South Sudanese Are All Created Equal.

By Tor Madira Machier,


 Tor Madira Machier....
Tor Madira Machier….

Sept 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I believe God has created all of us , because God has created us all, we are all of equal value to God. All men belongs to God, and therefore, not to another man or government. Every one is not as strong or as smart or talented as every one else, but every one belongs to God, whether talented, not talented or else, but every one is equally responsible to God to do his/her duty. No man or government has the right to selfishly take away the rights that God has given to all men equally. These rights that God has given to all of us are the right to life, the right to liberty and the right to pursuit happiness.

And therefore , no government is lawful when it fails to protect these rights. We want to live by each other’s happiness not by each other’s missery. South Sudanese should be free from any inhuman acts so that the fruit of our indefendence we tirelessly fought for during the war should be enjoyed in happiness.

Peace ambassidors find it very difficult to proclaim the word of peace and happinnes due to scarcity of a secured atmosphere that allow every one to express truth. When we whelmingly voted in January 2011, people thought they will finnaly triumphant in their long walk to freedom but today some self interested individuals and senior generals who have monopolised the military and political power as well are double crossing the people of South Sudan. Civil population are subject to psycholigical torture, physically forced disappearance, killing and so, while after all these the government pretends to be a just and democratic government.

Army Should Take An Example From Other Countries,

A proffesional national army should refrain from backing a government that has lost her visions. The purpose of a national government is that it is by the people and to the people. And therefore government is subject to a change is it fails to do this.

Because the purpose of a national army is to defend the interest of the people as well as the territorial intergrity of the state, army should wake up against a government that causes internal chaos in a country. When there is an internal wrangling in a country, the army is not subject to that but should interfere if the government and the political leadership in the country applies supperior powers to impose on the people policies dismantling laws and orders set by its own parliament which is against the will of the people. At this point, the army should not be used as Itallian stallion by one man to protect his political leadership which is unconstitutional.

The army should take an example from other countries and particularly the Arab Republic of Egypt when the defense minister Field Marshall Abdul Fatta al Sisi publicly announced that the army will never stand aside while the people of Egypt are under unmercifull Islamic rule interested in forming a monolistic islamic state, and therefore, ordered the arrest of the Muslim brotherhood leader and politically under the Justice and Freedom party Mr. Mohammed Mursi. Then the peacefull co-existence of the people of Egypt was restored by then so this is the importance of a national army when a country is under political and military unrest.

As you are the supper power of my nation i would be optimistic to send you ( army ) a message that wake up, don’t led a man with machine heart and machine mine to tell you what to do or what to think and play you like cards. Tell him that it is enough that the suffering, lamentation and the ululation of our people is over and these will be a unforgettable story to our people and that will means that your national felling will be the flamming felling of nationalism.

Then you will only be aware of any foreign entity interferring in our own internal affairs.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student living in Egypt, he can be reached at : tormadira2013@gmail.com or +201024930577

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