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The mother in law of Lul Ruai Koang, a former rebel official, crawls in from of Salva Kiir after Lul re-join the regime of Salva Kiir. To encourage other Nuer to follow Lul's mother in-law foot steps, Kiir appoints Lul as his army spokesman(Photo: file)
The mother in law of Lul Ruai Koang, a former rebel official, crawls in from of Salva Kiir after Lul re-join the regime of Salva Kiir. Pleased and to encourage such types of apology, Kiir appoints Lul as his army spokesman(Photo: file)

May 3rd, 2108(Nyamilepedia) — Most church goers are learning about Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible, but have no clue where the two cities are located. However, Dr. Mawien’s latest exposé of Salva Kiir’s predatory sex life with his juniors without doubt makes J1, a Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah of our time. J1 has lost its primary purpose and therefore needs to be renamed as “New Sodom & Gomorrah” or simply “House of Disgrace” and the perpetrator in the name of Salva Kiir must be impeached without fear and favour.

In his letter to Professor Andrew Akon who is Head of the Presidential Medical Unit, he (Dr. Mawien) defended his previous exposé about Salva Kiir’s physical and mental unfitness for the top office (presidency), a view which Prof. Akon had tried to dispel ealier on as merely nonsensical and untrue. Dr. Mawien expressed his disappointment with Prof Akon for treating his disclosure as such, and for lying to the public about it in order to save his bread.

“I have read your letter dated 30th of April 2018 to the public, trying to cover up the truth about the health status of President Salva Kiir. I pity you because you are not only writing in emotion but because you are ignorant and blind with blood money you’re sucking at J1,” he fumed.

Dr. Awien challenged him (Prof. Akon) to take DNA sample of Salva Kiir, and that of his bodyguards’ children before dismissing his truthful revelations. He believes the test results would find Kirr fathering over 50% of the children.

While Kiir is sexually preying on his juniors, his wife, Ayen Mayardit is not out of the circle. According to Dr. Awien, Mama Ayen who is also the first lady is simply copying and pasting her husband’s moves, and that she slept with presidential guards and Dr. Makur Koriam.

“…. Do you think it is still a secret that in many occasions presidential guards have turned their angers on mama Ayen the first lady?”

“…. Do you think it is still a secret that President Kiir knew that Dr. Makur Koriam is the boyfriend of his wife and is not able to take action?”

“…. Do you think it is a secret that president Kiir in many occasion slept and sexually abused his minister Awut Deng, Jema Nunu and Nadia Arop?”

“…. Do you still think it is a secret that Kiir slept with a wife of Mayen Wol, the current secretary in ministry of petroleum?”

According to Dr. Mawien Kiir released Mayen and made him undersecretary despite stealing millions of dollars because Mayen’s wife threatened to spill out the bean (how Kiir sexually assaulted her)

In his one and half page’s letter to Prof. akon, Dr. Mawien explicitly exposed sexual abuse chains in J1 in which both President Salva Kiir and his wife Ayen Mayardit are disgracefully involved. Some of the abused victims are high school girls and church choirs who supposedly have their future ahead of them.

It is worth noting that Salva Kiir is not only sexually abusing his victims but he is also infecting them with HIV. Such disgraceful criminal act cannot go unpunished in any part of the world. Salva Kiir therefore needs to face full consequences of the law. We are not talking about the kraal law which regards the president and his tribemates as super human and above other ethnic groups, but rather international laws that regard all human being as equal.

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Mor Anyar May 3, 2018 at 10:46 pm

salva Kiir is not the problem but advisors and ministers are the problem.


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