Targeting of the Nuer Ethnic Group in Kakuma Refugees Camp by the Kenyan Police

By CC. Khot Chuong,

Brisbane Australia

Nuer warriors demonstrating a cultural practices, aimed to highlight how men could tactically fight off a sudden attack by spears in close range (Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Nuer warriors demonstrating a cultural practices, aimed to highlight how men could tactically fight off a sudden attack by spears in close range (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Nov 2, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Kenyan police and its Security Personnel have now displayed its brutal nature by savagely hunting down and beating of the Nuer Refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.  We the Nuer community worldwide, strongly condemn this despicable violence and call on the Kenyan government to uphold and protect the rights of the Nuer and other refugees in Kakuma, Kenya.

We the members of the Naath-Nuer Community, in Brisbane, Australia, are hereby writing to express our strongest condemnation, in the strongest term possible, of the most recent brutal violations of the human rights of the Nuer refugees in Kakuma by the Kenyan Police and their security aparatus, who are expected to protect the human rights and dignity of Kenyan people.

The Nuer community strongly condemns the cowardice silence and negligence of the UN bodies, the UNHCR and the LWF shown in the killing of the refugees by the Kenyan police. The UNCHR, for example, has not comdemn the killing of refugees and the brutal use of force by the Kenyan police.

On Sunday, October 26 2014, at 11:00am Kenya local time, a  nine (9) years old girl (Nuer) who later die at 2:00pm the same day, was raped in Kakuma 2 (Hong-Kong) by some members of the Dinka community when she (Nuer girl) was coming from a church to the Hong-Konng market. After this an unacceptable act was done by the members of the Dinka community, which was later discovered by some members of the deceased (Nuer girl) approached the Kenyan police and also the UN agencies regarding their 9 year olds daughter’s tragic death.

Although the rapists were identified and handed over to the Kenyan police, unfortunately, it was later tragedy discovered that the Kenyan police was bribed by the Dinka community, sided with them (Dinkas) and then finally released the ones who were involved in the rapping of the 9 year old Nuer girl. As a result, the members of the deceased (Nuer girl) family and other members of within the Nuer community retaliated against this act and ended up killing over 4 Dinkas and injuring 9 others.

Also on Monday, October 27 2014, at 10:00am local time, a three (3) year olds child and one (1) adult (Nuers) were killed by a member of the Congolese community who intentionally driven a car on the (2 Nuers) and run them over. Meanwhile after their death (2 Nuers) was known, there some Nuer community members retaliated on the Congolese community against this evil act.

However and raggedly, the Kenyan police also sided with the Congolese community and started shooting guns on the Nuer community members. Although these tragic situations are still continuing on the Nuer Community, the co-called UNHCR projection agencies in Kakuma Refugees camp are just watching.

So now as we speak, the Kenyan police and its security personnel are now busy hunting down and beating the Nuer Community members,  particularly,  the Youths while leaving the Congolese & Dinkas youths attacking the Nuers populated blocks in the Kakuma Refugees Camp and rapping their (Nuers) women and young girls, regrettably, without any intervention froom the UNHCR.

At this moment, the Nuer community members in the Kakuma Refugees camp, who ended there due to Salva Kiir’s government massacre and targetting of the Nuer tribe, are now suffering to death in the dry bushes of the Turkana District of Kakuma and without water and the projections needed from the UNHCR Kakuma (Kenya).

In addition, according to the SPLM/A – IO, it was also discovered that the UNMISS Camp (Bentiu) has let the SPLA-Juba use their helicopters to transport their wounded soldiers in Bentiu and Rubkona to Juba and bring more SPLA-Juba forces for reinforcements in Bentiu against the SPLA-IO in the Unity areas.

Therefore as a members of this community (Nuer) we;
•    Refuse to tolerate and condemn, in the strongest term, the Kenyan police and its Security Personnel’s thuggish brutality against the Nuer community particularly, in the Kakuma Refugees Camp.
•    Also refuse to tolerate and condemn in the strongest term the neglect of projecting the members of the Nuer community in Kakuma from the Dinkas and the Congolese by the UNHCR Kakuma (Kenya).
•    Finally and not the least, we then refuse to tolerate and condemn in the strongest term the UNMISS’s (Bentiu) involvements in the Bentiu and Rubkona wars by transporting the SPLA-Juba regime wounded soldiers to Juba and also transporting their back up forces to the Unity’s Bentiu and Rubkona towns.

These people (Nuers), who have fled persecution and violence of the worst kinds in their home country South Sudan, have a fundamental right to asylum and protection. We demand that their rights be immediately upheld, according to the law and according to principles of simple human dignity, both by the Kenyan government and by the UNHCR.

Violations of the rights of asylum-seekers are in contravention of international law and should be dealt with accordingly.


In the God we trust, in the Naath-Nuer we belong…
CC. Khot Chuong
President of the Nuer Youth Association in QLD, Australia
The concerning author can be reached at: africananti-corruption@hotmail.com

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