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South Sudan: New York Times is Wrong on Publishing Fake Article

By Miyong G. Kuon

Miyong G. Kuon, SPLM Representative, UN-New York(Photo: Miyong/UN)
Miyong G. Kuon, SPLM-IO Representative to United Nations in New York(Photo: Miyong/UN)

June 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- New York Times got it wrong when it received an article from unreliable source. The grey lady known for being accurate, fair and balance was dead-wrong when it allowed its opinion section to publish an unverified Op-Ed article last Tuesday.

The controversial Op-ed never coauthored by the President and the first vice President. It was nothing but a preempted forgery by the enemy of peace. Article 5 chapter 3 agreement on the resolution on the conflict in South Sudan mandates hybrid court to try war criminals. It will depend on the success of the processes of this crucial part of the agreement that will open doors for a true reconciliations and healings.

In any circumstances, it must not be delayed nor abandon. The people of this nation have been made to suffer. They seek hybrid court to bring those who committed crimes during the conflict. We know peace is the priority, but we must isolate people who despite it for their own interests. South Sudanese and the  world must zero in on those that make living by dividing leaders. The controversial Op-ed ran by the New York time on Tuesday last week was never coauthored if at all it ever was. Those who hoodwinked New York Times to publish unauthorized letter did so intentionally to curtail justice and hope for impunity to safe criminals who committed the civilian killings during the war. But it has backfired negatively as the world will now be more vigilance.

Those who are complicated in committing crimes must not be allowed to enjoy impunity. Justice for all must be served. The principles can be innocent in this. It is the work of the enemy of peace within, so to keep the two principle in a locker head for them to play with innocent lives. But what will they achieved in a protracted conflict that only killed our people?

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As the truth finally trickled out, the New York Times has regretted to have published the controversial article. They will soon release a statement on the issue and will have to apologize subsequently.

But more questions than answers are emerging asking Ateny Wek to explain more about what he claimed to have originated from his office. If indeed the article was authorized by both the President and the first vice President, the two spokesmen’s offices, must have involved in the drafting. However, James Dak, Dr. Machar’s spokesman has nothing to do with the bogus document.

Who did you author the document with Mr. Wek? Who handed the article to the New York Times for publishing? Why did the New York Times failed to crosschecked with a third party? With these many questions looming in the air, the result is more revealing that a forgery has taken place. It is not the first time though. Only that, this time, TGoNU is a composition of parties tasked to navigate the ship together.

It is apparent the two principles are obviously innocent. Mr. Wek, what you tell the world about the country must stand to respect the whole government, the Presidency and must reflects the views of the people of this nation. President Kiir and the first Vice President Dr. Riek Machar signed the August Agreement knowing their responsibilities. Justice is one of these responsibilities. The last thing the two duos would dear to do is to oppose article 5 chapter 3 of the agreement on the resolutions of the conflict in South Sudan which mandates the establishment of the hybrid court to try the war criminals.

The Presidency has an obligation to investigate the matter and pinpoint on those who have used the name of the leaders to deceive the nation and the world. Implementing the August peace agreement fully, and bringing justice by trying war crimes should be the priority of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU.) While we cannot fully say we are in a total peace, the August peace dividend has relatively lul guns in Upper. We can hope that no one among the leaders of the TGoGNU can agree on signing a document that attempts to negate Justice for people of South Sudan.

The author of this article, Miyong G. Kuon, can be reached at kuayak@gmail.com

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ June 12, 2016 at 12:25 pm

they intended it, published out their ideas but now want to deny. it is too. you must face the justice, all jenge must face it

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ June 12, 2016 at 12:28 pm

this article is not fake because ateny wek ateny with his ugle big mouth cofirmed that it is from the office of the president. never beat around the bush


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