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Republic of South Sudan, a Nation Under Unclear Conspiracy

By Kutie Junior,

Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, arriving in Juba, South Sudan, in May 2014(Photo: fiie)
Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, arriving in Juba, South Sudan, in May 2014(Photo: fiie)

March 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– As the saying by Prof. Ralph Waldo Emerson goes, “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it” is what I so much likened to the ongoing uncertainty of future of Compromised Peace Agreement signed in over seven months ago but do not seem to be holding any water.

A number of threats and pushes by regional and international authorities have since been poured on both sides to urgently implement the peace deal but all have fallen in deaf hears or rather failed altogether, calls that I squarely blame on those who were assigned to oversee the implementation CPA II and the monitoring bodies.

In my own view, all the bodies that helped the Addis Ababa peace Agreement are miserably failing the people of South Sudan. They have undoubtedly buried their heads in the sand while the Juba regime unarguably continues to intentionally violate the permanent ceasefire and delay the security arrangement, the key factor of the agreement that would have seen the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) formed just three months after having inked the pact.

An instant of those who expect positive result in what they have not finished are Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD). A body which is not just sleeping but seriously snoring, leaving the communiqué urging President Salva Kiir to suspend his unilateral decision creating unconstitutional 28 states under what is popularly known as establishment order 36/2015 unattended.

Donald Booth, United Sates envoy to both South Sudan and Sudan whose job is among others to monitor mainly political activities of the two countries. However, I have never seen him (Booth) reacting to the unilateral creation of 28 states which clearly violates the spirit of the agreement.

Moreover, I recently saw his first ever comment since the peace was penned in Addis Ababa urging quick formation of the Transitional Government, I do not understand how one puts the roof of a house without the wall standing. This is all that Mr. Booth is trying to imply here, instead of recognizing and clearing the obstacles delaying the return to Juba of first Vice-President designate, Dr. Machar and eventually form the unity government, Booth is there, trying to rush the opposition to form the government with an unwilling partner where there appear apparent challenges.

Another body which is expecting to reap where they sow but did not weed out the neglecting weeds is International community who’s under their very watch, the CPA II is being violated and sabotaged. The couple of events namely, establishment order no. 36/2015, failure to implement security arrangement nationally and the recent violation of permanent ceasefire are all obvious signs of the regime’s unwillingness to help peace prevail in South Sudan.

I therefore fail to understand what exactly is being cooked under the hard-won South Sudan peace, which leaves me asking the following questions, who is it that the region or the world is conspiring against? Is the world trying to prolong implementation of the agreement, taking advantage of South Sudan’s weak government led by Gen. Salva Kiir? Is the world making business out of the continued oozing South Sudanese blood as shown by lack of pressuring the government to immediately stop operationalization of unconstitutional 28 states and quicker implementation of security arrangements to allow for the arrival of Dr. Riek and form the transitional government?

Hence, I conclude by advising whoever is involved in bringing the peace to South Sudan that, it is not yet time to celebrate since your job is incomplete, it needs extra exerted efforts mostly on Gen. Salva Kiir and his tribal council to compromise their selfish demands for the sake of the country. You do not give people what is perceived to be a demand instead, as a responsible government, you let people decide through a vote after meeting proper and constitutional obligations.

We need recommitment of the bodies that had participated in bringing peace to South Sudan by ensuring that all roads blocking expeditious implementation of peace agreement in South Sudan are unblocked for South Sudanese to enjoy peace in their only country they call home.

God bless South Sudan

The author of this article, Kutei Junior, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached kutei2015@gmail.com

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