SPLM-IO Representative In Kampala: What Does It Mean For The Most Intimidated Members and Supporters in Uganda?

By Gai James Kai,


Comrade Oyet Nathaniel Chairperson for National Committee for Mobilization  on Left and Comrade David Tim, the Appointed Representative of the SPLM in Opposition Liaison Office -Uganda on right (Photo by Gai Manyuon/Nyamilepedia)
Comrade Oyet Nathaniel Chairperson for National Committee for Mobilization on Left and Comrade David Tim, the Appointed Representative of the SPLM in Opposition Liaison Office -Uganda on right (Photo by Gai Manyuon/Nyamilepedia)

Sept 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Every member or supporter of Sudan People Liberation Movement – In Opposition in Kampala and Uganda at large take a deep breath now. The representation that we have been dreaming of is at last over. That little ball of anxiety in our stomach that many of us probably got from worrying that the representation in the republic of Uganda, which has supported the federal system of governance on so many issues, would have get a representative who may betrayed them is gone!

This representation cycle is an importation one for SPLM-IO members in Uganda, not only because we are drastically facing intimation basic on this current crisis, but also because we are starting to be recognized as an important bloc. Thank be to SPLM-IO faction`s chairperson for national committee for political mobilization, Oyet Nathaniel Pierino.

We now make up 05% of the population in Kampala and the media is beginning to figure out just how politically powerful we are. South Sudanese at large and SPLM-IO in particular should expect in the nearest future to be courted by the representative to Uganda in the same manner that many participatory members are.

That being said, the representation season is exactly the greatest for us the South Sudanese living in Uganda. The principal representative for SPLM/IO in the Republic of Uganda, David Otim has said all kinds of political and forward things, usually because of, or in defense of their extremist political beliefs. The press conference held on Monday was characterized by their (SPLM/A in Opposition)’s blatant promotion of bilateral tie between Ugandan government and SPLM/- IO, national unity and democracy in South Sudan, such as ridiculous revisionism of Nuer history in favor of peace and unity that takes place at the convention or the submission to political interest that occurred at SPLM in opposition.

The principle representative for the SPLM/A in Opposition in Uganda, David Otim, has less than satisfaction position on various separation issues, and he had said that his faith was the reason SPLM/A in Opposition got him into Hotel Africana, Kampala`s office.

And as being legally minded, I Gai James Kai, who has worked for International organization like National Democratic Institute – NDI and other human rights advocacy organizations and the first open minded Law student in Kampala, promised to defense the constitution and promote the freedom of speech and expression along with other fundamental human rights by taking advantage of this opportunity.

The right honorable, Principal representative for SPLM/A in Opposition in the Republic of Uganda, David Otim, a friend to the secular community, looks like he will works for the interest of South Sudanese though am not so certain of his diplomatic background but a word is enough for a wise man! What he said on Monday at Hotel Africana while hosting a press conference convinced me beyond reasonable doubt. “This war is for the people of South Sudan. We are working very hard; even to liberate Gen. Salva Kiir because he is stranded with power in Juba. We are trying to tell him (Kiir) that what he is doing is wrong. He must come to his senses; this country belongs to all” Said Otim.

Some of the more extreme South Sudanese conservatives in Salva Kiir`s genocidal regime basing in Juba also lost their race since Monday night, hopefully, this is not a sign that SPLM in Opposition under the leadership of charismatic leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny are tired of their fundamentalism in government or are becoming more supportive of a socially tolerant and secular political agenda.

Even the endurance of the chairman, Dr. Riek Machar is good news for secularism, as the chairperson and his administration has been willing to meet and listen to Anti- freedom, peace and democracy amongst South Sudanese or within SPLM- in Opposition in particular. The Principal Representative for the SPLM/A in Opposition in Uganda is working very hard to promote bilateral relationship between freedom fighters and Uganda government and he has been a strong supporter of peace and democracy since then.

Ladies and gentle, you and I must to admit that each of these positions taken by the illegitimate President, Salva Kiir Mayardit seems to be promoting disunity that has taken shape amongst South Sudanese and remains as ever to advance his logical and intolerant political agenda.

Unfortunately, the newly appointed SPLM/A in Opposition Representative to Uganda, David Otim, still has a long way to go in being a good representative of his obligation. Dishonest, mistrust and tribal hatred are still rampant within the South Sudanese living in Kampala in particular and Uganda at large but it may not always be so.

That’s why it is important that humanists share their disbeliefs with their representative in a caring government and work to make their opinions known on legislation. We can’t afford to be politically apathetic, especially not when the divisionism retains so much power in our nation’s capital.

Our community is in a similar place to where the other communities were. All of us are just starting to be recognized as powerful voting bloc, and while many South Sudanese in Uganda or East Africa at large may still have negative feelings about SPLM/A in Opposition or their belief, that hatred is likely to fade away as our disbelief becomes more mainstream.

The non-divided political forum like Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army – in Opposition members living in Uganda is finally starting to move beyond being just a marginalized movement, and is instead being recognized for what it truly is: a significant group of SPLM/ in Opposition that have an interest in the way their lives are run and who now have the power to influence laws and those who make them.

Eventually, it may take some times before we are truly able to make our political mark, but believe me, we have no doubt that day is coming. Just trust us, together we can!!!

Gai James Kai is a Law student at Nkumba University- Kampala. He has written numerous articles on democracy, politics, human`s rights, Law and order. You can contact him through; gaijames11@gmail.com or add him on facebook by searching the above names.

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