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South Sudan Government and Mabaan People Host Community Welcomed Blue Nile Refugees in the area

By John K. Kanyo,

Maban soldiers (Julien Bahal GOAL)
Maban soldiers (Julien Bahal GOAL)

Dec 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Refugees Living in Mabaan – Initially, the South Sudan government and the local host community Mabaan County welcomed Blue Nile Refugees who fled their homeland to seek shelter in Mabaan safety environment based on the South Sudan State government and county local authority agreement.

One year later, the refugees began looting and killing members of the host community by attacking villages and outside their fields where they cultivate and grow corns to survive. It soon become irrational, however, that would be difficult between the Mabaan host community and Blue Nile refugees to live peacefully. Nevertheless, the killing continued and it became a product of life trading.

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At the time, the situation seemed as an extremely radical form of UN and humanitarian action.  By doing so, largely out of fear or something rounded up for forcible inclusively not coaching the refugees how to respect the law of country and county local authority? Therefore, the refugees actions has become our attention and we wrote to the UN authorities in the county to relocated the Blue Nile refugees outside the county without further confirmation because of the tensions.

We expected the UN to be responsible for the cost no matter how much life God created it. Otherwise, the Blue Nile government would not be able to retain its people to their own villages if the killing is still growing. Who prevents the violence of the refugees? Upon today, the supervision in the refugees camps located around the county localities was initially poor. Only UN encourages refugees to continue killing Mabaan people however, death rates were high in host community caused by refugees. Indeed, the insecurity situation in the refugees camps is somewhat deteriorated, UN must intervene and stop the killing of the innocent Mabaan. If not, the situation it will turn down unfavorable friendly between Refugees and Host community.

The world has understood the 1951 UN refugee convention and the only universal of international refugee’s law concerns the provision of the refugee settled in Mabaan county South Sudan, Upper Nile State. Unfortunately, there has been a failure of the UNHCR operating in Mabaan County to provide direct provision to the Blue Nile refugee living in Mabaan County. It is unacceptable term that refugees carrying out their weapons illegally inside the camps established in Mabaan. UN must find resolutions immediately to alleviate the tension between host community and Blue Nile refugee in Mabaan.

Interfering tension between refugee and the host community population and if not properly implemented might lead to more death. Ultimately, it has come to our attentions that we they Mabaan community in diaspora and elsewhere around the world no longer interested for the refugee to live in Mabaan area any more. UN needs to study to remove refugee from the Mabaan land. Unlikely, clear evidence and political correctness deeply concerns every Mabaan people around the globe. Term Malek Ager and Joseph Tuka have to live Mabaan area immediately without political consultation.

More importantly, we need refugees to have a lasting peace among society and build strong relationship with Mabaan people so that they are able to adapt to the environment and be comfortable to shop around grocery and other goods at the market.

Graduate student – Email: john.kanyo@grandview.edu

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