Opinion: Statement Concerning the deadly incident that took place in Ulang County!

By SB Chiok Guek,

SB Chiok Guek, author….

11th June 2021It is with a profound sense of shock and immense sadness to learn of the baneful death of our people, the unexpected death that robbed us strong men in unjust action fueled up by a high degree of anger which holds minimal mercy at hearts. It’s deeply saddened to lose such a huge number in repeatable scenario revenge killings due to the lack of forgiveness among the brothers. Meanwhile at my personal level as intellectual or Son of Chie-Lang I condemn such with the strongest term possible, it wasn’t good action and shall never be it doesn’t deserve to repeat itself by any chance again.

I am awfully sorry to the extent it took me almost two weeks in silence trying to conquer my heartbreak or accept the untimely departure of the brave White Army we have lost, because I believe we cannot be able to bring our heroes back to live again in our society where their absence has already created bigger gap that can’t be fill easily by anyone in the community. 

I offer my sincere heartfelt condolences to the innocent mothers, families, Gaat Chuol Duong and entire chie-lang as well Jikany Nuer for the loss of our beloved brothers who surprisingly turn wild against each other’s and had butchered themselves in unexpected manner that claimed 31 more lives on 28th may 2021 in Ulang County, indeed such barbaric misfortunes it has brought sorrow and it shouldn’t be tolerated again no matter what.

It is disappointing and shameful to see the few survivors of South Sudan’s 2013-2019 civil war, our own brothers who tirelessly fought the country’s known enemy together in self-defense since day one up to date. But unfortunately, now the mission is likely to fall apart because some elements within them are trying to develop the sense of becoming enemies against one another unknowingly forgetting all the sacrifices they had made during the struggle war when they were defending their homeland for the last 7years without fear. The ongoing internal communal fight from clan to clan has a negative effect on human development since it produces nothing but leading people to unimaginable death which usually become blockage or threat to every success and undermine the community stability.

In life it’s very easy to kill or finish ourselves whenever we fail to control our anger force or accept the nature of the cause and yet the evil power that drive people madly will go nowhere, sometimes it may continue migrating from generation to generation if people haven’t swallow that pain for the sake of maintaining peace. For that reason, we have to be much aware that the devil often doesn’t breathe fire in desert instead among the brothers and it best example is what most of us have witnessed days ago in Ulang because the evil spirit usually seeks the rare disagreements to destroy the peaceful society, since it’s do influence the wrong individuals or the fewest elements within the society to forcefully take the whole community into unexpected temptations due to their bad behaviors.

The blessed and helpful voices we should always follow were the people who stood firm since 2019 even in the morning hours on 28th may 2021 calling for calmness, saying there was no option for Gaat Chuol Duong to confront themselves, it was because they sensed the pain, destruction and danger ahead before. Simply because they learn the risk avoidance measures though the people at the ground particularly youth had failed to cooperate or listen to the early advice meant to normalize the situation hence it appears the evil motivation took the lead driving both sides with high morals in the middle of the darkness without looking behind. Then immediately after the two sides had forcefully engaged in the fight, we all felt shocked when we heard bad news & learned with the great regrets and dismayed because many people lost their lives and about 29 people sustained serious injuries within one family Gaat Chuol Duong as the results of the fight which most of us were against it early. 

Perhaps, every single live lost that day will add no value to our society unlike when they were alive because those who lost their lives are brothers, they have bigger impact to the community since they have great contributions and shared equal participations in Ulang County development either in terms of providing security to the local population or been facilitating other civil activities.

Therefore, I call upon us all to stand neutral and identify the right solution to overcome unacceptable problems which had already taken place in our birth home. It remains unavoidable full responsibility for all Chie-Lang intellectuals, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters as well elderly persons and leaders living at home or in diaspora to play a positive role with the target to cease the burning fire in good faith while uniting as the one family without hidden hands. Otherwise it may be difficult to de-escalate the violence if we shall continue receiving rumors and take the lead to spread them amongst our people.

I urge the Ulang County government led by the Commissioner, local authorities, leaders (politicians), White Army Commanders and all youth to act responsibly on this matter with all efforts needed, in order to stop the flow of negative comments and unnecessary supports being carried under the shadow in favor of either group or section because the death of our own brothers can’t be credit or pride to anyone of us instead it will lower us to zero level publicly and demote the progress of our community. Also let us not forget if we destroy our own home it won’t be possible for our neighbors to host anyone of us because if we fail to handle our internal problems in peace as the brothers, then it will be very challenging for the neighbor and friends to help us. Therefore, it should be wise enough for us to solve any strange disagreement in a peaceful settlement so that by the end of the day we shall be the champion of our own happiness.

The recent and past deadly incidents related to clans’ revenge killings that claims approximately thousands of lives and kept repeating in Chie-Lang territory, Jikany Nuer, Nuer land and South Sudan at large should be discourage or eliminate by whichever means to ensure the safety of our people is granted in every corner. 

Without fear, bias or favor, let us come together stand side by side as more united people to find the lasting solution for what is killing us at home, is not too late to save the life of our brothers who are still alive because that problem was started by people and it must be brought to an end by people.

Chie-Lang Community in the history they have been known for their peaceful coexistence and natural bravery where they embraced Unity of purpose within Ulang County and beyond. In that case such a discouraging test can’t shake us easily, forgetting the far distance we have covered to see the success of our struggle. We must resist any temptations that aim to divide us unknowingly.

Peace and Unity are the light in every darkness and forgiveness is a more important tool to drive out the hatred. Dear brothers and sisters please try what you can to advocates for the deserved peace or talk the language of healing for the safety of our people back home, let us come up with fair method/new strategies to bring them together once again so that they can leave behind the past and start new chapter in life from now onwards.

Lastly, I extend much appreciations to Jikany Nuer, Lou Nuer, Nuer Community and Other South Sudanese friends for they stood strongly in solidarity with us immediately when the shocked incident occurred in Ulang,

I wish speedy recovery to all persons who sustained injuries, may God master their treatment in various hospitals they have been hospitalized in Ulang, Juba and Gambella Ethiopia. With tears I add my voice to say Rest in Peace lovely brothers, our right heroes.

One family! One Idea! Our Unity must remain above all.

Chie-lang Chie-lang e wechdan ke liw! Chie-lang Chie-lang e dhoran ke liw! 

SB Chiok Guek is an Intellectual and Concern Member of Ulang County. He can be reached through email at gueknuer@gmail.com

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