Response to the so called South Sudan friends in Diaspora


By Gatluke Chuol Reat

Mr. Gatluke Chuol Reat, President of Nuer Community in North America...
Mr. Gatluke Chuol Reat, President of Nuer Community in North America…
August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) Without wasting time to explain what is the so called “FRIENDS AND DIASPORA OF SOUTH SUDAN’s intentions are, in their Press Release dated on August 18, 2014, history had already has answer their political motivated behind their Press Release. Having understanding what was the so called Friend of South Sudan’s intentions are, one can just go on and ask the following questions: Such as, what is it that make the entire world to united against the small tribe (the Nuer) in the heartland of South Sudan? What circumstances triggered the minds of both Chinese government, the Russia and the government of the United States of America who are known to disagree to any political arena to unite against the small tribe (the Nuer) of South Sudan in such a manner?
Whereas the United State of America is carrying its warmongering against the Nuer people through both diplomacies and military indirectly since the beginning of this senseless unity by the world’s superpower by using force. By doing so, U.S is using the IGAD, the African Union and the so call friends of South Sudan and the Uganda military with the chemical weapon purring against the Nuer people daily. While the Chinese are fueling the war with moderns machinery some of whom did not even reach the international markets yet. Therefore, one could not waste time to burn his brain about such a Release Statement as it sound from the “Friends of South Sudan”. Who are the agents of the U. S. A
However, to make the matter worse, the British thugs in the Press Release seems to secretly revenge their badly defeated of 1800s to 1900s by the famous Nuer army resistance against British Empire of 18th to 19th centuries. History tells us that “in 1901 The Nuer and Azande wage armed resistance against colonial rule, killing British officers and soldiers and the Governor of Bahr el Ghazal” these thugs signing the Press Release from British are nothing but revenges against the Nuer people
Brothers and sisters of the world, what is it that the history tells us about these kinds of unities by the Religious, Rulers and the Governments?
Well, history tells us that the religious leaders in Jerusalem were uneasy about the commotion that had been aroused among the people by the arrival of this teacher from Galilee for the Paschal feast. The Roman rulers were also uneasy, since at that time there were constant stirrings of rebellion against the Roman occupation, headed by local leaders who appealed to the Jewish sense of identity. The news that had reached them about this new teacher who spoke of preparing for the “kingdom of God” was disturbing, according observers in the history of Philosophy of Religion.
The book of Mark tells us that both Religious and Authorities at the time were asking Jesus that “By what authority are you doing these things?” (Mark 11:27-28). With this and similar questions the gospels relentlessly portray Jesus’ opponents—the chief priests, scribes, elders, Pharisees, and Sadducees—as bad guys who resisted Jesus at almost every turn and conspired to have him killed.
What is it also did the history tells us about this kinds of the unity by the governments?
In reference to the killing of one of the best minded Philosopher or teacher as they call him, Socrates, The decision of sentencing Socrates to death was made by the majority votes of those 501 jurors.
In 399 BC Meletus, a poet brought a formal accusation against Socrates. He stated that Socrates was “guilty of not paying respect to the gods whom the state respects, of introducing new divinities, and of corrupting the young.”
 “Socrates is guilty of crime in refusing to recognise the gods acknowledged by the state, and importing strange divinities of his own; he is further guilty of corrupting the young.” And “Socrates causes [d] his associates to despise the established laws when he dwelt on the folly of appointing state officers by ballot? A principle which, he said, no one would care to apply in selecting a pilot or a flute- player or in any similar case, where a mistake would be far less disastrous than in matters political. Words like these, according to the accuser, tended to incite the young to contemn the established constitution, rendering them violent and headstrong. “Punishment…or reward for Socrates! The prosecution proposed the death penalty
What else also did the history tells us about this kinds of the unity by the governments?
Again, in 1910-45, history tells us that the war against Jews according Adolf Hitler, many believe that his argument stand as follow: Argument 1: “You say that religion is a private matter. But you fight against the Jewish religion!” Adolf Hitler’s counterargument: is “Actually, the Jewish religion is nothing other than a doctrine to preserve the Jewish race.” (Adolf Hitler). “In resisting all government attempts to nationalize them, the Jews build a state within the state (Count Helmuth von Moltke). “To call this state a ‘religion’ was one of the cleverest tricks ever invented.” (Adolf Hitler). “From this first lie that Jewry is a religion, not a race, further lies inevitably follow.” (Adolf Hitler).
Adolf Hitler continues his argument by saying “But even if a few hundred Jewish families in Germany really did have to go hungry, what is that against the many millions of German families that the Jew murdered over the course of centuries through wars, revolutions, and civil strife, not to mention those ruined through usury and fraud. “In the battle between the races, there is no truce. If you are determined finally to defend yourself, German people, then be pitiless!” (Adolf Hitler).
To the So called Friends of South Sudan or agents of U.S government and its allies!
Instead of wasting your time begging for recognitions from the U.K and the U.S government, profiting on behave of the people of South Sudan and most importantly fueling the war, we careless for what you are saying at the world stage. Provide it is 21st century, it is too late for you to fooled some international audiences to hide what was your intentions are. Our eyes are too far opens, our people are at any country in the whole world, our tribesmen and women are born with what Israelite have born with and that is chosen people and people of God.
Therefore, s you claimed to be the Friends of South Sudan, what you should be doing is to advocate for peace and not to inciting violence. Your writing here proven otherwise that you have a infidelities that has nothing to do with the current war.
Signed by
Gatluke Chuol Reat
President of Nuer Community of North America

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