Pastor Khan Jock Gordor Rebelled God To Seek Earthly Wealth In The Name Of Freedom Fighters.

Ooh Sorry Former minister, Pastor Khan Jock Godor. We came to understand your weakness. But who care about your short-sightedness?

By Gariay Yual and Peter Gatluak Joak


The former minister, James Khan Joak, who recently declared loyalty to Salva Kiir government(Photo: supplied)
The former minister, James Khan Joak, who recently declared loyalty to Salva Kiir government(Photo: supplied)

August 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Weakness is a disease actually in any situation. The pastoral politician falls short with his designated duties. It is not surprising at all to see PASTOR Khan Jock Gordor filling the shoes of Pastor David Yau Yau. The pastors-turned-rebels are abusing the God’s wisdom by attempting to drink from the blood of Innocent Nuer Children and Women, instead of the blood of Jesus. For the sake of records, Pastor Khan has never been a freedom fighter and since he claims to serve God, we never expected him to fight for our freedom through barrel of guns. But now he has betrayed the words he preaches and instead bent to worship money and lies. Pastors these days!

Pastor Khan, who is fortunate to have served as a Minister of education in Upper Nile State, despite his disgraced credentials that he was not ashame to show the world through the national television, SSTV, that preaches hatred and crimes. Pastor Khan failed to secure a position in the elites movement because he lacks qualifications. The movement would collapse and Machar would be abandoned if he employes Pastor Khan, just because he is a Nuer. With that poor English, Khan does not stand a chance to represent the people movement in the foreign lands. Khan has never fought in any war. So, what does he provide to the opposition? SPLM/SPLA has enough pastors that is why they have never gone to Nigeria to seek miracles.

How can pastor Khan claim to have abandoned the people’s movement when he was never a member? Pastors these days.

Even in Church congregation are identified by their deeds. What did Khan do to the movement? We have Powerful generals who have defeated battalions of East African Troops and their rebels. In Upper Nile, we have Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth who is known to have defeated Ugandans troops, mixed with their M23, their undercover Rwandans and Egyptians together with their rebels from Sudan and thousands of coward Gelwengs. Where was Pasotor Khan?

Facts must be told. Who care about him actually? He has a story. He is a dishonest Pastor. When fighting engulfed Malakal, he walked from Doliep Hill to Khorfulus in Jonglie state. Where he found a young man, a civilian with his Donkey, carrying his old and disable mom.

It was a first week of the New Year,2014, a time when war was everywhere around Malakal. Khan, a former minister in Upper Nile, is physically a handicap. He could not run. He could not fight, but he could walk like other brave Handicaps. By that time he saw a donkey; He snatched it from young man, and dropped an old woman down to the ground from the Donkey for his personal use and safety.

While a young man try to fight him because his mother was knocked down by a handicap, he(Khan) diplomatically promised to pay an old mom 200 south Sudanese pound per day on journey to Lanken, Nyirol. This took him five good days. After he reached his destination and was saved, he offered only 100 SSP. The man of God was in his secure backyard, dishonored the agreement and cared nothing. Not even God!

On the long journey, the donkey got some weird spirit and started dropping Khan on the ground, worse, on thick thorny forest sometime. This dragged attention of every travelers. Many people became concern and furious with the animal, which tried to kill a handicarp but very few knew that the man was a dishonest servant of God. People instead started beating the Donkey to conform to the rules of man but who knows. Maybe God instructed the donkey to do exactly that. Khan, who knew the difference, tried to convinced his sympathizers, repeatedly saying: ‘’I still not familiar with it guys, do not kill it. Better to kill me by itself”. The poor grammar of a old school pastor was tolerated. After all, he had his money, most of it stolen from the Ministry.

To cut the long story short, the donkey survived and pastor reached the land of the brave white army, Lanken. After spending days here,  pastor Khan started feeling rebellious by association with the Lou-Nuer youth. The white army here practice very hard. They wake up very early in the morning to train in anticipation to defeat the government troops and protect the innocent children and women from murderous dictatorial regime. Later pastor Khan was helped to reached his native land of Ulang. He miraculously represented Ulangd county in Upper Nile state after deceiving the Jikany Nuer politicians that Ulang needs a man of God. It is this connection that Khan now tries to build on for his self-fish gain.

A struggle is price of committed heroes, the liberator, not visionless, passionless character like Khan Joak. The SPLM/SPLA movement has taken all the best brains of this country and Khan Joak never stand an inch to fit in the influential chatergories of the heavyweights elites.

Khan Joak deserves to join the government of illiterate grade 6 drop-out, Salva Kiir Mayardiit that is ran by widows, medical doctors and tribal opportunist who can not find job if the country is democratized and federalized. Khan, like those of Gathoth Mai who now live in exile, does not care if the government has killed his own relatives, among the over 20,000 innocents Civilians that were massacred by Salva Kiir in juba.

Thievery corruption:

Khan Joak is not like others defected state government officials. He rann away with state ministry’s fund, estimated to be around 300,000 South Sudanese Pound(SSP) or 50,000 US Dollars. This money was transported by a rented car to Doliep Hill. Then later by the donkey he snatched from the old woman in Khorfulus to Lanken, Nyirol County in Jonglie State. Now guilty after he blindly spent the money, Khan returns to hide among the corrupts kings in Juba. If denounce Dr. Machar enough he might qualify for a post in Salva Kiir government. That is why grade 6 drop-out like Koak Ruei are now the trusted mediators for the government although they were nothing in Nover last year. The blood of Nuer is a blessing to marginalized tribes and incompetent politicians like Khan Joak.

Khan tried. He thought like an Harvest business graduate. Upon his rival in Nasir, Khan contracted an Ethiopia company to construct him 4 roomed-shops in Nasir town, near riverside, closed to Boat harbor (you can verify this information if you visit Nasir). At the same time, he completed another new 4 roomed shops in Ulang town. All construction process was completed within one month, February 2014. While people were in war, Khan was busy enjoying and investing thousands of stolen money. Two months later, the war reached Nasir and Ulang. Now the shops are burned down but Khan is determined to go back and dig more from the incompetence government and then return to build in Ulang and Nasir. Typical of a mad man. Sadly, these are the geniuses and technocrats of the incompetent and disgraceful son of Mayardiit.

To Khan and Salva Kiir, this war is like a video game. They thinks the war will end the next minute and people will resume their daily lives as usual, with Kiir as the president and Khan as a rich politician. This is the behavior that motivates Khan to return to Juba. To him, the country is still what it was or miracles will happen soon to wash away all these atrocities and all the sad memories of betrayal and killings. In developed nation, Khan Joak, Salva Kiir and Buay Malaak should have been hospitalized and distanced from the innocent people long time a go. But in my country, South Sudan, as long as they walk and talk, even without reasoning, they are considered sane. They can lie and lie but they are still entertained and celebrated.

No one cares about Khan going back to Salvacrazy government but justice must be served.

Back in Upper Nile parliament. 40,000 SSP an amount allocated to parliamentarian services fund and parliament civil servants’ incentives was went missing in 2013 and Khan is blamed. The amount was discovered after khan bought a plot of land at Hai-Television residential, Malakal. Khan stole a government car, and changed its plat number to private. Khan took the car away from the state to Juba to minimize suspicion. Unlucky, it was towed at the UNMISS gate last December 2013 by government soldiers in Juba. Now, the servant of God is careless and homeless, again. A typical price of trying to gain the world disgracefully but Khan is still determined to get rich.

Pastor Khan has hide this true colors from the church as he tries to get rich through hook and crooks. It can be remembered by some of my colleagues or those who have worked with Khan Joak in Renk. He was once a tax collector in Renk county. Khan immersed thousands of tax payers money and never report to any authority. However, it did not take long before it was discovered. Khan was dragged to court for corruption charges in Renk. After the charges, Khan ran away to Malakal where he grabbed a plot of land from his Christian pastor, a colleague in Malakia, Hai-Nuba in Malakal. These desperate crimes are hidden under the “pastorally” man of God. Only in my country, with no systems of justice that men like Khan Joak are still free to commit more crimes and deceive the public.

I strongly believe that if Salva Kiir regime do not appoint this man to a position of wealth, he will repent and rejoin SPLM-IO, or any other promising opposition groups inside the country.

One day, this little truth will be discovered and Khan will be held responsible. It is for these reasons that pastor Khan has started fighting back the accountable government that the SPLM/SPLA are current fighting for. Like Salva Kiir who started resisting the ICC in 2012, Khan is resisting Federalism and Democracy because he will be held accountable. This truth is already in the public eyes and investigated by any responsible government.

Gariay is a south Sudanese, he can be reached via ggyual@gmail.com. Peter Gatluak Joak can be reached at gatluak2013@hotmail.com

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Bandak Rundiaal August 27, 2014 at 7:52 pm

How could the disable person work with disable president in disable government?

Recently, the news was spread on the internet and other social media that the former minister of education of Upper Nile State, Mr Khan Jok Godor had defected from rebel and return to Juba. After arrival he made false claims against the SPLM/A in-Opposition. The question that everyone may ask, how could the disable person work with disable president in disable government? What are the benefits that they going to achieve?
Before I respond to the false accusation that Mr.Godor had made against the rebel, first I should mention the fact that Mr Godor was not a member of the SPLM/A In-Opposition, he was never been invited or involved in political dialogues, military commands meeting or front line operations. He was just a fugitive who run away for his life from government forces in Malakal last December and abandoned his cabinet, government and his governor. Due to his disability he rides on cow from Waat to Ulang or Nasir via his way to Ethiopia Refuge Camp. We know that it quite rare in our culture for person to used cow as mean of transport, but Mr Godor created that history for us.
However, after Mr Godor arrived in Refugee Camp in Ethiopia he found himself in desperate situation, the camp facilities were poor and his children was told to leave the house that they live in Kenya due to overdue rental payment. Mr Godor had no other option, except to surrender himself to the authority in Juba in order to save his family life in Kenya and get assistance from Juba government to paid rent and school fees for his children. It was my surprised to hear that Mr Godor was talking about things that he was never involved or he has not seen with his own eyes. I would advise Mr Godor that, walking or passing through rebel liberated areas does not guarantee or qualify you to be the member of the rebel group.

Furthermore, I debunk the baseless accusation made by him. The fact that this war was not Nuer against Dinka as many people might thought. It was between failure government that killed his own innocent civilian and with revival or reformist who want to save their own civilian lives from dictatorship regime in Juba. If it happens that the war was between Nuer and Danka’s, than there would be no need for us to attacked Malakal, Bor and Bentinu town. We should direct our forces to attack the Dinka’s villages, because we know their villages and know where they live, but in reality that was not the issue. Our objectives to wage this war is about better future generations and to ensure that our people live in a prosperous lives, free and build strong South Sudan together in the way that fulfill the ultimate sacrifice that we made during our struggles and address the right of every citizen in the country. Now our leadership has committed to pursued diplomatic efforts to resolve this conflict, and at the same time we are here on ground ready to pursue military operations if require. But Mr Godor has invited severe damage to himself that he would never be able to repair or replace.

Captian Bandak Rundiaal in South Sudan

chidong26 August 28, 2014 at 2:15 am

God s judgement is upon him.


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