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Why President Kiir Has Failed The People of South Sudan

By Tek Nhial,

Deputy Representative(SPLM-IO)

Kigali, Rwanda

South Sudan First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit (left) and President Kiir Mayardit (right) in a state tour(Photo/Radiotamazuj).
South Sudan First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit (left) and President Kiir Mayardit (right) in a state tour(Photo/Radiotamazuj).

June 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Peace is the basis of development and therefore, a warmonger president can’t be expected to bring these two components that require a country to be prosperous.

Kiir brought the mess currently facing the country simply because he tempered with the constitution which enshrines rule of law and order and unless we collectively act, peace and development shall be a long way from attainment.

The decree forming 28 States is a breach of our constitution and a clear setback for the current signed IGAD-Plus Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA2).

This is unacceptable because its creates a conflict amongst the South Sudanese, due to the vague boundaries of the newly created tribal states.

In addition, current violations of Arusha intra-party agreement that came because he dismissed the party members is also clear message to all south Sudanese that Kiir wing of SPLM is not for peace.

Knowing that he is not for peace, we suffering citizens must stand up, scream and shout aloud that enough is enough, “we want Peace” against this injustice of keeping us hungry while some elite with Kiir are enjoying themselves.

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Am I the only guy in this country who’s fed up of what’s happening about the hell he is madly driving us to?

For your information, we have got a gang of clueless bosses steering our ship {state} off the cliff. That is Kiir’s SPLM gangs who are stealing us while blindfolded with silly slogan of ‘’one people, one nation’’.

But instead of getting mute and dumb while the rest sit and nod their heads when politicians rhetorically say, “stay the course.”

Stay the course? You’ve got to be kidding. This is South Sudan, not the lawless cattle camp.

I hardly recognize this country anymore because it has been deformed beyond recognition by the president of the republic of South Sudan has got a free pass to ignore the constitution, kill our citizens, and lead us to war in a pack of lies.

While Greater Upper Nile has been in embroiled in conflict ever since 2013, the greater Equatoria and Greater Bar El-Ghazal are currently slipped into fresh bouts of bloody thirsty violence and nobody seems to know what to do.

That is not the promise we all have been waiting for as pledged by our heroic liberators and CPA which brought for us the independent. I have had enough. How about you?

I will get a step further by saying you can’t call yourself a patriot if you are not in sensed by wrongs perpetuated against our country by the villains.

Who are these guys responsible for the mess in which we are?

All of us are guilty. Both the leaders causing this mess and we the people who don’t stand up against the mess some of our leaders have created for self-gain.

How did we end up with this crowd called leaders in juba? Well, we voted for them—-or at least some of us did.

But I will tell you what we didn’t do. We didn’t mandate them to suspend the Constitution. And neither did we allow them to stop us asking questions and equally demanding answers.

These guys who call “free speech” treason we are tired of them. What we therefore, come to is rather dictatorship and not democracy, pure and simple.

And don’t tell me that it’s all fault of SPLM or other parties. That is a contradictory statement intellectually since all can’t be both wrong and upright.

That contradiction is part of the reason we’re in this boiling soup. We are not just a nation of factions. We’re people created for a common destiny as shared principle and ideal with which we can together rise and fall.

Similarly, I have news for the gang in Juba Parliament. We didn’t elect you to sit on your seats and remain silent while our Constitution is being hijacked and our greatness is being replaced with mediocrity.

What everybody should be afraid of is irreversible failure, Not the gruesome political battles that can change this irreversible failure into remarkable success by jointly voicing a point blank no to these leaders who are taking us down the path of an oblivion.

That which I’m speaking out is what gives me hope and belief in our beloved Country, South Sudan.

I had a privilege of living through some of great moments. I have also experienced some of our worse crisis during the war of liberation.

Some of which are namely the 1991 SPLM division, the division of Nasir faction, the conflict in Abyie, the Heglig oil war, the killing of both Colo and Lou Nuer in December, the Killing of Murle in December, the genocide of Naath (Nuer) in Juba in December, and this most horrendous ongoing conflict in the country.

If I have learned one thing, it’s this: You don’t get anywhere by standing on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to take action.

We have a role to play to build the future of this country as the challenge I’m raising this national call to duty that leads to a kind of South Sudan in which democratically elected government and not a regime must be held accountable for all the mess it may have brought down on the people.

South Sudan like any other sovereign nations need leader{s} who respects sanctity of constitution on which he is elected in the first place.

Since constitution is a tool, and a blueprint, and a process that we have to use every day to preserve our great natural democracy.

And through constitution with meaning imprinted on every heart and mind, we intrinsically understand who we are and what we stand for”.

Constitution to achieve its purpose for which it is made, must be in the safe custody of a responsible, accountable and patriotic leader with the below illustrated and cherished personal values:

Curiosity: we need regionally and ethnically cross – cutting consultative leader who will seek input from a wide range of people, including his opponents.

A kind of a leader who is having global perspectives on how nations are governed and strives to understand what motivates his people into common action in pursuit of much needed development.

Communication: we need an open leader who doesn’t hide the bad news and not one who intimidates us with fear in order to rule.

Down to earth leader who speaks truth even when it’s hard to hear as well as inspires by involving us in the shared obligations of democracy.

One who is sees the world through the lens of the common people as equally proven competent.

Finally, we need a leader who is committed to make South Sudan great, not just in utopic ideals, but also in pragmatically ushering economic development through building of infrastructures and upholding of good family best practices.

We need a problem solver who will assemble the best team to make our nation work, not a trouble maker who assembles a weak team to destroy our country.

The author is the Deputy Representative of SPLM/A-IO Liaison Office to Rwanda. He can be reached at gatgnaluak@gmail.com

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Gat Deng June 27, 2016 at 9:40 pm

A leader is a man who others want to follow. The syccophants endlessy repeat their silly mantra, “he must be the leader”. Mr Kiir also seems to believe this when he states “i must be the leader”. Whe must ask ourselves “why”?

The result is clear for anyone to see. Sibce the CPA was signed and Kiir entered the scene, has anything improved for the people? Security economy stability prosperity? No not at all

So the “i must be a leader” without actually doing anything positive, rings false.

Issuing silly presidential decrees thereby bypassing the parliament is order of the day. If the result was positive this could have some merit but the result is catastrophic.

The only way of staying in the presidential chair is by killing all messengers of the truth. draconian nat security using yoyr “unknown gunmen” to silence voices of reason, killing journalists. Your sycophants hating the UN and ngos, the organisations doing what the giverments should be doing. Education security healtcare and food.
But in your arrogance and self delusion you see them as a threat.

Killing the messenger is not a long term solution. The day if reckoning will come.
It being obvious that there is no leadership. Why not give the opposition a go at leading the country out of the doldrums?

The Big Men have taken enough to secure lavish lifestyles for themselves. When is it enough? Sucking the last life out of the nation will not realize the dream of a free and fair South Sudan. Obly more horror until one day the international steps in with a care taker government. Would perhaps be the best for South Sudan.

Naath Unnited June 27, 2016 at 11:41 pm

To all south sudanes people, please look for a better leader. South sudan has many well educated people that understand the situation of each indivisual. Stop,being manipulated those criminals.


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