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Pre-interim Period and All It Entails

By Deng Vanang,

Peace dove

Dec 29, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- In light of this on-going peace agreement implementation, there are vital issues about which to keep the public abreast. This begins with pre-interim period as first issue among a series of upcoming ones.

Before peace agreement comes into being, there are negotiations discussed between the warring parties and mediated by the third party, deemed neutral, with the view of reaching a final political settlement.

In the heated discussions, each concerned party puts forwards its own proposals as the conditions that must be accepted by its counterpart for peace to be a possibility.

With diplomatic principle of give and take, the mediator urges each of the warring parties to give up some of its demands with the other reciprocating so that there is a middle ground reached by them from their two extreme positions.

This middle ground position and all its terms become mutually agreed by both that will be pronounced as peace agreement as witnessed by the mediating party.

Signatures of the two parties alongside that of mediator are then appended in oath. Party in government by law should no longer engage in adverse decrees that alter stipulated provisions of the peace deal. For alterations constitute abrogation of the signed deal in the process of implementation or before it takes off either by one party or both with dire consequences attached.

To begin work on peace agreement, all parties involved set pre-interim period so as to prepare the ground for an interim or transitional government until its expiry at a specified period of time, which normally ends with the slated free and fair elections.

The purpose of the pre-interim period is to carry out a myriad of relevant issues towards a smooth start of an interim administration as clearly demonstrated below.

Permanent ceasefire is first to be declared in order to ensure guns are silenced and more deaths and destruction halted. Repeated violations on ceasefire entail dishonesty on the two parties or one that violates the ceasefire agreement punishable with necessary sanctions.

Followed by aggrieved parties to stop arming or re-arming themselves. For if that is done indicates lack of spirit to stop the war.

Pre-interim period too is to build trust and confidence previously broken by an occurred situation of war. That is through previously warring parties talking to each other, disengaging from name callings as well as accepting guaranteed free movement of people, goods and services between them.


Final step in the pre-interim period implementation process, is the opposition faction sending its advance teams to the governing faction’s controlled areas to sort out sticking issues as peace deal requires.

This is in the case of constitutional review and amendment mechanism so as to incorporate terms of peace into the national constitution.

Advance teams members ought to arrive in the broad day light, not in the dark when there is no authorized public movement, to a rapturous welcome by government’s supporters and those may be their supporters alike from within at any port of entry, be it by air, land or sea.

For curtailing processions to welcome them indicates unwillingness to embrace peace on the part of the host.

These opposition advance teams’ members are quests and no longer enemies to the host, the government, that carters for their up keep including accommodation. Any other third party footing part of the bill, does so as a goodwill gesture within the principle of cooperation.

Equally as well, government’s visiting party to the rebels held territory should get similar rosier treatment.

Concerned host abdicating his natural responsibility to the neighbor by accommodating and feeding his quest for him contravenes both moral obligation and legal commitment to invitation or be it the agreement.

All said and done, opposition faction top leadership from wherever it may reside shall return to ruling faction’s territory to form the government as equals with no one calling the other opposition.

Deng Vanang, member of SPLM/A – IO’s Advance Team to Juba and can be reached via dvanang@gmail.com

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Gat.darwich December 29, 2015 at 4:47 pm


I guess you’ve been fooled by President Festus and the TRIOKA because these entities are completely silence in the face of constant violations of peace agreement by the Killer NyanKiir and cohorts.

Good luck in the lion’s den, Juba.

Beek December 29, 2015 at 6:05 pm

Dim’s children shouldn’t have been allow to run away because of Riek Machar,Kiir has to allow them back in the name of for forgiveness.

Iual deng December 29, 2015 at 7:45 pm

The world did try to give peace a chance by pressuring kiir and machar to implement honour the peace agreement, but it seems Mr President is not reluctant to accept the peace because the peace and stability in the country could open up changes against those who committed atrocities to innocent civilians and will include president kiir who order the killing of civilians in the name of fake coup.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 30, 2015 at 7:33 am

beek the poor cow,

your understanding is opposite to any human understanding. Who told you that it was kiir who allowed our GALANT SPLA/M-IO to set foot here in Juba? Please think before writing. Kiir was forced to allow the OP come to Juba just as he was forced to sign the peace in August. Do not try to cover up your jenge dirty job of hating peace. If I were you, I could stop writing about war propaganda instead better join people who work for peace.

Please do not think that everybody is a fool like you. There is nothing call willingness for peace in your side but we are forcing it on you and I believe you do feel it right now. The big foot of the SPLA/M-IO is now deep in Juba. Am I telling lies? Just put in your mind that this country will never be the same again. Changes are on the way and you must accept to swallow this reality though with pain. We are not turning back………………never.

Beek December 30, 2015 at 9:37 am

South Sudanese need to stop violent and think of work,they need jobs in order to save something for their retirements. It will be very bad for them if they turn 60’s without pensions benefits. Social welfare will be created,but it will take many years to secure that.


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