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“The vision of the SPLA died with Dr. John Garang, Children of Tut Gatluak will be the one to rule your children” Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang

May 16, 2021 — Marking May 16 in rebellion, the former military police commander, formercommander of the 4th Infantry Division in Unity State-Bentiu and former Director-General of Procurement at the Ministry of Defense and Veterans’ Affairs, Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnayng, has a message for men and women in uniform.

Maj. Gen. Buay Rolnyang and his soldiers at the front line in the past...
Maj. Gen. Buay Rolnyang and his soldiers at the front line in the past…

Reminding the former SPLA officers, now rebranded as the SSPDF, of how poorly they are being treated and marginalized, General Stephen Buay Rolnyang wants the army to vacate their baracks and join him to oust the Kiir-led government for them to install a better government that would provide services and equitably distribute resources.

According to Gen. Buay Rolnyang the vision of SPLM/SPLA has died with Dr. John Garang de Mabior and now the country is hijacked by people like Lt. Gen. Tutkew Gatluak Manime, the presidential advisor on security who spent his humble times in the presidential palace in Khartoum when SPLM/A was fighting the war of liberation.

“The vision of the SPLA died with Dr. John Garang our best commander in chief ever. I urge all of you to abandon the regime and better to return to the bush and reset South Sudan from scratch.” Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang said.

Buay narrates how poorly the SSPDF officers are poorly paid and remind them that they will die poor and leave their children behind with no hopes but to be governed by children of the NCP leaders who are working alongside president Salva Kiir.

He said the National Security under Gen. Akol Khor is paid differently and better at a minimum of 5,000 SSP per month which is less than 10 US Dollar.

“They have new armoured vehicles, new weapons, new uniform and they are paid monthly. They cannot miss one month without being paid. They are paid high. One soldier of National security receives 5,000 only five thousand SSP, which is the salary of a brigadier general in the army.” Gen. Buay said

“While from the rank of Major General downwards in the army walks to work places on foot, motor cycles and public transport. They have to remove their insignia and put them in their pockets for the sake of shame. Is it the country you have fought for? I saw one of our soldiers begging people on the street.” He added.

“Comrades, you will all die poor and your children will have no future. Children of Tut Gatluak will be the one to rule your children. The regime thinks you are machines that cannot eat and cannot need anything.” Buay continued.

Buay, who was accused and charged of treason in 2019 and now allied to Gen. Paul Malong Awan, the former Chief of Staff turned rebel, believes that the army has no future under the current leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

“But now look at the horrible conditions you are in, you look very miserable in torn uniform without a pair of boot, no good accommodation for your beloved families, your children are not going to school, no medical insurance for you and your families, no proper barracks for the forces and the worst part of all you have no new weapons to fight the enemy” Buay said.

“What you are carrying is a dysfunctional and outdated old AKM rifles whose ranges cannot reach 100 metres. It is not effective anymore, it is useful only at the cattle camps. You need new equipment to discharge your duties diligently. You look like militia – army,” he added.

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Deng Gol May 16, 2021 at 3:02 pm

Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang,

The sooner you come to your senses and chucks those empty uniforms, the better for South Sudan and the South Sudanese people to pick themselves up and rebuild. Only an idiot South Sudanese would ever again dare trust *you low lives, foreign puppets/stooges, traitors, fake PhD doctors of Mr. Riek Machar, Mr. Lam Akol, your UN, your sleazy NGOs, your cloned so-called Arabs of North Sudan, your Abeshas (so-called ethiopians) prostitutes, some of your Bantuses, some of your evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs; Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans, Nepalese or Bangladeshis, our Nuers ke nyantoc and your reckless lifestyles, aimless armed rebellions and child-like-temperaments.

We are not equal with you, never had and will never ever ever will under the sun, not in the slightest—-fools

There are few countries on this planet earth without their own ‘internal failings’ yet taking up arms and aimlessly rebellions are aren’t the best way to settle scores in their countries’

‘Now Dr. John Garäŋ’ becomes, your best hero. But when he was your so-called foolish ‘Jääŋ/muɔnyjääŋ/Jeŋë/Dinka’ in 1991?!!

There you have it. Grow the damned up fools.

Deng Gol May 16, 2021 at 3:50 pm

Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang,

Our mighty SPLM/A took up arms blasted our cloned so-called Arabs of North Sudan out ‘of our villages and towns’, but most of you, our Nuers ke Nyantoc, Chollos (Shilluks), Murles of Mr. Ismail Konyi, most of your lives of Mr. Alfred Lodo Gore and Peter Kenyi of (Equatorian defense force) and Your Lord Resistant Army (LRA) of Uganda.

You were all in playlists of our arch enemies against our mighty SPLM/A. Just grow the damned up idiots, ‘the Jäŋ/ Muɔnyjiëëŋ/Jeŋe/Dinkas and others are not playing chess game or football with you’ we are the Ancient Egyptian fools.


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