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Slowly But Surely, Our Country Is Degenerating in to Permanent Ruin and Irreversible Disintegration

By Gatgong Koang Thany ,

Tukuls and bodies were allegedly burned in Ulang after the government soldiers entered the town(Photo: supplied)
Tukuls and bodies were allegedly burned in Ulang after the government soldiers entered the town(Photo: supplied)

July 4, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The bible (John 8:32) said ‘know the truth and the truth shall set you free’, until the ultimate truth is set free in the open, our current predicament could only get worse, indeed unless the right thing is done and done now, given the recent occurrences, the prevailing signs and symptoms of what we may expect in the nearer future, our Country may head toward permanent ruin and irreversible disintegration, this is not prophecy or prediction, this is the bitter truth before our own eyes.

South Sudanese had until recent days continued to grapple with the definition of the ongoing, bloody conflict, many, unfortunately, even those thoroughly conversant with the issues behind our National problem had either out-of-fear refused to admit the truth or decided to intentionally misinterpret it to suit their own selfish interests ,therefore, from the onset of the crisis, many if not most decided to bury their heads deeply in the sands, or cheaply bought in to this unpatriotic, cowardice, miscalculated and misinformed denial perception, ‘it is not my/our war ideology’, like the probable cow that laughed loud while the hyena ate the goat, not realizing that she could actually be the meat in the next hyena’s feast, South Sudanese, myopically, misconceived and fatally underestimated the possibility of the war ever reaching their doors-step, so they laugh loud as the Monster slaughtered their brothers in the other corner of the same room.

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And capitalizing on such state-of-denial, the architects and drivers of the war on that side, did all they could to ethicized and personalized the conflict at all costs, so they craftily devised hideous KILL-ONE-AT-A-TIME Method, a technique I would correctly call ‘selective crashing-strategy’ firstly the Nuer Nationality was singled-out and along with Riek Machar portrayed as the enemy of the Nation, hence was demonized, brutalized, vilified and wherever possible crucified as a matter National Policy, and while this particular community was subjected to all kind of brutalities and injustices, other tribes stood aside, falsely thinking it was not their problem, for instant until lately , some Equotorians, the so called Neutrals, categorically referred to the conflict as Jenge-war, a conflict between the Nuer and their ‘Cousins’ the Dinkas. And that perception defined the devil-of-the-disaster behind our never-ending crisis.

The hunt for the Nuer razed down upper Nile region entirely with horrific results, the Nuer Nation, innocent yet hunted, with help from few bold-hearted, nationalist across the Land, left with no other choice, had put up a fierce resistant to defend not only themselves but also liberate the whole Nation if possible from blood-thirsty tyrant in Juba, so the rebellion bravely match-up against combined Forces of all kinds in bloody military confrontation that saw many lives lost, but it didn’t end there, sooner than later, the brutality branches were extended to include, the Chollo, equtorians, and other tribes, and a question was asked ; whose war and problem is it now?

When the Euotria and Equtorians’ turn finally came, many in that region didn’t even anticipated or expected it, they thought they had nothing to do with the ongoing war, they thought it was stupid and uncivilized to fight, what they didn’t realized was that, the ongoing conflict was premeditated, systematic and pre-organize crusade to forcefully push into the Nation’s stomach a tribal dictatorial agenda which would ungraciously touch every corner of this Country and leave no stone un-turned, also they didn’t know that bullets never discriminates, especially if they are fired with passionate intentions, so by the time they awoke from their deep-denial slumber, it was too late, all they could do was to cry the loudest, as if crying would stop the bullets.

So , almost with disgusting arrogance and ironically considerable pleasure, the Equtorians’ enemy, the Nation-wide enemy was fiercely landing countless brutal blows across the region, starting with systematic elimination of distinguished individuals for instant the assassination of the Western Equtoria State Speaker of Parliament, before eventually graduating into mass extermination of innocent Citizens, from Maridi to Mundri, Mangala, to Nimule, Torit to Magwi, but just to name a few , thousand lives were/are being lost and the Arrows Boys, poorly equipped, disorganized and lacking coordination and clear leadership could not stop/remedy the spiraling catastrophe, then the so called ‘Nuer’ problem was now Equotorians’ Problem indeed, and the ‘stupid’ war formerly confined to Upper-Nile was now likely and a viable option even in the civilized Equtoria.

And from the Equtoria region, the conflict since moved to Ragga Western Bhar El Ghazal State, and then to WAU, where hundreds if not thousand civilians were reportedly brutally butchered in cold blood, in the latest upsurge and resurgent of the conflict despite the formation of TGONU and unless a quick remedy is found, we might unfortunately witness same flame consume and raze-to-the ground even the greater Bhar El Ghazal, that mean, from a ‘Nuer’/Riek Machar’s war as it was formerly wrongly portrayed, the gaziyha is now a nation-wide problem and Nation-wide war, it actually had been only that some of us had consciously cowardly refused to admit it.

Painfully, we had not learnt despites having been to similar situation in the very recent past, various Khartuom regimes, in their desperate attempts to disregards prominence and vitality of the Sudanese struggle against it bad leadership then ,used to refer to the Sudanese Problem as ‘’Southern Problem’’ , as if only South Sudanese were the problem when they were indeed the problem themselves, same thing here, Juba regime, is desperately attempting to convert and reduce a nation-wide struggles against its failed tribal-based leadership in to an ethnic and personal war, and we fall for such cheap trick.

In conclusion, correctly defining the problem of South Sudan is the key to solving the crisis, it should be noted, that intentional misrepresentation of facts and wrong perceptions , like it’s not ‘’our war’’ only gave the enemy resources and time it require to finish one-innocent-community off one at a time, hence worsening and prolonging the Conflict. It all worked very well for them ‘’ they came for the Nuer, the Equotorians who definitely were not Nuer remained still, then they came for the Equtorians, and Chollo & Murle were not Equtorians, so they remained calm, again they came for Chollo, and Murle and Fertits and Jurchol did not care since it was not their problem, it was not their war , then they eventually came for the Fertitees and Jurchol and there was none left to help. So they isolative-denial theory did not only did miracles to the other side but also kill the whole Nation with much ease, if only they had realized that they were only being slaughtered one at time to make it easier, they would have formed an alliance to protect themselves and the Nation at large. In short our Unity is the solution to this crisis, before we are all gone, it’s only reasonable that Patriotic citizens from all backgrounds should unite and support peace, and uniformly call for the reversal of the twenty Eight States (28) and an immediate end to this mad tribal dynasty, otherwise if an amicable solution, based on truth is not found now, our country maybe the next, permanent Somalia and we would all have lost, and that will be a collective shame.

The author can be reached at g.gongk15@gmail.com

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Malual Ding July 5, 2016 at 9:57 pm

Good article. first they came for, then they came for etc. Seems a systematic attack onthe 63 tribes.
Why? one tribe cant kill all the other ones. why not create peace and live together instead.


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