Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent president of South Sudan(Photo: wikimedia)
Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent president of South Sudan(Photo: wikimedia)

Oct 4, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I may be cynical to title it as such. But it is my own view of the regime and its sympathizers who may cheaply think as such in the problem that killed hundreds of thousands who have no idea about faked coup, and in fact were the folks who voted Kiir into power in 2011. In this regard, I am always irritated when I see Mr. President uses the word “legitimate” in every speech.This may well sounds right on his lip. But the word has been used wrongly by him if I am not mistaken. I say this because if he thinks as such, why would a president who was elected by his people killed the very folks who were giving him that legitimacy? Would a president like that deserves to call himself as such? Be judicious if you are sincere and not blindfolded by the blood money of kiir and his likes.

To me, I discredit his legitimacy. It is so because it does not apply to him as the person as well as the system that he leads. The word “legitimate” come from lawful system which does not apply to kiir’s system of governing. To be candid about this though, the laws of the country are being owned by him and only him alone. How in the world should he be constantly insisted on the word as such while he already turned blind eyes on the core meaning of it?  This is preposterous and I don’t know if the regime forgot what it was elected  for. If we think critically however, does the president have a right to say so? I don’t think so if you are rational as I do. This does not need prescribable glasses on. It is as purely as it is, and does not need your glasses on unless you are one of the gluttons in the mist. If I were Mr. President, I would have not used the word legitimate brazenly as he usually does because there is no really meaning of it in this context while the givers were victimized by the system that he has been the leader of. As the argument perse, it would be pointless on the eyes of many if not most in South Sudan to say at least.

As the matter of fact, I have seen and heard kiir and his cronies still insisting that the December 15 was the coup that the whole world had denied and still so. What a hell is going on with this regime? Is this regime listens to itself and only itself alone? Who else does the regime still educate with this widely known issue around the world? People, this is laughable if not impossible to do. In contrary, however, it is good for the world to know exactly how loggerheaded the regime may have been in term of being mendacious on any issue in South Sudan. This is a very example that will certify the doubters If there are some out there. The issue of coup had been dismissed by international community as well as the military officers with in his government.  Beside that, this issue let out the 11 detainee from the juba to Kenya. If that was the case as most knew it, what is being new about it now? Is the regime being  rational as other do or what?

In addition, I will not say anything different than saying this: Anyone who is believing in this regime should believe not in it.This regime days are over. Whether you like it or not. Their days, Months and years are numbered if any. The regime may bluff some who are so naive in model world politics. But not many out there. Majority of South Sudanese now understand the genesis of it than before. Now, it is a time for South Sudanese to say no to dictatorship.

Moreover, it may sound decent for the meetings and conferences that may be held on the hotels and halls by Kiir’s cronies. But the time for them is gone. People may do whatever they want to do in the quest to cling on the power. But it is too late to materialize. This will not yield  fruits. It will not be as such because people of South Sudan are so sick of this regime and loss trust in it. If the regime does not deliver the services that the people need, why should people awareness be impaired and accept the kick back for the government that does not even build single school in other part of the country rather than its leader state. Folks, let us not be deceived by people whose thinking is being impaired by the blood money. Believe me people, South Sudan will not be the same again unless kiir is gone and the route for few who still doing the murky work will be the road of nowhere. Take my words for real. All of these were Prophecies and proved to be so in the years if not months to come.You hold or toss it, it is a reality. Hanging on with this regime that has no credibility will not only fail you as an individual, it will in fact, affect your children as well. History does not forget. But can forgive. Takes my words. The things that we are doing now will go on the books in the years to come without a doubt. Now, it is your chance and choice to make   for your life and children’s. If you want your children to be known differently, it is not too late to do so. You can do that on their behave. It is absolutely yours. It won’t be late to do such a thing for them and your Country’s future.

In this regard, you may or not believe me on this, the time for the regime is concluded. This will dramatically change. If you still think to use money on the government that is on the life-support than your credibility. Be it! But I believe your money and your indecency will backfire in some years if not months to come. Drop it or not, that is how it will be for the indecisive people in South Sudan who favorite their pockets than tranquility, peace and harmony of their country’s future. It is good for the person of his/her character to think as the patriotic in the country we all love.  This is the facts. It is not a joke. If you’re still indecisive as such to move before change, change will move you in anyway to be frank with you.

However, gormandizing without watching your back is not only bad habits. It is in fact,a selfishness that has no remedy. Therefore, people as such deserve not to be followed because they like themselves than the country we all dearly love. People as such are impossible to lead the Country. In this case, however, People must first take a minute or two to think about the root cause of the problem than putting individual interest ahead of the Country’s. Following the pass as the sheep do, does not apply to the model age. It had been left to the Neanderthal and should not be the only way that the country should be ran. This country needs a critical thinkers for its leadership. To be sincere though, a Country cannot be ruled through remote mentoring and advising of others. Logic must be on the mind of the leader. If the country is ruled as such, the consequences are paramount and we already smelled the wind of it and the people who suffered the most are the innocent. If that is the case, Should we continue to follow that pass? The answer of this question should be no for all sound minded people unless you’re goofy enough to deny the reality in which I doubtably think you should.

In conclusion, kiir and his cronies must go and say no to their evil intention to divide us with our own resources. No matter what they may be thinking of prolong the war,we shall remain as one as we ever been because we know what the regime does to cling on power through filthy game. If we understand it as we saw the regime’s intention, we therefore, need to standstill as the people of South Sudan that cannot be bought with our own to kill ourselves. We must say no to the blood money that is being used to kill us than uniting us in the common purpose of oneness as the people of South Sudan.South Sudan is bigger than individual interest and we strongly need to resist those interests and stand firm for the country’s interest than individual one.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese that can be reached @ lam981@hotmail.com

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