South Sudan Crisis Becomes a Business Opportunity to IGAD!

By Malek Cook-Dwach,


IGAD leaders mediating South Sudan conflict in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)
IGAD leaders mediating South Sudan conflict in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

February, 2-2015 (Nyamilepedia)- From inception of this man made catastrophe which engulfed the whole country (South Sudan), there was a national call for peace which was misplaced and entrusted to be mediated by East Africa regional bloc known as IGAD assuming that a durable and lasting peace will be restored. With surprise and dismay this organization called IGAD fall short of its responsibilities and obligations to address the root causes of the conflict. What was perceived as SPLM internal reforms has taken the country into abyss. There are disputable figures of death toll ranging from 50,000 and above presumably dead and according to Oxfam 1.9 million people fled their homes.

All the indicators from commencement of IGAD mediators’ trial to broker peace deals were not realistically applicable to resolve the South Sudanese crisis due to the fact that some countries from East African regional bloc are engaging in combat operations within South Sudan sided with SPLA Juba under the pretext of protecting country important installations, like oil facilities, airport, public infrastructures and evacuation of their nationals.

Uganda’s military intervention in the conflict jeopardized the ceasefire agreement that was signed on January 23, 2014 in Addis Ababa. Also in accords signed between SPLM-G and SPLM/IO there was an assertion of clause which stated clearly the withdrawal of foreign troops in South Sudan and for smooth implementations of cessation of hostility (CoH). This signed pact remained on the papers without close monitoring and follow-up from IGAD with reason best known to them. The question which is lingering in everybody mind is that; the Intergovernmental Authority for Development could not be mediators and at the same time engaging in direct combat with SPLM/IO.

One wonders how they (IGAD) claim to solve the South Sudanese problems with the same mental model that create them. In any conflict resolution one is obliged to identify the source of the conflict which IGAD intentionally trying to avoid, knowing the factors contributed to the crisis could widen their understanding of the situation as well as demonstrate its impartiality by giving both parties the chance to share their side of story.

Considering all the possibility causes of the conflict and the perception on the situation which is likely to emerge that may anger or irritate disruptive phenomenon of the conflict. After listening to viewpoint of warring parties; IGAD must give each party an opportunity to present their position on how the conflict can be resolved afterwards as mediators they will come up with neutral position not like the biased draft deal which dictate the warring parties “Take it or leave it”.

In my humble view as concern citizen I am recommending that the two principal of the warring parties must take courage and heart to compromise most of their demands for the sake of peace to return to South Sudan. The ordinary Citizens of South Sudan are the one paying heavily the high price for this senseless war. It is very clear that there are visible and invisible hands capitalizing and making business in South Sudan crisis.

The Author is Parliamentarian Affairs Secretary for South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda, pursuing Bachelor of Science in Oil and Gas at Uganda Christian University (UCU)-Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala.

The views expressed herein are solely for the author and do not in any way represent the views of South Sudanese Students’ Union and Nyamilepedia.

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Balang Tutute February 2, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Dear Nyamilepaedians;

If you read carefully the following news link: …..


……and extract the following quotation statement below this paragraf, and analyze it, and then ponder it, and then finally connect the dots, then you will know beyond doubt, who is REALLY behind the prolongment /delay of the s.sudan Crisis!

“…… The continental body last year intended to slap sanctions on Kiir and Machar only to be persuaded by US Secretary of State John Kerry to give peace talks another chance. ……”

Remember it was John Kerry who was insisting the killer Kir was an elected president last year?!

Kerry is a probable grandson of Adam Smith of USA/English – the invisible-hand illuminati communities, who been sucking the bloods of the unsuspecting poors of this earth.

They are now planning to keep this problem to drag on and on while the Egyptians are busy selling the Nile Water to their friends the Israeli in the middle east,

By the time we make peace, the Nile will have dried from this illegal pumping! Then we will be unable to build our Fulla Falls Hydroelectric Project because the water fall will be be too weak to generate adequate mechanical energy!

Ngundeng Help Us!!!

This Illuminati is squeezing our necks without all of us realizing it!

I sometimes wonder if our s.sudan leaders know about this underground evil hidden in this simple word “Democracy”.


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