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South Sudan Army killed 4, 000 Civilians in Wau— a Genocide in Description.

By Gatdiet. Peter,

Civilians in Wau town fleeing violence from SPLA, now protected by the UNMISS peacekeepers(Photo credits: UNMISS)
Civilians in Wau town fleeing violence from SPLA, now protected by the UNMISS peacekeepers(Photo credits: UNMISS)P

June 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s SPLA under the high command of president Salva Kiir has killed more than 4, 000 civilians in Wau, Western bar elghazal state. The genocide started on Thursday night and continued through out the weekend, in a tribal targeted killings.

The commander of SPLA on the ground is Maj General Thayip Gatluak, a Nuer commander, who hails from Mayom county in Unity state. It is not the first time for general Gatluak’s army battalion to killed unarmed civilians and loot and/or destroyed their personal belongings.

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It was in the mid 2015 when the army commanded by the same commander entered to Leer county, an area in Southern unity state and indiscriminately, massively massacred an approximately 5, 000 civilians, forcing them to eat human flesh— cannibalism in an one month- cruel military operations.

The people of South Sudan and the world should know that it’s only General Thayip Gatluak who is killing civilians, without sparing human value and dignity in South Sudan and of course with directives from self-presumed smart guys in the high military command.

The current appalling killings and grievous atrocities committed in Wau town are nothing than crimes against humanity and therefore we call upon all the rights groups and the entire international community to get in for investigations, more especially to investigate General Thayip Gatluak altogether with those involved in Kiir’s military leadership command and held them accountable for justice to take its course.

Nearly 40, 000 people fled and sought refuge in UN compound. We thanks UNMISS for opening its gates to save the lives of helpless citizens from the hands of criminals, who are committing heartbreaking crimes against their people.

Our hearts with the bereaved families in this difficult time and may the souls of innocent civilians massacred rest in eternal peace!!

The author can be reached for comments at p.gatdiet@yahoo.com 

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Gat Deng June 27, 2016 at 8:59 pm

Now is a golden moment for Kiir to show leadership. Mercilessly weed these criminals and crooks out. From the highest office. Remove the entire arm who participated in the genocide. Follow the chain of command as high as is needed to get to a stable situation.

Time for saying one thing and doing another is long since gone mr Kiir.

Mr John June 28, 2016 at 1:26 am

shame Mr kiir because what you thinks is killing of civilian by claiming all are rebels by your army as if every citizen is holding gun , yet your government has put the country at mess were all effect is felt by every citizen due your stupid brain that does no reason well to head the country to right direction by john


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