementation process is a strategem of the predatory elite within government to seek an extension of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity so that they continue maintaining the status quo as usual.

The civil population has been suffering for more than seven consecutive years both internally and externally displaced persons despite the fact that they are the very people to whom this peace was signed on their behalf and yet their conditions have never been put into consideration.

The political behaviors of the leaders towards citizens of South Sudan after the signing of the Khartoum revitalized peace agreement in 2018 (KPA) are too arrogant and provocative, many citizens often argued that the deal was literally meant for distributions of wealth and portfolios among political classes rather for ending the untold sufferings of the people of South Sudan since the politicians are just wrangling on daily basis on who should take this cake instead of reaching mutual and peaceful consensus on all matters for the prime interest of their citizens and country.

South Sudanese have never enjoyed peace dividends since 2005 up to date, in South Sudan there are only few individuals who owned property and living a luxurious life where the rest of the citizens in the other hand, who approximately constituted 80% of the population, live in an imaginable destitution and to make it worse such classification at wealth and power sharing is being exercised shamelessly by the same SPLM ruling party that fought against such discriminating policies for many decades against Khartoum theocratic regime in order for South Sudanese to achieve their real freedom, peace and equality at last.

South Sudanese leaders need to rethink about the future of their country and citizens instead of thinking about themselves all the times for more than 15 years since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) in 2005, otherwise, the struggles of South Sudanese which cost them more than sixty years in jungle will be a meaningless sacrifice.

Struggle continues!

Gattiek Wichar is a political activist based in Cairo, Egypt and he can be reached via his email gattiekwichar@gmail.com

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