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Opinion: The incidence that occurred in the country’s judiciary headquarters on 20th July, 2020

By Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit

Former South Sudan minister of interior Salva Mathok Gengdit (Photo credit: supplied)
Former South Sudan minister of interior Salva Mathok Gengdit (Photo credit: supplied)

July 27, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – The incident that occurred in the country judiciary premises, done by a senior officer in NSS, Brigadier Gen. Gum Agok, on July 20, had shocked me a lot. The institution that is trusted as citizen’s eyes for the nation turned to have personnel who misbehave like untrained soldiers, forcing the judges to sign an illegal document for the land he grabbed.

I am aware that NSS had been infiltrated by wrong elements through recruitment on relatives’ basis with little training and then promoted to the high rank of Brigadier General, that took me 17 years in Sudanese army before I joined the SPLA to reach a rank of Colonel, with a lot of courses, promotion exams and staff good work that’s in yearly annual reports for an officer.

There is a great need to review the mandate of NSS, because so many issues occurred before that it shows, they over jumps their dictates stipulated in the Constitution. Interfering in police and army roles, although CID is doing the same thing all together.

The action done by this senior officer is difficult to be described, but mere criminal acts with humiliation done to Judiciary staffs. Arresting and detention of that officer in Blue House for trail will not be substantial; the trial will not cover the humiliation done. Compensation is acquired if there is real justice to those humiliated leave alone premises where chief justice of the country office is situated.

The SPLM party although it achieved the objectives, still yet, it has responsibility of orphans, widows/widowers and wounded heroes that are now in streets begging necessities to settle, so criminals that entrenched themselves in institutions, their acts should not be condoned.

My appeal to H.E President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, is to make some reforms in NSS, to let the institution restore her respect back like before. I am a MP in Transitional National Legislative Assembly with SPLM ticket, a member of specialized committee for security and I had several records of incidents caused by NSS personnel.

When Assembly security committee calls for minister of National Security, he did not turn up, even a single call to interact with committee chaired by Retired General, Hon. David Okwar, to discuss things happening in his institution. For the next Assembly’s sitting, I will raise a motion for the reviewing of NSS mandate.

I advise my comrade Gen. Akol Koor, Director General of NSS to clean up those who have nothing to do with National Security. If they are left, they are tarnishing the NSS.

The writer is a liberator, R-TGoNU National MP, Former Deputy Army Chief of General Staff, Former Deputy National Minister of Interior and the Acting Apuk Community Chairperson in Juba; He is reachable via +211925571888

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