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Put your Act together before going to Rome Peace Talk

By Tito Anthony,
Oct 2, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — First am expressing my disappointment about R-ARCISS implementation process and absent of regional, continental and international pressure on R-ARCISS signatories.
Leaders of South Sudan Opposition movements Alliance (SSOMA) in Rome during talks with the government (Photo credit: Supplied)
Leaders of South Sudan Opposition movements Alliance (SSOMA) in Rome during talks with the government (Photo credit: Supplied)

Since signing of R-ARCISS till now I have not see any progress apart from setting up an incomplete government at national level leaving out RTNLA, states government in constitutional gap as well as local government and state assembly, cabinets.

Forget about all this but let focus about what is happening, new year budget is read before illegitimate Assembly not only that  but even council of ministries get loans from AFRIXIM Bank and that assembly is silence because they know they are no more legimate to comment of issues of national interest.

Let come to Rome declaration:

The RTGONU team is going to talk about peace with the holdout group but unfortunately I don’t understand this, even implementation of R-ARCISS is not even 15% implemented.

How will the team that is going to Rome convince SSOMA group that there is peace back home?. Or if they asked about implementation of what will come out of Rome agreement, what will they say?. Unfortunately our leaders are deceiving us and themselves.

Are we not having the same situation, were South Sudan negotiate Sudan peace while the country itslef still at war and present of unknown gun in day light of capital Juba?. There are many questions in my mind to ask I wish if I was part of SSOMA team. I could ask them the following;

  • Was the R-ARCISS security arrangements implemented?
  • Was the governance chapter implemented fully?.
  • When will the Hybrid Court of South Sudan will be  to be implement?.
  • What form of governance did the new government adpoted?.
  • Are the RTGONU waiting for outcome of Rome to form the assembly and states government or there is actually problems in implementation of R-ARCISS?

I left it to readers to answer for themselves and get answers that suits their political interpretations.

Tito Anthony is a  Human Rights Activist. He can be reached through email at anthony.tito@tutanota.de

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