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Opinion: Who is Ateny Wek Ateny, newly renamed Atenydioor?


By Yom Deng Bul

Yom Deng Bul is a Human Right and Political Activist based in New York(Photo credit: supplied)
Yom Deng Bul is a Human Right and Political Activist based in New York(Photo credit: supplied)

July 14, 2021 — Ateny Wek Ateny (Atenydioor) is the South Sudan’s Press Secretary (Presidential Spoke-man). Atenydioor’s Confession in Marriage Ceremony spotted in video clips on two occasions and in two Languages, both Dinka and English. 

Am still wondering how many wives did the South Sudan’s Press Secretary have before he became the South Sudan’s Press Secretary? 

  1. This is what Mr. Atenydior , the South Sudan’s Press Secretary had said in both videos. If I see a woman, e ke hex dom ne Makuandak in Dinka, that means stiffness in English, “My heart skips a beat”. This is Fallen under sexual attraction and Synonyms as a taxonomic for high sexual desires, libido denude Sexual appetite and lust. 
  2. Atenydior added too, that it is even worse in an event, if i see a beautiful young woman or School girl passing next to me, or see her dress up so nicely or she wears makeups goes to the community gathering, festival dances party or attends nightclub or Church services or National celebration day in Juba, then it shakes up my heart, my pulse and blood vessels stop flowing and functioning, my body systems begin to shut down.
  3. Atenydiorism as a God and Ideological perspectives which heal barren women to give birth. Atenydior confessed and said, my body’s reaction is incontinence, Nauseous mood, throwing up and feeling like vomiting out my lungs.
  4. I lose control and I feel like grabbing her by the hair or pussy and violently spray and assaulting her. Uses force to dragging her over to the J-1 (SPLM State House’s secret Guests room) and physically assaulting and raping her beyond recovering. That’s the pride of Atenydiorism, god of Kuardit, said Atenydior Wek Ateny.
  5. This is because, the sexual attraction and lust is Genetically in our family blood and no one can bet me on that job as Mr. Atenydior. 
  6. We worship a God called Atenydioorism (Jong Dioor), Aka Kuth Ahallah in Arabic, meaning Pussy-God in English. 
  7. Mr. Atenydior, i am the most powerful man in the world because if i need any type of a woman, I can get her with my J-1 powers. I Own half of South Sudan’s crude-Oil revenues ($ money). I’m one of Kiirdiordit’s right hand man in his cabinet. I can do anything and get away with it in the name of Atenydior waadit and My Job is to first have sex with those South Sudanese women coming to see President Kiirdiordit to gain their trust in them before i could give a go head to Kiirdiordit Mayar’s Private Secretary accept or allowed them booked any appointments to see the President, Said (Mr. Atenydior Wek Atenydioordit). 



This is very disturbing, how else can a public figure declare his own inability to fit or inability to run an office more than what he confessed openly using his own words. I have never ever seen (A perpetrator) narrating and educating the public about his own criminal activities using his own words Like Mr. Atenydioor did in his video clips. Hey Congratulations to you Mr. Atenydior for your honesty. I think I have a different opinion in regards to J-1’s vultures’ controversial and bullying’s statement. To me, it’s hilariously so embarrassing to the whole Nation and I can openly condemn such an immoral act. This barbaric individual practice is utterance dehumanizing our women. The evil sexual activities which are being carried out in a State’s Headquarters in Juba and this manner can really speak much about how failed the South Sudan Gun Regime is. Such an act is unacceptable and an evil act. Atenydior shouldn’t have brags about his adulterous, raping habits because it’s an act of immorality. He is immorally Abusing his powers given to him as Press Secretary, because he uses of Public money (Crude-Oil revenues) cars and the public itself through facilities for human trafficking, rape and dehumanizing of school girls and young prettiest women. He alone is a part of an evil group and he tried to justify his barbaric culture he said rooted into his individualism of the mightiest god of pussy which is not our Dinka culture nor any South Sudanese culture or norms. Mr. Atenydior is a culprit, rapists, human traffickers, corrupts and unprofessional thief. He should be dragged to Court, so that he can explain himself and justify his utterances and put more perspectives. If rape is defined in his culture as mightiest Kuth Allah, then public might be demanding more debates on this topic.

To me, Mr. Ateny Wek is a foolish man who doesn’t deserve freedom, he belongs in jail or prison. He must face rape and human trafficking charges in the International Criminal Court (I.C.C) in order for SPLM crocks, thieves and rapists to learning a lesson from Atenydior. If South Sudan’s Dictator President Kiir is not Kiirdiordit and doesn’t belong to (Jonge Dioor) Camp too, then he should have fired Mr. Atenydior Wek Ateny right away after his confession in a marriage ceremony a few months or years ago. The time when he made his lust and sexual statements for women publicly known. Atenydior must step aside, he continuously runs his own pernicious things as a private citizen (unknown pussies criminal). I am Personally pissed off watching his utterances in the two videos. Actual Atenydior’s confession is a bullying to the South Sudanese abducted School Girls and young women who are still right now undergoing through hell in a dark corner of J-1, those who are facing all forms of inhumane tortures by the gang rapists who base in J-1 and running the Secrets guest rooms. The World and UN leadership is turning defy ears to this evil regime in maiming its own citizens and International Community citizens in South Sudan. For example, the post July 8, 2016 and 11 July 2016 raped victims in a Terrain Hotel. This was one of the Worst events in former South Sudan history. Aftermath the dogs fight between SPLM-IO and SPLM-IG was over and Dr. Riek Machar was expelled from Juba to wildness of South Sudan-Dr. Congo, the J-1’s Base-soldiers had broken into the Foreign facilities, shops, Hotels accommodations sites and restaurants and they looted sum of unknown $ and took with them the known properties including the smartphones, Laptops/desktop. The SPLM soldiers had inhumanely and brutally gang-raped the foreign Aides women who went to South Sudan as Aide workers. The soldiers were allegedly said to have physically assaulted the raped victims. I’m so ashamed of this evil act, those raped young women were Americans, Canadians and Australians and needless to mention about dozens of thousands of South Sudanese females of all ages and young boys raped were mercilessly raped and inhumanely tortured and cases of death were reported those days of the week. 

The above mention nationalists were those who dedicated their lives to Charity and went to down to South Sudan to works as aids to save lives. The end up gang raped by the J1 soldiers which now revealed by Atenydior’s confession as the King of J-1 rapists. To me, this is an opportunity, Mr. Atenydior’s confession videos are going to be used as an evident. We can commerce or press charges against Press Secretary, we can make him hold accountable for all the suffering of innocent women including Aides workers who were raped in July 2016 in South Sudan. Justice for all the post raped victims must prevails. President Kiir should disown him and bring him to court of justice.

This imbecile must be deal with and citizens should rally against this lust an individual SPLM member who have been subjecting our citizens to inhumane treatments. The brutality acts and deliberately assaults South Sudan friendly countries citizens and foreign investors and humanitarians’ aids workers shouldn’t go unpunished. Perhaps, the constantly unknown Gunmen engaging in targets of young girls under 10 years and young women across South Sudan’s Major cities. Think like this has much to do with Atenydiorism’s ideology. This an act of child abduction and abduction of South Sudanese in uniform school girls in a broad day light in Juba Town and this continuing allegation of sexual harassment of women has become an order of the day. This an act of luring of poor young girls and women for sex is evil. In order for the Females’ under Secretaries, Women’s RPs, the Seating MPS, Females Ministers who are working in the South Sudan’s parliament are said to be either a post rape or rapes twice or you are a living victim of rape and living in fear or denial with grief of enduring pains of sexual abuses in silence. The warfare is actually seemed to widening as rapists are openly sharing their pleasures.

This concept ideology of using sex as a cold Genocide tools to deliberately uses of deadly virus through sexual Intercourse to continuing to infecting more Females cabinet members in the parliament so when they finish, they cannot be replaced or the vacancies will be on market and women positions can be trade for sex. Most of the SPLM generals, most of them are infected. They sexually spread both STDs and HIV/AIDS. There are other forms of abuse of powers too, such as an allegedly random sexual assault of other South Sudanese’s citizen’s wives. For example, the SPLM members, people like Atenydior have been physically and sexually harassing an investor’s female, the Business liaisons conditions are first bent down or you signed up to become one of SPLM Generals’ private intimacy friends. If she agrees, she can be given so many privileges, free $ millions, she can be issued an illegal South Sudanese National ID and Diplomatic Passport.

She can be lobby to get appointed as South Sudanese’s Secretary in a foreign mission, she can be appointed as Diplomat or post as South Sudan’s trust Ambassador to a foreign country to represent South Sudan when she doesn’t know her constituency nor does she know anything about South Sudanese’s local Languages or culture. She could luckily post back to her country of citizenship. The always ended with Mysteriously when reshuffled she ended up stealing both the Country’s classified, secret information and money from the Embassy. There are cases whereby you would see some of foreigners’ men’s wives are being snatched away from them by force at the gunpoint by the J-1’s base crocks and rapists every-day in South Sudan. 


I am appealing to the International Community, the International Humanitarians and Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the UNHCR the UN’s Secretariat in Manhattan, New York City, U.S, the UN Headquarters to intervene and helps rescues South Sudanese poor Girls and young women under the sexual exploitation and all forms of human rights abuses in J-1 under the hostage of an evil Atenydior, the South Sudan’s press Secretary who had confessed publicly. The UN should also help South Sudanese victims to get their cases heard while get an access to the legal services through right organizations. Bringing to Court of justice people like President Kiir’s Press Secretary can be achieved by hiring to a group of victims a best Lawyers to helps them press charges and sue this thug called Mr. Atenydior. Ateny must be prosecuted by through I.C.C and so that is hold accountable for all the rapes commission which are being committed in South Sudan since on case of July 8th, 2016 and July 11, 2016, the raped of foreign Aides workers. He can be charge with war atrocities, war crime and crime against Humanity and an act of use of conspiracies theories to mobilizing the perpetrators to involves in commission of Genocide under his current warfare acts.

Because term word rape is wider in definitions, Basically its can be an acts of uses of fancy gifts to lure, sexual harassment, manipulative lies for false promise to marriage, promise for a government seats as tactics to lure women or a persons and application of forced to having sex with a person against a person’s wills or uses of life threatened, forces, it could be directly or indirectly in some sort to you trying to scary someone’s about their life or create insecurity for them to feels hopeless in order for a victim to take a backseat and feel inferior, become vulnerably to bend or submissively gives into having a sex with you. These all the above mentioned are considerably defined as worse forms of human rights violation and abuses.  are considerably defined by Human rights and International Laws as form of warfare using sexual exploitations. It’s also forms of war crime, crime of genocide under Human rights laws and all are punishable under any domestic laws, international Humanitarian, Human rights and International Laws such an act prohibited. 


Yom Deng Bul is a Committed Children and Women’s Rights Activist, Political and Conflict Analyst. Yom is South Sudanese Human Rights Violations and War Atrocities researcher. Yom Deng Bul, (simply referred to as Yom). Yom is a Child’s Rights Activist. She’s a Conflict Analyst, Public Speaker, A Researcher on South Sudan and East Africa War Atrocities and Gross Violations of Human Rights. Yom is a Founder & A Chief. Executive Director of Achut Foundation (A.F). Yom was born amid Sudan’s prolonged Second Civil war which was fought between the SPLA/M’s political party (Considerably as Rebel), led by South Sudan’s Founding Father, late Dr. John Garang De Mabior and the NCP Parties led by Coalitions of Islamists, Jihadists plus Muslim terrorist base in Northern Sudan and their allies in Middle East. Yom was born into Ayual-Mathondit (Naar E Wuoot), known as Ayual Super Power, the Largest Community in Twic Dinka, One of Old Twic Dinka Monarchy and she has a Royal Blood through birth and King Ajak Kur descendant of King Ayueldit have a richest historical background which traced back to first Century and had a longest ruled until the Firm was destroyed by the Post’s colonial masters around 1700, during the invasion eras. Yom belong to the Subsection of Twic East Dinka, one of inhabitants of Jonglei State, the Crude-Oil Producing Region of Greater Upper-Nile, South Sudan. She Started her Charitable work at the age of Eight years in Maridi County, Western Equatoria, the Great Equatoria Region where she grew up as an IDP’s Child, considered a Bush during those dark days. Yom continued to live in a war zone in the part of Southern Sudan under the area controlled by the SPLA/M party. Yom studied her Primary education then under British syllabus of education which was funded by both the UNHCR, UNICEF and other Children’s Human Rights Organizations. She founded Achut Foundation (AF), A nonprofit Making, Charitable and a Children’s Rights organization as a living legacy of her late mother’s Charitable works. Named it after her mother as dedicated to her as attributes for her untimely cut-short Charity vision. Yom’s mother who was beaten to death in her present watching her dying at the age of three years in connection to Dinka Culture of Early Child and forced marriage. She undertook the role of Chief. Executive Director of A.F in its early years. My first job after graduating from high school from Alliance Global College in Arua District, West-Nile in Uganda. She worked with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). She had worked with the agency for Seven months from January 2006-July 2006 as a Finance Assistance.  She was promoted to the position of Field Community Peace Mobilizer and Trainer. The Project was based in her Home Town of Wangulei, Twic East, Jonglei State, South Sudan. When her contract ended, she left and got employed in the defunct Southern Sudan Mine Action Authority (SSMAA) from February 2006-October 2008. She worked as Director for Administration and Finance and faced all forms of hostility, although Yom doesn’t want to be part of the corruption. Yom wanted to study Law, so she wanted to become a future Jurist or Country Judge to be able to hear court cases and to ensure justice is served for the rights owners of justice. She resigned her Job and went to the Ministry of Justice, known as Former Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development (MoLAD) as it was called during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) period. The former Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) from November 2008 and till July 2012 she was fired in her absence. The MoLAD later changed to the Ministry of Justice following independence on 9th July, 2011. She was murdered in her own premise in Hai-Amarat and she was evacuated to Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi where she underwent through her treatment. Yom fear returned back to South Sudan after she had survived seven attempted murder on her life in a different occasion in South Sudan. 


Her enrollment to the University of Nairobi in August 2012 came as a result of the murder attempt to her life in Juba, South Sudan carried out by the South Sudan’s National Security agents and few thug relatives of her. Yom studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, graduating in December 2015. Then enrolled for post graduate Diploma in Armed Conflict and Peace Studies from the same University of Nairobi, Faculty of Arts, Department of History and Archaeology. 

Yom enrolled for Master’s of Arts in Diplomacy and is in Progress. Yom fled and left Nairobi against her will. Yom was attempt abducted and murder several times by suspected groups of coalitions of security agents from the Government of South Sudan and Kenyan, the host Country she was seeking protection as Political Asylee. This was because of her active roles in the Civil societies group and Political and Human rights activism. Yom is known as Human Right defense and she has been advocating for the protection of women, children and Political prisoners and under detention Politicians. She’s similarly researching her work, which is  based on South Sudan war atrocities and human rights violations.  A research work that qualified me as a freelance conflict analyst, and researcher.


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